I'm Meant For More!

My entire life, I've always felt like I was meant for greatness.  Its almost a spiritual feeling within me and it is extremely overwhelming at time.  I can't stop thinking about it sometimes and it is constantly coming up in my dreams.  I have may elements of my life that i'm very happy and satisfied with but I know that they aren't the "purpose" I've been feeling in my gut for all of my life.  I look at the world around me very uniquely.  I see everything for more that what it is...for every element it contains.  This has often left me feeling very isolated and misunderstood.  It bothers me when I express myself and no one understands where I am coming from.  I know a lot of people who are satisfied with working a 9-5, getting married, and having children but I have never felt like this is the path for me.  I don't believe I am better than anyone or I was "chosen" to do some kind of work someone else cannot do.  I merely just feel like I am positively connected to my surroundings and that causes me to feel a need for more.  I just cannot escape the feeling within me, and I'm not sure if i want to.  I'm actually actively trying to do new things that better myself, others, and the world in order to possibly find this "purpose" i've felt so destined for.  I would be glad to hear anyone's thoughts and I'm always looking for people to talk to and relate!

There is a very exclusive discussion fourm created by one of our own, I urge everyone looking for answers to come and join us here.  The link is 548248.xobor.com   I cannot stress it enough; we need to communicate with one another.  We were not meant to go at this alone and anyone who has this feeling inside of them knows this!

Also, you can check out my "meant for something more" facebook page.  I'm trying to get something  substantial started.  I want all options to be available. I will also be keeping this very private and within our experience project family.

Please comment or message me with any additional ideas.

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You all are not alone! I've used mind scape to help get a slightly better understanding of everything, and it's a useful tool that helps me get by.
Reading all of these posts had me tearing up. That feeling of knowing you need to be the best person you can be, but not knowing why, or sometimes not seeing the point. That knowledge of what you're supposed to do and who you're supposed to be, while lacking that knowledge all together. Craving that lost understanding of why you were born into this world in the first place. Wanting to find your path, but have no idea where to start.
I can tell you one thing for sure... you aren't alone... And now I realize just how not alone we are. Hope is a wonderful thing, let's not lose it. I have a good feeling that I will find my path soon. So if I do I will get back to you all.
In the mean time, don't give up! If society isn't doing it for you, try something new.... Remember that this is proof of a community, I'm sure we are all closer to eachother than we think!


I have always felt the same my whole life, or at least since Ive been old enough to understand the concept. I've heard people say the same thing but not quite the way and detail that you have explained the feeling. Everyday I wake up to my mediocre routine life and I know that I was meant for something in a bigger picture. I think everyday that I would gladly without hesitation give my life if need be to even save a stranger. I live my life as so as well, even if it's small things like opening a door for someone or giving someone a ride to their destination. I don't know what it is and my only wish and true dream in life is to protect humanity and especially the ones I care for, even it means the ultimate sacrifice with absolutely no acknowledgment or credit for doing so. This feeling leaves me with a deep feeling of being alone even in a room full of people. I just don't know, which is why I even searched for some sort of answer. I have started to think that it is some sort of mental condition.

Please contact me... everything you just said was like it was coming from me.

hey, I have the exact same feeling. You feel so useless when you think about all the criminals and hatred in the world and all the people that deserve better than to be mugged or murdered. You feel like you have to do something about it, but it just eats away at your soul when you realise that you cant do anything to save them. If you understand where I'm coming from, please send me a friend request on Facebook and maybe we can share how we feel. My name on Facebook is Nathan Beard and my profile picture is a sea turtle. Please think about it because, I feel the world is against me on how I feel and it would be great to have someone to relate to.

I know this post is old but are you still there, if so let me know if love to connect

Is this page still active?

This page seems not to be active at the moment, you can try mine:
the different ones.xobor.com (no spaces)

I meant thedifferentones.xobor.de, sorry lol

I understand perfectly. I feel as though I can't have gone through all that I have gone through for it to mean nothing. I am meant for something great and inspirational. Quit fighting so hard. Let yourself breathe and make anew. Let the fog clear. See your potential. Live your potential even if it is not clear to you yet. It will be. No need for fear. You can always take another path.

