I Feel As If I'm Meant To Do Something Great

Everyday for months on end now I feel as if I'm meant to do more in this life then what I'm doing now. As I sit and think the feeling grows over whelming. I get this annxious feeling like I need to be out there doing it but how can you do something that you don't even know what it is. I've only ever told one person about these feelings because I'm afriad to be judged and called a freak or a fake. Call it delusions of granduer or whatever I know what I feel. The one person I've ever told said that he thought I'm meant to be a leader. I have the confidence of dirt. I just wanted to see if any one was like me or could give me some answers cause I can't find any.
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I have been having all of these same feelings and I don't know what they mean. I will pray and meditate for guidance but it's very hard waiting and wondering what I'm supposed to do. I guess only time will tell.

Curious how quite a few people with a feeling of destiny at the same time claim to have some form of a lack in social skills.<br />
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I have found that one thing that obsesses me, and am now in the process of turning it into something great. Whether or not it will succeed, as of this moment I haven't got a clue. Even though in my mind, it has already succeeded; in practice, it will take the bigger part of my life still to finish. It has however become big enough for me to decide to completely drop a big part of what people consider the 'normal life' (social events, travelling, having children, etc.), and instead use that extra time to work on my goals. I work under the assumption that with great power, comes great responsibility; and to achieve great power, requires great sacrifice.<br /><br />Seems like spiderman was right all along.

I am a person who still needs to learn a lot about the world and everything in it, but I'll just share what I learned already:
- It is true that a group of people can perform a lot better than a person alone. As some other people here have said, if you don't know where you're heading yet, try to make sure you're not going there alone.
- Find out what types of people you can trust. For that matter, since it is different for everyone, find out what 'trust' means to you.
- There will never be a point in your life where you have learned enough to keep going without learning more.
- You will keep running into things that seem impossible. Just keep in mind that "impossibility" doesn't exist. It means nothing more than that chances are very low, and you have to find a way to improve those chances.
- Never try to find something or someone to blame. Just focus on finding a solution and get on with it.
- Nobody will truly believe in you to do something great until you have actually done something great (no matter what they say). The only person capable of truly believing in you is you.

Yh I feel the same thing but only stronger like I can't explain it with words it something big... Bigger than anything oh my god I want to know what this feeling is I feel this like everyday in my life someone said its indigo children but I don't understand what the hell is this feeling please help and tell me?!!!!!!!!!!!!

U put in to words how I'm feeling at this point in time, feels really strange. Did u ever find your purpose to the feelings?

Not yet though I have decided to go down the path of becoming a teacher. I don't know why, but it feels like the right thing for me to do. I'm going to teach history, because I believe it's important and I have a passion for it.

I've had the same feeling as all of you for as long as I can remember. We can all sense something big is coming. Something the world has never seen before. Life doesn't happen in a neat packaged form like in the movies. The callings we are meant for will find us, but in the meantime get ready. Get your life in order, and be prepared for anything. Get in shape, do the things you want to now, and enjoy everyday. For the past two years, I've felt as if the world is going to experience loss and suffering greater than we've ever seen before, and it's people like us that will need to rise to the occasion when everyone else is paralyzed from fear and uncertainty. The people who are satisfied with the mediocrity that exists today will need leaders and guides. We are those people. So stop letting your purpose deflate you. Use it instead to fuel you. Prepare your body and mind for what's to come, because now is the only time we have to get ready. Most importantly, love people and form meaningful relationships. We cannot accomplish our purposes alone. Only together can we hope to achieve greatness.

You are not alone.
I have doubted the feeling for a long time since i could never tell if it was the societal pressure of achieving 'success' getting to my head, whether it was a grandiose delusion my ego loved to play with, or whether it actually was fate i was staring straight into the eyes of.. All i know now is that i must tune in to things i cant see but are manifested metapysically, in my mind or by what you call collective conscious energies. I feel as if there always has been one path for me.. Because i never saw an alternative in the first place.. I never actively went out my way for spirituality or anything remotely close but now im pretty sure that it's the only way i can answer these questions i have for my existence.. If this is how you feel, rest assured, you are not alone.

