My 2 Sisters Want To Keep Donimating And Abusing Me.

Yes they do they are cruel to me and my oldest sister wants to donimate me and abuse her power on to me they make me work ard to buy them all expensive presents only to be told were not going to help you looser and laugh at me. i have no escape because they are always watching me and are ready to pounce on me what the heck and i meant to do to escape this cruelty?

twinky twinky
2 Responses Feb 27, 2010

They can't make you buy them anything including expensive presents. Sounds like they are bullies. You don't have to do anything for them. They are taking advantage of you, don't let them. Only you can allow it to happen. Go against your need to be accepted by them & do the unexpected, stand up for yourself and say NO. See what happens, they'll probably rebel & try to manipulate you into doing things their way, don't let them. I know it'll be hard to go against your grain.

tell your sisters how they make you feel & its really them who have mental problems,you refuse to accept any of their bad behaviour starting now,they will get the message over time