Not Just Alone

The real pain of loneliness is not being alone, it is knowing that no body wants to be with you.
solocelt solocelt
51-55, M
4 Responses Sep 10, 2012

yes...yes i agree

I would love to be a new friend for you!

I feel for you, I to am alone. I feel like no one cares. I guess if I would share that more maybe someone would. But that's the hard part. I have 4 friends 1 a pen pal, I don't really share much with . the one is homeless and has so many problems already. the 3rd is ill and has a adult son who is a alcoholic. the last has burden to but is the strongest so maybe I should share with her.

I feel you. Loneliness to me is when people want to be with you so they can share what's on their hearts but do not want to listen to your heart with the same love and compassion you show them.