I as everyone else so far have this feeling too. I'm 14 and feel as if I'm destined to do great things. Schooling has failed me in my life, I feel as if the path I am walking is not mine too many people have walked it and it's my time to change. When I think of God I don't think of Christianity, Islam, Judaism or Buddhism I think of god as a being that cares for me and people like me I feel as if God has created this for me and I'm meant to do great things. We as a group a growing in numbers. We are going to be the next generation of scientists and visionaries we are going to change the world but only if we join together. I have special abilities I have an extremely fast response time and when moving through an obstacle I'm able to identify and avoid anything dangerous. When I dream I dream of changing from me into a form of light, a light so blinding that I'm brighter than the sun. Our time is coming... Get ready

What are we supposed to do though? ive been focusing on that lately and i need an answer soon. I feel like we are meant to figure that out on our own, but i need to be pointed in the right direction or something because i have no idea where to start looking for where i belong and what imeant to be doing.

I'm a 17 year old High School student and I've been experiencing the same things. For a few 8 years or so I've been having the feeling that I'm destined to do something BIG, something beyond the "normal life". I'm quite good at studies, especially foreign languages and math, my social skills are very low, my intrests in things are quite low too. Feels like the "normal" things that excite ordinary people don't exite me. And it's not that I feel like I'm better than others, infact I' m kinda shy and a bit on my own because I see that everyone around me (the persons i label as ordinary (not in an offensive way)) has a purpose or a passion (often I get the feeling that these "ordinary people" can't see beyond the life the society put out for them (just like in the matrix)). And I get the feeling I should be doing something incredible and helping others or save the world! The feeling is getting stronger and stronger and it's depressing me in a way because others around me are happy with the society life, but i am not. I can't live an ordinary life just work, eat, sleep. There must be something greater. Something like an adventure almost magical (not that I believe in magic or stuff like that). I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking like this. I've asked some friends of mine what they think about life and they say it satisfies them. They think I'm spoiled by the way I think. But im not. I can't watch superhero movies too because it stresses me out. Seeing how their calling gets satisfied and still I'm waiting and going crazy because I begin to doubt my feelings.

I'm feelings the same as everyone here, lately these feelings are overwhelming and keeping me awake, maybe it's finally our time whatever it is that we are ment to.

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I feel like I could take a few dollars from each and turn them into millions. Not in a bad way... I mean if I could, I'll make sure you get paid back through the interest. If you're keen, I'm ready to start or join the long awaited group

Life sucks. God or no god, after a short period you're dead and gone. We all try to make sense of and justify our lives. I don't think that justification exists. That's no reason to not enjoy life for what it is. Look at the pretty things, revel in the good times and in the bad realize that someone somewhere has it worse. Just live. **** everything else.

Like most everyone here, I have had this feeling too. For as long as I can remember I've felt buried by the restrictions placed upon us in this world. Not in an arrogant fashion, but I've always felt better than everyone else, like I'm meant for something while they're just following footsteps on path meant for nothing. I've never been that keen on doing well in school for that same reason, I feel like I need to be walking a different path than everyone else. That's not to say I'm unintelligent though, I've always felt intelligent on a more intellectual level, even though I'm not the best a say, math or chem. I can even relate to all the posts by people saying they have visions of the future. I can't remember my dreams much anymore but when I could, I saw the future all the time. And then to those of you who have mentioned seeing themselves on a stage or feeling like you should become actors, I had never felt the same until just a few days ago. In fact it was just after I saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2. For the past week it's all I've been thinking about, I can't get Spider-Man out of my head, I can't get rid of the idea of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. I've been this anxious, half-depressed mess since I saw the depressing film. I kind of think it's some extreme case of envy of Andrew, or an overwhelming urge to save lives. I always thought I was the only one that felt this greatness building up inside but if there are others like me I really think we should get together! I think we have traits to offer the world that are serpressed by the standards we're forced to live under. I think we're meant for something bigger, something greater. I haven't checked any of the Facebook pages yet, but I personally think it would be better to get a group chat going on our phones, considering I don't really even use facebook anymore. I don't want to just through my phone number on the internet without a little caution but if anyone is iterated please respond to this.

