The Feeling In Your Gut That Says...

I'm only a teenager, but i have always had this gut feeling that i am meant for something, even as a child i wanted to be something larger than life or something valuable to the world. i have been told numerous times that i have the potential for greatness or potential for success and triumph.
these praises came after my gut feeling, so these peoples influence only strengthened a belief i already had.
However i have no idea what is meant for me, am i meant to be a person who changes the world or just a person who lives a successful and happy life.
truthfully either is fine but i am at the age where i need to make decisions, what do i want to do as a career, should i continue with my education, do i need either of these things? i am so concerned that i will make the wrong desicion and mess with my fate to become something more.
i'm also worried that this feeling is something everyone has and that i am actually by no means special and that to pursue  alife of greatness isa waste of time and that there is no such thing as "fate" to guide me and that i will be lost. i just need some advice on any of it i think

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I have always felt the same as you've just described. I read somewhere that everyone is born with the capacity to do great things, but personality and circumstance separate people who continue to strive to be 'larger-than-life' and those who settle for a more conventional life (or, live with no ambition at all). I think there are generally three main factors which could have a huge impact on the feelings we both feel - 1. an upbringing which encourages ambition (not in monetary terms but in terms of personal potential), 2. being lucky enough to be blessed with talents (academic, artistic, introspective, social, etc), 3. circumstances of life: since we are a sum of our past experiences, and based on my experiences, I have often succeeded in any small goals I've set myself, therefore building upon my belief that I am here 'to do something great'.
I think once people like you and I live past childhood and our teenage years and preserve the feeling you've described, it's important that we pursue it. At university, I chose the subject I most enjoyed and was truly passionate about (as opposed to something I knew would get me a well-paid job) and so far, it's been one of the best decisions of my life. It's opened my mind to so many possibilities and I've grown on many levels.
As I've grown older (I'm still only 20!) I've gained confidence in my voice and my beliefs, and feel excitement at the prospect of being a positive influence to my peers and to 'the larger world', one step at a time. I also feel totally inspired when I meet people who I can learn from and look up to. My advice to you - if any is needed - is to be grateful for the feelings you have within you. They are powerful feelings and can truly lead you to a fulfilling, productive life full of meaning.

Sometimes that something big is just being an amazing wife/mother/friend/sister... but other times it's something else! What sets you on fire? When you procrastinate, what do you do? THOSE are your passions - and the world needs passionate people!

I get that cynical feeling all the time. I am probably a bit older than you (23) and all I can tell you is listen to yourself. Find something that gives you unexplainable joy. I used high school as a testing ground for a few things, but it wasn't until I enrolled in college that I found my joy. That joy was learning. Learning things the average person had no clue nor desire to engage in. It set me apart from society. It made me feel special. I have always had this feeling that I was going to discover something important. At first I thought I was going to discover the cure for cancer. As I pursued that avenue, I realized there was no cure for cancer. Don't worry, because in that seemingly dead end I found many more roads to travel. The bottom line is don't be afraid to try new things. Don't be discouraged if those things don't work out or if you lose interest. You have a lifetime ahead of you and the things you experience make you who you are.

I've had the exact same feelings as you do!<br />
No, not the EXACT same, but might as well be. <br />
I've had day dreams and thoughts of things, adventure, for as long as i can remember. <br />
I'm a teenager too (if you can't tell by my grammar or spelling) and I've come to the point in my life where I need to make decisions on whom I'm going to be. But I can't shake the feeling that I'm meant to do something more, something not listed in those career tests. <br />
As much as I try to rule it out as 'watching too many movies' or 'everyone feels special'... I can't shake the thought in the back of my head. <br />
I've been looking up things - that lead me here- because I've always felt everyone feels special. We can't feel what it feels like to be someone else. For all we know, no one is really here. Some people think life is all a dream or alternate reality or everyone's aliens or robots. Isn't that the same as feeling special? or 'meant to do something in their life' ? <br />
Mainly... Is there a destiny? Or are we controlling our own lives... <br />
No one will ever know I guess... Good luck to you in your life. And anyone who may relate.

I think everyone feels like that but hardly anyone does anything about it.

I feel the same way! Ever since I was little I felt like something BIG was going to happen, and I am going to be a part of it. At first I was scared, and didn't beleive that I COULD do something great. <br /><br />
<br />
Recentlly I became a christian, and I realiaed that what I thought was true. Nobody can acconplish anything without the help of God. He gave me a remarkable fate that only I can accomplish. Put your trust in God, and know that he will never let your down or forsake you. Although I haven't been a christian for very long, I know there is no turning back. My life has been better than it ever was before, and I am insanly happy with life, but I also thought I was the only one to feel this way. =) <br /><br />
<br />
Thank you for posting this. My only advice to give you, is too listen to that little voice inside your head. If the voice is telling you to do something good, that follows the word, then It is most likely god, and you should do it, even if it is something little, such as picking up a chair. God wants to test and train you to hear his voice. <br />