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I Feel As If I'm Meant To Do Something Great

Everyday for months on end now I feel as if I'm meant to do more in this life then what I'm doing now. As I sit and think the feeling grows over whelming. I get this annxious feeling like I need to be out there doing it but how can you do something that you don't even know what it is. I've only ever told one person about these feelings because I'm afriad to be judged and called a freak or a fake. Call it delusions of granduer or whatever I know what I feel. The one person I've ever told said that he thought I'm meant to be a leader. I have the confidence of dirt. I just wanted to see if any one was like me or could give me some answers cause I can't find any.
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I'm the same way! I'm not religious or really spiritual nor am I arrogant but deep down I just have this strong feeling that I'm destined for great things. Just explaining it to other people who have never had the feeling is hard and makes us look crazy lol

Ok, lots of people feel this way but I can't agree with the whole idea of being a leader. Of being bigger. Of a lifestyle change. I mean, YES, to a certain extent I agree, but NO! I don't know what it is but that's not what's calling us. It's bigger. It's way, way ******* bigger than being an advocate for human rights, animals, politics etc. This is different. Way different.

I don't know what it is exactly. I have dreams, but they're always different, and more unexplainable each time.
Embrace the unknown and let your mind wander. Nice knowing we're not alone right?

Hey don't swe it I'm the same way I feel like I'm ment for more but I also know I'm not the only one there are a hole group of people out there that are ment for more too we just have to wait to find out what we need to do!!

I have the same feeling in all honesty. its not like an ego boosting feeling like i should be important its more like i feel I'm meant for a purpose yet its like my brain is to primitive to comprehend what it is. like someone else previously stated "something beyond what is known to exist"

It only matters if you have the courage to act upon that feeling. As someone who has been feeling this way for a while and acting on it i have noticed a 180 turn around in my life in a matter of months. I physically seen myself grow stronger more confident and more intelligent, but only because I have actively searched for opportunites to grow myself everyday. Looking back I could never return to the way I used to be because it was a lesser version of myself. I have started to view ever expirience as an opportunity to work on a skill or habbit. As Bruce Lee once said "knowing is not enough we must apply. Willing is not enough we must do." Take action today by promising yourself to better the yesterday, and then repeat everyday.

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Let me say I have had this feeling for a long time and that's saying a lot since I'm only 14 but I g
Have had this feeling for a long time probably since 3 rd grade I would always dream of ppl like me breaking in my class and do something the thing is I don't know what I want to talk to someone about this if u feel the same way please respond

Me too!

I find it kind of hard to put words on feelings, but I feel exactly the same way as you and all other guys here. I feel like I'm destined for something els, something bigger. I often feel like everything I do seems pointless. I feel like I'm ready to do something about it but quoting you "how can you chase after something you don't know what it is?".

I think that i somewhere within myself, I know what it is I'm chasing after, and it's really obvious, but I just can't see it right now.

I've felt this way too. What society offers is only a surface and doesn't seem meaningful. I get that anxious feeling like I need to survive and move constantly. I've started to train myself in kick boxing because Ifeel like my body is the only weapon i'll ever truly have and it must be prepared, for what? I do not know. But my instinct is telling me to be ready mind, body and soul. I feel like a "higher" version of who I used to be or more aware...

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I don't know what this feeling is but I too have the feeling. But mine is a bit different than others. I feel like I need save up as much as I can, leave my loved ones behind and travel the world in search for answers. I also want to train my mind, body and soul through extremely rigorous training, adapting to any living condition and deep meditation. After this stage of my transformation, I feel like things will become clearer to me and my purpose in life will become clear. This could well be nothing but a hoax and something I may even someday regret, but if I don't atleast attempt this, I will not rest in peace in my after life. I don't tell anybody of these feelings, this is the first time I have revealed my true ambitions to anybody and I intend on following through with this plan.

This is the closest explanation I've found to these same feelings! I have all of these traits and the same "symptoms" as all of you here. It sounds crazy but I really do. No other way to describe it then what's been said here.

Thank you for the link to indigo adult. I have read about indigo children...

i had read this in my office suddenly and i would like to say that even i feel the same always i think the same thing and i m always confused abt what it would be and i want to know what would that be that i m always thinking of doing which i dont even know what i waqnt to do?

read these responses with any epic music turned on! it will truly be amazing. That feeling! that is what ya'll need to achieve

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Its 1:38 am and im going insane trying to put in my words and search for answers of how i am feeling. Im glad im not the only one. What i feel is intense and it judt hit me for about 8months now and its getting stronger and stronger. I can feel so many new things theres no words made to describe it.i feel like i am of the many chosen one. Please email me if you feel the same way i would like to seek help and find out more about this feeling im feeling. Please email me at serligee @. Ya hoo . Come

If you feel your meant to do something start doing all the things you've always wanted to do. And somewhere along the way, youll figure out what it is and it will all make sense x Good Luck

READ THIS: i feel the exact same way as most of you, the thing you think you seek or extraordinary feeling you get inside of you is actually probably somthing called gradiosity, Grandiosity refers to an unrealistic sense of superiority. try to google it and se this feeling is not so much supernatural as you thougth. ;)

I know the feeling.. I feel like I'm meant to do something.. I feel like I'm meant to do something big, like discover something in space.. I'm really interested in astronomy so I feel like I'm meant to do something in space.

That is just like me its hard to explain but I feel that I am ment for something I don't know what but I know the feeling I feel different to other people I just would like to know why.


