Too Old To Be Young ?


I still want to experience life to the full but feel im getting too old and running out of time, i dont really like the idea of being the old person in a group of 19/early 20 yr olds .. feel i should be focusing on other things like a place, maybe marriage etc ..  my friends are past the whold partying thing and have done the travel thing and are at that grown up stage (where i should prol be at ). 

I spent too many years in the wrong controlling relationship when i should of been out there experiencing the life and seeing the world.

 I think im making up for lost time and have different ideas about a good night out to my friends ,(love them but i like to stay out past 8.30pm :p lol)  i feel i have no one who feels the same around me, and not many ppl who want to get out there and do something .. it  makes me feel lonley and gets me down that i feel like im a few years behind everyone else ..  

i have saved money to either travel or buy a place and feel im caught between the two as there equaly important to me :/ ? ?

anyone else feel like this .. feel like there caught in a time warp everyone is growing up around you and ur being left behind with unfulfilled dreams? 

zeea zeea
26-30, F
Feb 24, 2010