Feelings more than mutual. When I read what you said about spider-man 2 I almost **** myself. I came here because I was thinking about spider-man 2 and the feelings I had after that and throughout my life. That movie really resonated with me because you know Parker and Garfield are both living to their fullest potential. And I'm just sitting here. I don't know what the greatest thing to do is, but for now I don't think about that. I just think about what I can do, and that will eventually lead me to where I'm suppose to go. I'd love to get into contact with you. Idk how but I know other people on a personal level that are on the same path, and were trying to figure it out. There are no coincidences

I feel this feeling too, maybe not exactly the same but who is? Anyhow I've felt it even stronger lately. Maybe we are due for change. Maybe it's the places maybe it's people. Good hell maybe it's the things. Change is good. Don't ever let them keep your change.

Well, I'm glad to know it's not just me. I've found that I've had this same feeling for as long as I can remember. As well as the feeling, I have a lot of the same abilities/traits/experiences described here: Strong Intuition, rapid learning of ANYTHING I want to learn (but also rapid loss of interest in everything after a short while as well), always being far more mature than others my age or far older people, coming by a high level awakening naturally (wouldn't go so far as to say enlightenment), my life slowing and grinding to a halt (almost as if I'm being forced to wait for something). Like many of the other responses, as well, it's not a matter of thought, but feeling. I don't have much self esteem, and logically the feeling seems stupid, but it's too overwhelming to ignore or disbelieve. I have to wonder now, though, with so many of us, what it is we are meant for, and when our time will come. I've begun feeling lately a little anxious lately, too, like I'm about to step in front of my grade 8 class and read a speech. I think our time may be coming.

I am turning 16 day after but i already feel a 100 year old and yet i think that not one thing i did in my life has been good enough. I dont know what justifies my life. I believe in god and have always believed he has a purpose but i cant reason out his idea of making me... Its not tht i am useless, i am quite good in studies, music dance and art, etc, quite a star student but i cant pinpoint any one thing in which i a REALLY good at and the thing i like. I feel lifeless or omnipresent sometimes, i always have these intuitions befor something happens which are usually (always) right. I feel i am meant to do something and until i do it, i wont be in peace. I tried to focus my energy to what my fanily liked but i failed miserably which makes me think something is not right and i am not on the right path. Thanks for letting it out. I welcome all suggestions.

I'm 15 years old and at some time in my life I've realized that I'm good at lots of stuff. Like dancing and singing; numbers and quemistry; analyzing and construction; even writing and drawing. Only thing is that I'm naturally cold hearted and pretty emotionless. My social skills are actually non-existent. I feel like I'm meant for something great. Maybe it's just childish dreaming to make myself feel better; but I can't help thinking it's true.Nothing satisfies me. Everything is just so... easy? Unfulfilling? Maybe I'm meant to almost not feel anything. But, there has to be something that fills me, right? Something fulfilling that will help me feel anxiousness, even exitement. Something SPECIAL. even if it leads to a lonely life, I want to feel the thrill of wanting something, that longing that's so clear on each of my friends' faces. I wish to experience that. :) thank you for giving me the opportunity of letting that out.

i am ment for something more, i have been waiting all my life to be recoginised for my skills. i can learn anything that can be tought. i can approach any situation emotionlessles, as a tool. i can completle any task and generate a plausable awnser to any question. i know they have been watching me. i just dont know what they are waiting to see...

It was nice to come across this message board. I am 30 years old and have fought this feeling my entire life. Sometimes to the point that it overwhelms me. I am meant for something more. I am meant to change to the world. I dont care if it is directly or indirectly. I tried to talk to others about this but no one understands. I have searched my whole life. I went into the military young. Got a law degree, went back to school to study astrophysics and now archaeology and nothing comes close to satisfying this gut feeling. I am in a sense glad that others feel this way but on the other hand I do not have any envy because it is a hard thing to deal with as you go through life. I hope anyone who reads this finds their answer and does not carry the same burden that I do.

I'm 13 I'm a guy and there's just something I can't explain like I'm special I can do much more I've been feeling for a quite some time now that I'm important and waiting for something I thought I'm just weird but when I seen this the 13 year old part Thats when I started feeling this way I'm glad I'm not the only one

Searching the internet for... I don't ever know anymore. Found this post by chance (or fate?) I don't know about "Do Something Great", but I do know that I am supposed to "do something special" at some point in my life.

