I feel the same way, like I'm insane. I live my life by the numbers 6,7, 11, 22, 23. For the past three years every time I rented a hotel room it was always 222, 232, 223 etc. Even now my apartment number is 2232. I'm 100% true. I live by colors black and white and now red and black because of the group of guys that live in my town. I experience extreme fear and somedays I do complete circles over and over trying to figure out "what do I do!" seriously. I can't figure it out. There is so much more than this. I lose my concentration, see signs, rearrange words to have demeaning meanings and so much more. I feel like things are slowly getting better but when this started I thought people wanted to kill me etc. Anyways, if there's anyone else out there who has experienced the same thing I would like to chat to compare experiences and to see if I'm being punished by God or what. I see psychologists and feel ok today but tommorrow could be different. Please help. What is wrong with me???

taurus33 taurus33
1 Response Mar 1, 2009

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