I've had 2 major and 1 minor concussion from bullying. My right arm is screwed up. I can barely see out of my left eye. My self esteem is below rock bottom. I have exceptionally severe anxiety (diagnosed. when it gets bad, I have week-long attacks where I can barely even sit up.) I possibly have PTSD, the doctors haven't checked yet, but said its likely. I have severe depression issues. I cut. I can't leave the house without getting death threats from locals. My town is very small, about 1700 people, our county has about 18,000 total over a large area and lots of ruralness.
I can barely function anymore. I'm on 5 medicines, which is a lot, considering I'm only 14.
I have only a handful of irl friends... But literally hundreds who hate me.
I just want to give up, you know? None of the medicines have ever helped and everything just gets worse and worse.
polyglotparrot polyglotparrot
16-17, F
Aug 23, 2014