My Life Is Horrible.

My names Olivia, Im 13, and i get bullied. i feel like committing suicide, i have no-one to talk to, i just need advice and help. im dying inside, theres just an image on the outside but i feel like i might aswell not be in this world, please help me?
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

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Olivia we all feel like that sometimes. It is very normal for a teen to go through that. Please do not give up! Talk to an adult tell them how you feel as soon as possible. School Councilor, teacher, Priest, Rabbi, Minister, Cop, Fireman, Neighbor, Doctor, Nurse, Relative you can trust. Find an adult as soon as you read this baby.
You will be glad you did I promise. Maybe not right away, but once everything is worked out. Life will get better. Hugs