I know how u feel I am the same as u

So what is it I am meant to do then as I feel it is something beyond what is known to exist

Its amazing coming across this site and finding out so many people feel the same way I do. If I would try to have a conversation with any of my day to day friends about this, they would look at me like they're trying to understand, but I know they don't. I also do not want to seem as though I'm a "special" person, but I also feel more enlightened than most that I come across. One thing I recently came across is that I would definitely fit into the category of a person who is an HSP (highly sensitive person), anyone interested should look this up. It would be interesting to see if anyone else having these feelings falls into this category as well. I have previously felt an extreme sense of heightened awareness as well, but have since pushed that away, as it is not something I felt comfortable with, I started to feel more and more distant from what we would define as societal norms. So I just tried to stop feeling "different" and focus on school, work, son, becoming an educated and normal person. However, the feeling has returned again, an overwhelming sensation that I am not just an average person and that I am meant to do something great and shine. I have since quit my job that I was tired of, have separated from some so called friends(and feel lighter), have focused my main energies on God, church, helping friends, family and homeless(I have so much empathy for the lost and forgotten it hurts) and am desperately seeking to fulfill my purpose in life. Although I know I have had a significant impact already in people's lives since I was a very young child. I have also been touched by some wise and valuable people and experiences in my life. I would love to gather with everyone here and talk with each other about our life experiences and our "feelings" to hopefully get a deeper understanding of what they could be stemming from. I wish everyone well on their journey in life, God Bless All of You, and may God reveal his purpose for all of us in a real and tangible way!

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I have been having the feeling for all my life like I'm here for a reason, like I'm here for something really big. One thing I find very strange, creepy is about a year ago a random guy stopped me on the road and said " I know your going to do something really big" he also proceed to say "when your in your office just remember me when I come there". Another thing that I find really weird is that he handed me money and said " take this anytime you want money or anything just come to me cause I know you'll make it and when I see him always say what's up". I find this really strange btw I see the guy more often and sometime he tries to hand me money and I would refuse but, he would force me to take it. That my experience on the feeling or greatness

wow that's pretty interesting.

So more people feel like this than i thought....maybe im not crazy, or maybe we all are. Either way, if something does happen i feel like im ready, and still have no idea for what.

i've shared this feeling for around 8-10 years now. Sometimes its more intense, other times its very dormant. My family is very spiritual and claim they've seen spirits and such, and so i was spiritual as well as a child. Unlike them however i have never been able to see spirits, or anything special like that. It kind of felt like i was trying to make myself see or feel things when i never really did so i discounted the whole thing. Even though i tried to just ignore the whole spiritual thing, i still get this feeling of being something else. Maybe its just the feeling of not wanting to live a mediocre life, the thought of just working day in and out kills me, but i pray everyday that this feeling will actually lead to something out of the ordinary. I dream and day dream all day of what might happen to change this world. i know this response isnt as uplifting as others. But i am starting to lose hope after 8 some years of waiting, and waiting. Im also starting to think this feeling might just be something dumb like depression or something. But still something keeps me going.. waiting for whatever it is WE are waiting for. And if the thing we are waiting for does involve all of us collectively, i pray you all succeed and i see you all there at the end. sorry, now im getting all cheesy and ahead of myself.

I usually stay up past when my wife and kids go to bed as my job has done that to me. I have been watching a great deal of historical and scientific television.
While I couldn't imagine doing anything greater than being an amazing husband and father, I feel like a certain HUGE restlessness has developed over the past 6 months. Like my physical being knows something much larger than myself has plans for me that are coming soon, but never seem to manifest. Or perhaps the proximity to my actual point in time is farther than I think.
I would love to think that it is just boredom, since that is easily remedied, but these thoughts have permeated my thinking while at work, at home, having fun or doing whatever. If anyone had the answer, I suppose I could just google it. But something inside me knows it's coming and is restless enough to not allow me to miss it. I know I will know it when it comes, something in my very being will be immensely satisfied.
When it does happen, I will let you know. Thank you for listening.

Av had this feeling my hole life, i love history and ancient battles, feel angry pain feeling of los. There is a answer.

I have been having all of these same feelings and I don't know what they mean. I will pray and meditate for guidance but it's very hard waiting and wondering what I'm supposed to do. I guess only time will tell.

Curious how quite a few people with a feeling of destiny at the same time claim to have some form of a lack in social skills.<br />
<br />
I have found that one thing that obsesses me, and am now in the process of turning it into something great. Whether or not it will succeed, as of this moment I haven't got a clue. Even though in my mind, it has already succeeded; in practice, it will take the bigger part of my life still to finish. It has however become big enough for me to decide to completely drop a big part of what people consider the 'normal life' (social events, travelling, having children, etc.), and instead use that extra time to work on my goals. I work under the assumption that with great power, comes great responsibility; and to achieve great power, requires great sacrifice.<br /><br />Seems like spiderman was right all along.

I am a person who still needs to learn a lot about the world and everything in it, but I'll just share what I learned already:
- It is true that a group of people can perform a lot better than a person alone. As some other people here have said, if you don't know where you're heading yet, try to make sure you're not going there alone.
- Find out what types of people you can trust. For that matter, since it is different for everyone, find out what 'trust' means to you.
- There will never be a point in your life where you have learned enough to keep going without learning more.
- You will keep running into things that seem impossible. Just keep in mind that "impossibility" doesn't exist. It means nothing more than that chances are very low, and you have to find a way to improve those chances.
- Never try to find something or someone to blame. Just focus on finding a solution and get on with it.
- Nobody will truly believe in you to do something great until you have actually done something great (no matter what they say). The only person capable of truly believing in you is you.

I agree with everything you said

Yh I feel the same thing but only stronger like I can't explain it with words it something big... Bigger than anything oh my god I want to know what this feeling is I feel this like everyday in my life someone said its indigo children but I don't understand what the hell is this feeling please help and tell me?!!!!!!!!!!!!