I have so much on my mind
And so much in my heart
My voice is ready
So I'll just start
Seeing you hurt make my heart ache blue
Feeling your tears makes my eyes swell too
Hearing your screams makes my throat burn red
Just take moment, please listen to what you've read
I will be the one you're never afraid to call
I will be the one to catch you when you fall
I will be the one to stay with you all night
I will be the one beside you while you fight
All the secrets
All the lies
Every scream
All your cries
Every tear
Every fear
I will be the one who is always here
Don't walk alone
Don't runaway
I'm right here
I'll make it okay
smilebigalways smilebigalways
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 18, 2014

Don't give up please. I'm so proud of you for still being here and you should be to. You have so much wort h I promise you. Life's worth living. Think of all things you could be missing out if you were gone