I Feel Like A Failure

I'm 17, and all I really want is some type of direction. I'm good at many thinhs
Sports, music, etc. But I can't narrow it down. I suck at school and I always
Have to lie about every thing. I just need one person in my life that I don't
Have to lie to and just be myself. I'm tired of wondering aimlessly. Every one
Thinks I've got my **** together when I really don't.. I just put on this face like
I do.
some1helpme some1helpme
18-21, M
1 Response May 8, 2012

okay, when i was seventeen i was an allrounder like you. it sucks hard. itslike your friends and families are always like, "what are you good in? " and your response is "pretty much everything" and than the question that hurts " yeah but what is your talent, what dou you excell in?" and you.... dont have a comeback. you feel soulless, meaningless a complete waste because theres nothing for you that fits nothing that comes at ease. but i can tell you being an allrounder is pretty handy for getting girls and lying can be your talent. i dont want to encourage you to become a gypsie king of trickery and deceit but you may pick up some acting classes. maybe all this lying and hiding from all the others all this years made you an incredible performer. i was pretty good at acting when i was a kid (your age) the reason i gave up on it its that i had a hard time remember lines and when i remembered them correctly i spewed them out like a soulless robot. but i encourage you to take a shot at what i have failed. and one next thing. direction and blind trust is always a bad thing. nobody is perfect and people who soley want to help you are rare. im pretty sure your parents want to help you but if its school you suck in and all the help you get is "work harder" and you have the feeling you are staring at a wall while studying then either pay a home teacher or help yourself by perfecting your hobbies and talents.