I Was Born Again.. Had a Spiritual Awakening...

What ever you call it, God told me that I should be an evangelist, marriage counselor, counselor period.. Sunday school teacher, writer... those were my options.. unfortunately I was charged the year before with a domestic assault (I tried to leave my gf and she had me arrested for assault. I never touched her) So.. I know I am destined to do great things, I just don't know how I am going to get there.. I suppose that's how God works though, I am not to ask, simply do. Well like I have seen in other groups, I don't know God's plan for me, well actually I do.. I just don't know the next step.. I pray daily to better understand.. I have faith that it will reveal itself to me. Perhaps there is something I need to do first. Anyway, that's my story. -)  
31-35, M
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Start with telling the truth.

Well I certainly have a strong sense of faith.. -)<br />
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Thank you, you've boosted my spirits.