He Says

He says im wonderful and he never wants to lose me
He says I make him happy and he loves me
But the lucifer comes in the form of a pregnant ex. Shes already unfit but will keep baby to get dad back(his 1st...her 4th).
Hes torn...he says he loves me
But she blackmails him with his 1st born
His mom says hes walkin out on a family..
To my recolection..a baby doesnt transform 2 ppl inlove that hate each other
Hes stressed but stays with me
He says he loves me
But he considers her son..his and shes preg with his 1st biological
She was smart..sneaky *****
Pull his heart strings with a baby
U will only b broken hearted in the end
I love him, I can feel it
But im scared
Instead of talkin civil
his words lash and he threatens to leave
Again and again
I love him,why is it always so hard to b happy
We were so great together,he says he loves me
He deals with demons,and so do I..
I want to b supportive and understanding
And recieve the same in return
He says he loves me and its not me
As he folds a bill and takes a line
I cry,how isnt it me?
Why must u go there? Is fighting for us soo hard?
Im scared
he says he loves me but ive heard it all before
Im scared that u need cocaine to make you happy
He says he loves me and I love him

queenkelli79 queenkelli79
Feb 12, 2013