I am new to the group. This wknd was my 20th High School reunion. I didn't go...in fact I asked the reunion organizer to remove me from the list. But I made the mistake of looking at the photos and 20 years of anger and resentment and hurt just bubbled to the surface. I ended up taking 2 days off for mental health because I was such a wreck (it was a combination of many things but the main thing was all of these memories that have been pushed down).

I was bullied from age 12-18 (Middle School and High School) after my family moved to a "rich area". I was bullied because I didn't wear designer clothes or live there since I was in kindergarten. The # of bullies were in the 10's and 20's and there were many more who was what was going in (including teachers and the principal of my grade) and did nothing about it. I was mostly verbally abused but was physically attacked twice (in 10th and 11th grade). I was in a class of over 500 people and there were a few others (two whom I am close friends with today). who get it worse than I did. The sad thing is (and the thing that makes me angry) is that no one ever apologized for what they did and no one has made an attempt to reach out to me. I did speak with a classmate about the reunion/my bullying last month and her response was "high school was hard for all of us, some of us just hid it better." Not good enough for me.

I took this pain and hid it for 20 years and instead became a caretaker for others and a perfectionist in my own life. I have struggled with depression and anxiety as a result of all of this.
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Aug 27, 2014