The Big Things I Do

Everyone feels this - more or less - for some of us it is palpable. 
I have always felt it. 
At times it has spurred me on to high achievement and prestige. 
At other times it has driven me into depression and failure. 
I eventually realised what it was I needed to do. 

I need to be me.  As I am.  Live my life. Channel love. 
Move towards kindness, acceptance, conscientiousness and away from selfishness, fear and irresponsibility. 
We are responsible for our own lives, nobody else, it is up to us to do what is needed, no matter how big or small.  We all have our place and our part to play.  That is our job, to not neglect our lives.

The specifics are irrelevant, but if you need something concrete: I care for my family in the best way I know how, I accept imperfection but not neglect in the management of our household, I smile at strangers and am polite, I do volunteer work that I know I am suited to, I have gratefully developed education and experience and now I will seek an occupation where I can be most of use and can give the most.  I love and I give.  There's nothing bigger than that.
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I also attempt to never, ever deliberately and knowingly inflict any kind of pain, insult or neglect on any person or living creature, including myself.