My whole life I have sat in the background and observed the ones around me, whether it be my parents, friends, older peers. I watched and learned from their mistakes and vowed that I would be nothing less than happy. Why wouldn't that be possible? To avoid human turmoil and distress. However, growing up, I found that was in fact.. not possible. Without pain, how do we know pleasure?
These feelings and ideas of mine have grown more complex as I have matured and ventured into adulthood (Full time job, apartment, etc)
I have not been in a committed relationship since high school. I have not found someone who shares the same values as myself and even if I do, I feel always as if I am making the wrong decision. That relationships are not the path that I am suppose to take on. When I look at people I do not see gender, race, I see no segregation, I only see humans. That's not to say I don't see racism, sexism, and all the problems that come with it. But I personally do not look at a black male and think "He's a black male". I don't easily give the benefit of the doubt to individuals. I do have streets smarts, but that doesn't mean that I don't give the human race the benefit of the doubt. We are an incredible and developing species. I went to school to be a CNA, have been certified but have no interest in perusing the career. I feel like I have a single defined path and I have not found it yet. Every decision I make, I feel strongly is the wrong one, so I stay in a state that is easily transitionable from. No significant, no career only a job, no kids, no solid foundation. Just me.
I constantly feel like I am on the brink of a breakthrough. Either internal or external. It feels like I have these hands inside of me clawing through every corner of my mind, searching for the answers to a question I haven't quite formed.
It's frustrating, but I have faith something will come of it, whatever that may be.

i feel the same most of the time. i cant tell weather i feel i could change things for the better or worse though :/ i am also obsessed with running my own business. its so weird. its like ive planned it my whole life. maybe its fate or destiny. some people tell me im narcissistic and maybe i am. who knows!

I'm gonna reply to all of you on this thread in the same fashion, so that you get the notif. Check out thedifferentones.xobor.de, and help me build a community of those who feel the same way as us. If you have any questions, you can contact me at ndbernav@gmail.com. Thx for listening.

I can relate to this all too well. I started to have this same feeling when I graduated high school. My friends and siblings knew exactly what they wanted to go to college for and become in life...but for me I had too many paths pulling me in different directions. All I knew is I wanted to make a positive impact on peoples lives and the world. I would try to write my feelings down to express myself and reflect, hoping for some guidance, but sometimes having a blank piece of paper said it best. I just felt like I could not put what my purpose in life was into words. I felt an emptiness inside of me because I felt like I am meant to do something bigger than myself in life and had no idea what that is. My father always told me that if you do something you love you, you wont work a day in your life and if you do not like where you are at in life, you can choose to make the most of it or change your path. That resonated with me so I thought to myself, what do I LOVE? The outdoors. There is just something about the way the leaves rustle in the wind, the smell of rain on a spring day, and the sunlight gleaming over the landscapes as the sun sets with beautiful colors. Just sitting and watching the different elements to the environment gives me peace. Through this I found another passion, photography. I want to capture the beauty of the world and share it with others and to help them realize what is out there and that we need to take better care of our planet. I enrolled in college and will graduate with a Bachelors in Natural Resource Management. There are still those days where I feel like I am not doing enough to fill my calling in life, but I feel like I am on the right path by following my heart and going after things I love in life. After all, God gave me the love and passion for it in the first place right? I am religious, but if you are not, there is a reason why you have that feeling. It is because deep down you know there is something out there waiting for you. As long as you try to follow your heart, you will make it there.

I am glad to know that there are other people out there that can relate to how I am feeling. Sometimes it is hard to express yourself to people you are closest to because they have already found their calling and happiness in life, and although I thank God everyday for the beautiful friends and family he has blessed me with, I am still on my journey to figure out what he has put me on this Earth for.

I'm not depressed with my life, I'm very well off, and not sad in any way. But from time to time, I feel really frustrated. I feel like I'm meant for something more, but not on this earth, or in fact, this universe. I believe in multiple universes, and, right now, I feel like I meant to be in the one which isn't like this one at all, but in fact, like the ones they show in movies and games and such. I know I sound like a nerd for saying that, but it's true. I don't like this corruptness which plagues this world, (I'm not religious by the way). I don't like the cruel nature of things, I want for there to be actual magic in the world. And I feel like I could be one of them. could be a hero in another time, another place. I want to be a hero, and help people. Loads of people are fine with the way life is in this universe, but I'm not. The moment when we can travel between universes, or heck, just permanently transport ourselves into media, where we can live the rest of our lives there, I'm signing up first. I love my family and friends, but I don't want to be here. I want to belong. Perhaps, there are a select number of people who were born in the wrong universe. Maybe we're those people. Meant for something on great, but not in the right place, the right universe. Because of this one unfortunate mistake, in which we were born in the wrong place, we have let our proper universes down. I swear to you, I'm not depressed or emo, I'm just curious, and frustrated. If we truly belong, perhaps, when we die, we will be put into our actual place. DON'T KILL YOURSELVES! THE PROBABILITY OF THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENING ARE UNIMAGINABLY THIN! Besides, maybe feeling like beloning is finding that someone who you don't even care if you belong. I'm only 16, so I won't know for a while. I can only hope and wait. I'd like to know you guys though. Feel like I'm among people like me, people who are waiting to finally feel like they belong. Maybe we will, in time.

