Their Selfishness:my Difference

First of all, i dont get it why u people dont write a story as u think u are different.Ther is no other way to let people know why u feel this way but by writing something....Anyway,the reason i think i am differnt in comparison with most people is cause i feel like more kind of a thinker than them.I dont know if this is good or bad.Maybe people who dont think much are happier.Because ,for some,ignorance is happiness.They live their lives the way they are used to and they think what they have is enough to them.And this is not always wrong..But some others werent brought up to accept things as they are.Some others chose and choose the 'hard'' way.By comparing stuff and events,trying to change things they dont like.And i guess that's more like me..I dont like the world the way it is now.I dont like it that people just consume and waste their money on drinks and fun every saturday night without havin tried some different way of entertinment.I dont like fashion **** cause i think true fashon is up to how U percieve it.  

And the problem is that i dont know how much i could evr do to contribute into changing this world,changing these stereotypes that most people follow.How i can make them see things from another prospect.Without the threat of other's oipinion,other's criticism.And that's only because nobody  cares about common good,but about his own comformism.Fr exmple:On 28th of March there is this Earth Hour motivation..I doupt people will become as sensitive to turn off their god damn lights for just an hour...It seems it's indispensible to them this electricity on 28th of March.Maybe,for them,their pathetic routine habits,like having the lights on,is much more important...............

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1 Response Mar 14, 2009

I get what you mean,people should write a story lol maybe it would help make them feel better and yea your right I dont think many peolple know about that march 28th day either