As Time Goes On

I love my wife more then anything in the world but she seems atleast to me that she resents me she post stuff on Facebook that is her complaints of situations I had with her and she thinks I don't listen to her when I truly do every word she says I hear not to long after getting married she told me I don't think we should be together I want to be everything for her but we don't agree on some things that becuase a traumatic past she has makes her feel less cared for or so is my guess . I love her but I feel like I must have pushed her away with my behavior I feel depressed cuase I feel I burden her and she doesn't feel the same way about me as she did when we met .
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You sound a lot like what my son would say. He said in a poem, "I don't know all the reasons I love you, but I do...." His wife definitely had her own agenda.
1. Needed someone to pay off her court fines for stealing from her foster parents.
2 Got pg from him, Her poem said she liked to seduce a stranger.
3 She was seeing boyfriend # 1 on the side.
4. She had a plan
5 Marry the boy she really didn't love, convince him to join the Marines
6. "Would have great security, and he could also get an education if he lived"
7. Of course while he was a away, she ran around,
8. We don't know who watched the child but one day she was lost.
9. She woke up and crawled in a box and went back to sleep, mother frantic when she returned home. Of course she wouldn't admit that she was gone.
10. It's better to cut your losses, even though it hurts. I wonder if my grand-daughter will be found when he comes home soon.

My wife helps me pay off my own fines I don't ask her to she just does she has never showed any signs she would cheat on me she just went through a really abusive and hard previous relationship I trust her I wouldn't leave her I have a bit of a argumentative temper myself I would never hurt her ever this I promise I have yelled at her but we wer both yelling I have never said any mean or hatefully things to her either however what I consider mean and what she does or two different things becuase of last relationship she deals with disputes like I was her ex she will get mad and say vulgar messed up stuff cussing and name calling things I could never say to a person I love and care about but I understand why she does this she does not know how else to exspress herself when her last ex would say these things to her she would say them back to him and when you live with that form of hateful conversation for so long you get use to it she has always apologized afterwArds as have I for raising my voice , but if I say something like I feel like your being crazy it really offends her it's hard to brush off some words she choses but if I call her crazy it's like a huge insult to her and I don't want to offend her it's just how I felt at the heat of the moment , she has a lot of emotional scars that need to heal and I want to be the one to heal them but if I lose my temper even a little it's like she relives her past relationship I have not been in many relationships so my skills at this sort of thing are not so good but I want her to I respect and love her fully but I think some times she gets the wrong idea of what I am trying to tell her becuase she has built defenses up from her ex to keep her self safe