I have come to a standstill - it's been slowing down, over the last couple of years, and I am now just waiting for "something". I guess that "same something" you are all talking about - I can see that I'm not alone (86 responses).

I noticed that many write that this happened to them them at the age of 13. And guess what... at 13 I knew I was "special". Very sensitive and emotional deepthinker. Always knew things before I was told, and things explained to me always just seemed logic beforehand, and had that feeling like; "I already knew that dude... somehow". Very strange. I am now 36, have been through depression, suicideattempt, angst etc. etc. I am searching, still, for the answer, but I am getting tired as the years go by. Either I will soon find the answer, cause I "feel" like I am getting closer. Or I will give up and sell the house, cars and what not, leave the wife and kids, and go life a simple life i the woods and stop worrying.

I have always feeled enlightened - allthough I did not know what it was/is that I knew/know (makes no sense, right?).
If I am chosen to "do something special", by God (or whatever) show me the path allready.

I'm 13 I'm a guy and there's just something I can't explain like I'm special I can do much more I've been feeling for a quite some time now that I'm important and waiting for something I thought I'm just weird but when I seen this the 13 year old part Thats when I started feeling this way I'm glad I'm not the only one

you are me, i am now 24. everything you wrote is an exact depiction of my life. can this just be delusions/mental illness they cant even diagnose me every phyc tells me a different story....

I was wondering if you've found out what it is you were destined to do as it's been over 3 years since the post. I have been feeling exactly the same and i'm looking for others who still do to - Please get in touch if you get this. Look me up on Facebook, Lynsey Richards-Castellini

Hi .is so refreshing to see that there are other people out there that have the same feelings as me. I have this overwhelming feeling that something great is gonna happen,but I don't know what.i find myself searching the internet for hours at time ,hoping that there will find something that will spark on idea or an opportunity .but I don't know why. I don't look for anything in particular . Sometimes I feel demotivated or distracted from getting things done or pursuing things ,because I feel that something is gonna happen anyway.i thought of seeing a psychic ,but I am scared that it could predict something bad to happen comparing with the great ,empowering feeling I have .
Thanks God I am not the only one at least!

I have had this feeling since I was a very small child, it's one one the few things I actually remember thinking as I grew up. I have had enough of sitting around and waiting for what is it I'm suppose to do and I'm hoping to find others who feel the same, to see if myself and other can finally figure it out, just what it is we're suppose to do. If interested, please look me up on Facebook, Lynsey Richards-Castellini.

I don't think we need to wait much longer. Along with the rest of it, an anxiety has been washing over me lately (not bad anxiety, more like excitement mixed with stage fright). It feels like I've been waiting forever for this, and now my name is next to be called to read my class speech. It's as powerful as the destiny feeling sometimes. I definitely believe we'll get the answers we've been waiting for and be set on our path very soon, maybe by the end of the year, maybe sooner.

Steff, I felt the same exact way for years. I also knew I was different. At times I would even consider myself depressed at times. I took a chance and succeeded. People like us are adrenaline seekers. We are not content with the basics in life because we were meant to accomplish more. You need to be great. This world needs you to accomplish something amazing. So do it. Do it! You can be or do anything, it just takes a lot of time and effort. The greatest people in the works didn't become great overnight. Some of them it took a lifetime to accomplish. You're a star. Be what you were out on his earth to be.

Wow. That put into words what I've been feeling for months. I've tried talking to people about it and I feel like they don't understand what I mean.

I have had this feeling since I was a very small child, it's one one the few things I actually remember thinking as I grew up. I have had enough of sitting around and waiting for what is it I'm suppose to do and I'm hoping to find others who feel the same, to see if myself and other can finally figure it out, just what it is we're suppose to do. If interested, please look me up on Facebook, Lynsey Richards-Castellini.

This might sound kinda of flaky but the only time I have felt some guidance is when I have reflected on my soul. This can be through means of prayer or meditation or whatever you want to call it but believe me it helps. It does not cure the feeling. I still sit here anxiously all the time but when I start asking the universe (or god or subconscious, ect ect) to lead me, there is a huge weight lifted and things are clearer for a time. Give it shot, what do you have to lose?

