I Am Alone!!

Well even though there are people around me I still fee alon!! No one really talks to me unless they need something!! I feel ignored and hated everyone!! No one really cares or loves me!! :( :'( I wish I could be around people who make me feel like I am loved and cared about so I wouldn't feel the way I do now!! I wish I could go to college and be around my used to be friends!! I just want to be real and not feel invisable around here!! I feel like a ghost around my family!! I know you can't replace your family but I want to live and go to a different family!! I want to do something other than sitting at my parent's house cleaning and stuff!! I want to do whatever I want to do!! :(
laughsalot92 laughsalot92
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

i have always felt alienated i have no friends also just my kids but they are grown and moved away they dont need me so much now i have a girlfriend but she works nights a lot i understand how you feel