I'm gonna reply to all of you on this thread in the same fashion, so that you get the notif. Check out thedifferentones.xobor.de, and help me build a community of those who feel the same way as us. If you have any questions, you can contact me at ndbernav@gmail.com. Thx for listening.

This is exactly how you feel. Most things feel abstract. Not to concerned with Conventional. Wanna do something more just not sure what or where to begin..


Spot on exactly how I feel.

I'm gonna reply to all of you on this thread in the same fashion, so that you get the notif. Check out thedifferentones.xobor.de, and help me build a community of those who feel the same way as us. If you have any questions, you can contact me at ndbernav@gmail.com. Thx for listening.

I can't even begin to tell you how similarly I relate to this. I'm rather young and yet I still have what I can only explain to be unexplainable fits of emotion. I feel I'm meant for greater, I'm disconnected from this world, I don't relate to a lot of emotions others talk about. Stone-cold, that is what my sister calls me. I could've give less of a care if someone hates me, doesn't believe in me, possibly even if they die... I'm normal in life. Normal looking, normal acting, but I prefer the company of myself. I am the only one who can understand. I am above all of this and, somehow, I am almost sure of that. Reading books for hours on end escaping the "reality" of what I live, I feel unfulfilled. It hurts to read fiction books because it just yet again makes me grasp for air, not being able to have what I feel so close to. Help is what I need. Not from a therapist, but from someone like me. How do I fulfill the desire? Is there something I'm missing? And lastly, what everyone here seems to be wondering, am I destined for greatness or just crazy?

I know what you mean. I'm still young too, but I've been feeling this for something like 6 years now. May I ask, what greatness do you feel your meant to fulfill? I feel like I'm meant to be a hero in a group of heroes meant to help where we can. But I don't feel ike I belong to this universe at all. What about you?

I'm gonna reply to all of you on this thread in the same fashion, so that you get the notif. Check out thedifferentones.xobor.de, and help me build a community of those who feel the same way as us. If you have any questions, you can contact me at ndbernav@gmail.com. Thx for listening.

My names Ash by the way.

I'm gonna reply to all of you on this thread in the same fashion, so that you get the notif. Check out thedifferentones.xobor.de, and help me build a community of those who feel the same way as us. If you have any questions, you can contact me at ndbernav@gmail.com. Thx for listening.

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I feel similarly. And everyone around me gets uncomfortable with my "unrealistic" grand ideas. If I could meet someone with the same passion and vision, I feel we could accomplish anything.

As for all the people wondering how they can impact the world enough, a network needs to be in place. No one can do it all.

I plan to begin as a librarian and connect the downtrodden with resources to gain independence - financial, mental, you name it. For me, connecting the right people with the right resources feels like my immediate purpose. Think about any human problem - it can almost always be resolved with the right resources.

We all have gifts and talents and if we created a network, we could change the world.

Iv always had the feeling that I'm meant for more. Not necessarily to change the world, but to make a difference and I'm pretty positive my calling is for the furthering of modern feminism. Sometimes I feel like I'm driven to write, like some force is making me(I'm 18 and have written all my life). Iv always felt that since i was 6 or 7 my writing will make me famous some how and that once I'm famous ill be a huge impact on society. I know I'm clairvoyant. I'm very in touch with my spiritual side and always have been before I even knew what clairvoyance was. If I don't write, I get very overwhelmed feeling until i do and ill have very bizare dreams(my dreams have always been very vivid and i always remember them. iv even had places in my dreams that Iv never seen before come up in real life sometimes day or years after the dream. same with people). Im also clairvoyant with my writing. iv been writing poems before and ill come up with large complex words that are in context to the line but that iv never heard of or used before. Iv had 2 different psychics on two different occasions tell me that my creative side will bring me great success but that if I don't write, all the creative energy will turn into negative energy and that I need an outlet for my creativity. I'm a very motivated person. although I do have close friends, I feel I don't quite relate to them. They don't have the same feelings and experiences as me. I know I was sent here for something. Maybe to not change the world but I no it has something to do with changing public opinions and society's standards.

