Why Does It Feel Like I Will Always Be Alone? I Dont Want To Be Alone. I Hate This Feeling I Have Its As If I Will Never Find The Right Person I Try And Try To Be A Better Person But It Just Feels Like Its Never Enough.All My Friends Say I Deserve The Best But i Dont Know. They Say Im A Great Person But i Have A Hard Time Believeing Them. I Mean If I Was Such A Great Person . Dont You Think I Could Find Love. i Just Dont Know. Maybe Im Ment To Be Alone Maybe Im Not Suppose To Find True Love. I Really Feel Like Just Giving Up. But I Know I Cant I Wont Give Up.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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No man is alone! We just say that because we do not get positive feedback or even acknowledgements from our family, friends and people. Our nation has lost descent respect and love for one another by selfishness, greed, lust. Basically, our whole country has abandoned God that is why everything is gone to the dogs. Your feeling the effect of a nation turning away from God because supposidly He is not there. That is the joke. Inside every man God is with him. the kingdom of God is within us. We are made in Gods image. When we loose God is always there for us. When God looses one soul there is no one for Him. Rememer one thing He did come to earth and sacrifice His life for you to live eternally, even though we do not understand. Sometimes God lets us feel alone so we begin to grow and come closer to Him. That is a wonderful thing. Pray for me and I for you friend.

it looks like i'm watching my self at the mirror TT___TT but it's ok i'll try and try and try until the end so don't give up we're all with you YEaEaEaEaEaYOoOoOo ^o^

i feel same too=(sometimes

There is someone out there for you I hope you find that someone special soon.

Your absolutely Rite, Even Though Shes So Far Away Just Being Able To Hear Her Voice Everyday Makes Me So Happy..

You may be alone now, but you'll find someone who will make you happy. You say you have a girlfriend, right? She may be far away, but she's there for you. You're not alone, she's with you, and in no time, you two won't seem to be so far apart.

I feel alone too... Everything happens for a reason, it will all come around.

You are passionate and gregarious, good luck