Also I found this post and this article at the same time and its a great read - The 17 Habits of People Who Change the World

I have had this feeling since I was a very small child, it's one one the few things I actually remember thinking as I grew up. I have had enough of sitting around and waiting for what is it I'm suppose to do and I'm hoping to find others who feel the same, to see if myself and other can finally figure it out, just what it is we're suppose to do. If interested, please look me up on Facebook, Lynsey Richards-Castellini.

To all hear: I may not know all about the circumstances you're in, or what all is going on in the life you live; but you're not alone. I've survived brain cancer with no treatment, battled severe depression for six years, nearly died from medical conditions that couldn't be treated, been hit by a two ton truck, and many more, yet I am only sixteen. Having survived and not quite thrived through all of it, there is something so much more than this so called "life" that society offers. I'm searching for what is out there, to pursue what's in my heart and to not let that desire die. In no way do I want to sound like I am angrily venting or treating this like a therapy page, I just wanted to know and let you know that even though we're all sitting behind a screen, we're in a similar boat together. I agree with the first person saying it may be some delusion of grandeur, or whatever it may be-who knows? But to any and all who may be doubting themselves, sometime you may not see the full talents you have since you live in your own skin everyday, and you see your flaws. I know for sure and certain I always see mine, I doubt myself a lot. But individually you have something unique to offer this world, and only you can bring it. Hang in there. Strength doesn't always come from success; it comes from enduring hardships. To wrap it all up, you're not alone, there's something more than this life, so find God or what means the most to you in life, pursue your dreams, develop your talents, love life, and be yourself. I hope I didn't make this sound like a rant because that's not my heart; the intent was to maybe inspire one person or many, so if you got something from this, more power to you. Live a good life, friends. You're not the only one on this battlefield.

Ive been reading through quite a few of people's responses and there seems to be a large connection between what everyones feeling, its all quite similar. Personally ive felt it my whole life (as of yet ;P ) and have always had these 'vision' type things which turn out to be what actually happens to me in the future... Exactly... Ive told people but they just think im crazy... And believe me I know that I sound crazy.. But I cant help the truth, not like I see anything useful anyway, its just really random stuff...
Anyway... Ive always been a shy person until recently when I had a vision of me standing on a stage at a concert or something... Im not saying that that is gonna happen (I often have an over active imagination). Suprised at thinking that shy little ol' me could ever even begin to achieve that, I began to think, and with a bit of coaxing ive come to realise things, and even though im still shy, ive also become confident at the same time, and although I have no idea what it is that this amazing thing is that im meant to do, or how im gonna get there... Or even whether im ever gonna get there at all, im confident that this thing exists.
A few people have asked whether theres a Facebook group or anything, so ive gone ahead and set one up, seeing as no-one else is.. Id appreciate it if you mention the group if you comment here so that it doesnt get lost. Ive set it to secret, so you can post in confidence, it would be great for everyone to just be able to put how they feel about this! Who knows what could happen!
See you there! (sorry for all the writing :D )
Facebook group:

Feel like there is something that you need to do with your life? So do we!

If you cant find it just message me and I'll add you,

Yours in trust ;)
Tom Cawte

You're not alone I have felt the same since about a week before my eighteenth birthday that there's something more I should be doing something bigger, maybe something I should be doing that would actually change the world. I'm 22 now and nothing's changed but I have been researching other people that feel the same so we're not alone. I've been trying to reach out and see if we could come to a conclusion as a collective. But I understand now after research universal design or as people say that we have belief in something greater in life because we unhappy with our selves or even fate these are the many opinions given. I have also only told one person how I feel because of the of ridicule and they told me that I have a heart of a hero. If you would to discuss more then please contact me and the same for anyone else that feels the same, we're not freaks or delusional we are people that understand the importance of being better than we can be.

I have had this feeling since I was a very small child, it's one one the few things I actually remember thinking as I grew up. I have had enough of sitting around and waiting for what is it I'm suppose to do and I'm hoping to find others who feel the same, to see if myself and other can finally figure it out, just what it is we're suppose to do. If interested, please look me up on Facebook, Lynsey Richards-Castellini.