I often find myself struggling with this feeling of "destined for greatness." Like most people on this forum, I've had this feeling from a young age, and it was affirmed by praise from those around me. I've also felt like a "black sheep," not enjoying or being interested in most of the things my peers were. This feeling was heightened last fall--I became 100% sure in myself, bought a ukelele and thought that I would write songs with Jason Mraz and that we would change the world with love and music. Sounds crazy, right? well, turns out that I was experiencing what's called "mania" mixed with "delusions of grandeur." There were a series of events that led me there--for one I stopped taking my anti-depressants improperly, and I also took a substance called "Molly" which creates a fun, hallucinogenic state--but ***** with your serotonin. Now that I'm no longer in that state, I can look back and see that I experienced what I have been my whole life--feeling destined for greatness--but on an extreme scale. So now I wonder whether this whole "destined for greatness" is nothing but an exaggerated sense of self. Or perhaps narcissism. Or mental illness. I still struggle with this feeling of greatness. Maybe we all have ambition to change the world--and we're "idealists." And that's a benefit, as idealism is often what strives social change. but to do greatness, we have to be great. We have to strive to be the change we wish to see, and live every day trying to inspire ourselves first, and then be inspired BY others. We must be open to knowing that we might be wrong. We must be open to learning from others. We must not be dogmatic. We must question ourselves, our motives. Stay pure in intent, and know what's worth fighting for, and what's not. But I'm realizing that greatness is found in the everyday life--not necessarily on a grand scale. Also, if one ever wants to achieve it on a grand scale, how is it possible, if we do not make our own lives great, every day? My solution has been to focus on changing myself--being great in my own life--and knowing that maybe it's not my job to change the world. Maybe I can't change the world--all I know is that I can change myself. Maybe we aren't any different than anyone else except that we've held onto that idealism a little bit longer.

I'm a 24 yo veteran, I've been through a lot. I have a loving family and incredible friends, but my heart longs for more. I stay busy to avoid personnel thought. It makes me realize how I really feel. I'm meant for more, a higher calling. Nothing specific comes to mind, but what ever it is I crave it no matter what I'm doing or where I am. Can someone help me find what I'm looking for?

I'm so sorry you've had to go through war. No one should ever have to.

Maybe reading or watching documentaries about different hobbies, or political causes, or interests would be helpful. Maybe try volunteering places? Doing different things. Talking to different people. I've found exposure to differences--and embracing them--has led me to narrowing my interests down a bit more.

Also, maybe seeing a counselor would be helpful. It's not uncommon for soldiers to experience post trauma after war. I've found it helpful to process what I've been through by talking about it--and having skills to cope. Again, I am so sorry that you've experienced what you've experienced.

theinfinitereactionmovement.yolasite.com this is my site. maybe we can help eachother!

I have this sensation from my whole life. Sorry for my bad english i am not a native speaker.
I have this sansation that i have to save the world, and in the beginning i thought it was not possibile, then i started to research. The power is in all of us, 2 ways i found:
1) magnetic energy, but i need a degree for that, and i don't have time and i already have a degree but not in that field,
whomever had played with magnets know that there is a force within those stones, magnetic is the earth, magnetic is the sense of birds that follow the right way to get to hotter places, and so are fishes.
There is a way to build a big machine and let everybody have free energy. Which will kill multinationals, the real power who doesn't let us be free.
2) what i am going to do is Natural Farming, please inform your self on what is a Edible Forest, Forest Garden and so on. It is VERY EASY, the forest has everything you will ever eat, and because is a forest it will give it for free, and you don't have to maintain it, work it, water it. The forest maintain itself. If all over the country you can do that, everybody can have free food. No more import export that we actually don't need.. the zucchini in america, and the zucchini in messico are the same taste the same and come from the same source , the earth. The earth is free and it was free before the invention of money.
What is being free ? not living in a city, realizing that if we don't give money to anyone, the system collapse, and the system is rotten with corruption, pollution, extortion, exploiting. We can do this, we can get out of this. There is still time, there is still green we can hold to. Please think about it. I will do my project of Edible Forest and try to save the world. We don't need money

I know exactly how you feel because I've also been thinking about this feeling for years!! I feel like there's more to life than just following what society portrays as normal.. Like going to school to get a good education, work a 9-5 job, drive a nice car, start a family, grow old, etc.

