Days Like Today, Just Make Ya Wanna

Recently I have lost my job, quit smoking cigs, and Im doing everything I can to get a new job, now pushing on week 7. My favorite DJ is playing tonight downtown tonight, I cant go. Most of my real life freinds are weeding out by my ex. So that gave me one lonley *** weekend with nothing to do, but get upset. So all weekend and for a couple prevous weeks, my head has been in the sand. I know your making 90k, why dont you help a freind out, naaa, he rather tattoo my ex and make money, cant be mad at him for doing tattoo's....but I can be pissed off that he would do such a thing. I just remeber a whole group of other people that did not care, we stuck together thru thick and thin, forget drama. Well this is documented so, if anybody takes shots, if anyone makes an attempt on my life...Better aim right, or ya wont have **** to talk about again. If its my life or yours, I have done half of the things on my bucket list.
musikman555 musikman555
31-35, M
May 6, 2012