I Feel Behind In Life

I am an 30 year old MBA still living at home with my parents. I graduated 5 years ago and still haven't found a job with my degree. I still work the same job I had in grad school, as a temp worker in a warehouse working 2 days/week. I'm am grateful to have a job, but I deserve more. I wonder why I can't have the corporate job like every other MBA out there. I've tried so hard for years but nothing. I do have a party planning business on the side, but it doesn't bring in enough money to live off of.

I desperately want to move out and buy my own home. I've tried 3 times to buy a house and something happened every time where I couldn't get it even after the houses were under contract. So, I have no real career and no place of my own. I feel powerless at times. I wonder what I did or didn't do to end up so far behind in life. I still live with my parents while most people my age ARE the parents. I feel like I'm living a child's life, and I don't know what' to do about it. I feel stuck and VERY ashamed. So many doors have closed in my face that I don't know where to turn next.

Seems like everyone else my age has established a family, career, social life, and I'm a decade behind watching them wondering where I went wrong. I am a hardworking person who takes responsibility for my life. I am not blaming anyone for my situation. I'm just curious as to how I can turn it around, or is this just something I have to stick out until whenever. Just frustrated right now. Any advice will be helpful. Thanks.

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3 Responses Jul 12, 2010

Right here to help you. First of all....saying you can't buy a home at the moment, I would suggest leaving your folks (parents) home and look around to even rent a house or apartment. You need to become more independent, and that means doing things for yourself, get another job with more hours and save up, to pay for these bills.

I feel the same way<br />
If I were you,I would leave. Sorry to be blunt in context,but<br />
the USA is not the only place you can live as an American.<br />
Hell,the USA is the only place where illlegal immigrants can be employed <br />
before one of it's own legal citizens,who will pay taxes.<br />
There are many places in the world that have way better <br />
economies and opportunities for people with degrees.<br />
And everyone pays the same amount of taxes.

I'm sorry, I hope things change for you. Even though it seems many people have the american dream, they are in debt over their head and are living lives they can't afford. I hope things get better, good luck :)