Living a Normal Wanna Be Life

my name is erick!

hello to anyone who is reading this, and thanks if you are. it would mean allot to me if you would say a comment to me. oh and pardon my bad spelling and grammar haha..

but my story is to crazy to tell but i guess i can sum it up to how i am feeling at this moment and maybe i will tell why later.

 at this moment in life i feel odd and out of place. i just finish high school a few months ago, all my friends are not in college will me i am just working.

i feel like my parents dont care about my, i bring them a high diploma and grad pics, my older brother never got them that.

instead he got that cheap paper awards for hostway(web design contest) and took them to nbc studio to be on the news.

i feel like everything i do is useless they seem to always make me do everything around the house, he never has to do anything.

today my grad pics came in and they just put them in box in there closet.

well my brothers awards are hung around the house.

my question is what do i do? i never gave them 15 mins of fame, but will this always hunt me. it has for many years and never seems to end.

there are nights that i cry and want to die.

well there are days i want to fight and yell, but if i do i am a bad person for trying to be happy

i dont know what to do?


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hello, i am your friend, you are not alone, even if you feel so, i know you feel like a no body, i used to feel just like you , i wasnt good in school, i was the black sheep, i felt so sad, i wanted to know why i was in the world, then one day, i asked jesus to be my lord and to come into my heart, i ask him,what will you do with a no body like me? well today, i am musician, have a good job, have a wonderful llife because he stayed with me, and gave me so much. and he is yours too.

Hopefully your parents dont realize the pain they bring you because that would just be wrong if they were singling you out. Is there anything your parents do for you that bring you happiness? You have to lift yourself up and bring yourself happiness. When someone wont give you what you need most then you have to give it to yourself. It seems so odd that we have to sometimes be our own cheerleaders.. Parents are supposed to give you this unconditional love but maybe they are unhappy individuals and incapable of such basic instinct. Happiness ultimately lies within ourselves and it is up to us to expose it and show the world.
Dont let them bring you down and speak up for yourself.
Your not a bad person when you get mad. Being mad is an emotion we all have a right to use and express.
Be strong and know your strong inside. Hold your head high and find someone that will acknowledge your goodness and achievements. Maybe its time for you to find a new place to live and free yourself from this bad environment.

First a wonderful opening the best i ever read. Secondly, Jesus said the stone that was rejected has become the corner stone. When people are extreemly blest others don't see it around them because they are grounded on lower things in life and grounded more in the imagination than reality. There is a way if you are interested to reach a higher platu with hardly any effort. if your interested please ask me.

i want you to know that there are people in this world that care. I may not know you, but i care about you and your life. Please do not attampt to end your life, I have tried to kill myself, and now i think about it, my life has become positive and good things are happening.. it just took some time.. i dont judge, but judging from your story, you sound like a great man that is trying honestly to become successful in life and if you need to talk, i will be here ok? you can trust me.. i will never hurt you and if i do, it will not be intentional ok? i hope to hear from you :)

i know the feeling of crying at night and wish you could die i know that some times it feels like its the olny way out for me but trust me i tryed it before and endded up in hospital it was horrible it made me think about what i have got and why life is wroth having i have 2 little sisters who on=some days just mess with my head so much i screem cry and do things with out thinking my advise to you would be to to not take time to tink about what you have have and what you would like to happen in your furture you sound like a bight person witha heart of gold your just like me i guess you just need some help to get you on the right path again i am trying this and its so hard but you can do this trust me i hope that this has helpped you and if you what to talk some more about anythink then you are more than welcome to :) keep your head held high

u should give yourself a pat for not fighting with your parents even when they are doing this to you..there will be a day when your parents will realize how precious you are but you have no choice but to wait for that day..since this is hurting you so much, the best thing would be to move out and live life on your own..independence can sometimes really make life blissful..i am sure things will be alright soon.. god bless you..

we all have to escape our parents this may seem controversial and im not trying to offend but if they dont recognise you for the amazing person you are and i dont mean your achievements tho they are impresive then they are not worth worrying over, either have it out with them tell them how you feel or dont bother and just live your life and be happy and you dont need your parents 4 that trust me

Your parents are playing favorites, and that's some bullshit if you ask me... Wow man, don't be a victim like that. If something is on your mind, speak! Use your words, it doesn't make you a bad person. Thinking about yourself like, what you say isn't important, will make you feel like **** about yourself. You should be the most important person! I mean, who else is going to care about you if you don't care about yourself? Have some pride. Grab your courage and be heard. Otherwise you'll just end up hating yourself...

i would like to tell you that you are special and i apologize that you feel your parents do not recognize you. that is a very hard situation to deal with. but you need to tell yourself that you are important and keep on keeping on. life is a struggle but we all need to stick together and help each other out.