Everything Lost

Im 28, at the beginning of the year i had all that i needed a good job a car and a home. I wanted for nothing until may of 2012 i lost my job i began to search for job after job and found nothing... I did have a little hope, i thought the person i was with for 3 years would stick by me and we were raising a child together shr had just turned 3 that little girl was my heart. Turns out i was wrong she left me because i could no longer do for her, i could no longer talk to my daughter... A few months later i lost my car now around thanksgiving i lost my home so i have to be out but i have no where to go. Ive prayed daily.... Im technically homeless i dont have two nickels to rub together. When i say ive completely gave up... I cry everyday. I have always helped others and been a good person. I didnt understand why me. i still look for jobs daily but nothing. I dont know what else to do but give up because life obviously has given up on me
saddenlibra saddenlibra
1 Response Nov 30, 2012

Hey SaddenLibra

When one unfortunate change happens it always seems to be followed by a couple more - it's like life is making sure you are going to hit rock bottom completely before you find it in you to pick yourself up again. Every bit of life that there is, is struggling in their own story and it is going to have highs and lows tailored to each one of us.
You got to find that survival instinct and get passionate about turning it around again, yeah your woman left you when the money wasn't there anymore, that's cold of her man, but giving up is only going to prove her right.
You might be feeling sorry for yourself but nothing is going to change until you switch the way you are handling it now and start looking to rise above it, as it doesn't matter what your situation is, it's your attitude that is going to pull you through - so find that place in yourself that wants to strive, you want to push yourself, where you know you have the potential to do anything if you focus on finding a way.
People will want you to succeed if you want it enough yourself.
No doubt that 3 year old loves you back as much - when you see her again whenever that will be you got to make yourself a role model...
Good luck with it - don't ever give up.