I want to live a life thats full filled with adventure shared with amazing people and to help people who are struggling with depression and anxiety. To get started I went on to search for what my interest/passion in life is! I pondered questions like, how can my passion have an impact on not only my life but on someone else's? I've also started excercising, adjusting my attitude, reflecting and facing my emotions instead of just burying them, removing toxic or negative people from my life, treating the people I do care for better and never take them for granted, reading a lot of self help books. and learning new things so that I can continue to grow physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.

I love art, music, the outdoors, adventure, space and astronomy, theories, science, simple things in life, and would love to meet like minded people like me! Its very hard to find someone who share all these things in common with. I have many people who I call a friend but I have never felt so alone. Maybe we can all meet up one day and get to know one another! Now that'll be something cool and something I look forward to in the future!

Good luck on your journey for meaning/purpose/truth,

I've always felt like I'm meant for something bigger too. I know you all know because obviously thats why we are all here. Most people. Ugh.... I just. I don't think I am better then anyone else and I've felt like this as long as I can remember, and I was never as big on nerd stuff until sixth grade. Sure I grew up with Tobey's Spider-Man and Harry Potter, but it never really...... It never really got me thinking that I should save the world. It's always when I'm spending to much time in my thoughts, just wondering why I'm alive and I get this weird feeling in my stomach, and I feel like I have to something, anything. I've looked up this topic before, and alot of people are very negative. They saw things about how that feeling is just you're brain thinking you above others, and that it's just the super awesome adventures that life has put into our head, but I don't believe that. I've always been pretty hypothetical and creative. I have always believed that there are people out to get me. Heck right now I feel as if someones watching me, but I'm not afraid of the government or anything. It's different then that. It annoys me when people don't get what I am trying to say, and when I do try to be myself, the way I am inside people don't notice. I can't tell my mom, or any family members because I don't feel like they would understand, and even my friends I'm not sure if they would get it. I feel like everyone who feels like this, I feel like we need to meet up. I feel like something big will happen, and we have to be there to stop it. I don't know..... It's outrageous and far-fetched, but almost everyone under this chat feels the same way I do, I just can't put it to words the way I hear it in my brain. My brain overwhelms me with thoughts, and that one thought is always there throwing itself at my skull. It's as if I know what I need to do, but at the same time I don't. Does any of what I said make sense? I would risk my life for anyone, I feel like everyone is good in heart, and I could never kill anyone. But I can't even explain the way that I feel everyday..... I don't know..... But I know that I will try to find people like me, because I can't stand the thought that I should be doing more and am not. Even though I can hardly talk to people in real life..... Does anything I said make any sense? I really don't know anymore.......

I know exactly how you feel because I've also been thinking about this feeling for years!! I feel like there's more to life than just following what society portrays as normal.. Like going to school to get a good education, work a 9-5 job, drive a nice car, start a family, grow old, etc.

I want to live a life thats full filled with adventure shared with amazing people and to help people who are struggling with depression and anxiety. To get started I went on to search for what my interest/passion in life is! I pondered questions like, how can my passion have an impact on not only my life but on someone else's? I've also started excercising, adjusting my attitude, reflecting and facing my emotions instead of just burying them, removing toxic or negative people from my life, treating the people I do care for better and never take them for granted, reading a lot of self help books. and learning new things so that I can continue to grow physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.

I love art, music, the outdoors, adventure, space and astronomy, theories, science, simple things in life, and would love to meet like minded people like me! Its very hard to find someone who share all these things in common with. I have many people who I call a friend but I have never felt so alone. Maybe we can all meet up one day and get to know one another! Now that'll be something cool and something I look forward to in the future!

Good luck on your journey for meaning/purpose/truth,

I have always felt that way. I just wonder "WHAT" it is I am destined to be or do.

It was nice to come across this message board. I am 30 years old and have fought this feeling my entire life. Sometimes to the point that it overwhelms me. I am meant for something more. I am meant to change to the world. I dont care if it is directly or indirectly. I tried to talk to others about this but no one understands. I have searched my whole life. I went into the military young. Got a law degree, went back to school to study astrophysics and now archaeology and nothing comes close to satisfying this gut feeling. I am in a sense glad that others feel this way but on the other hand I do not have any envy because it is a hard thing to deal with as you go through life. I hope anyone who reads this finds their answer and does not carry the same burden that I do.

I know exactly how you feel because I've also been thinking about this feeling for years!! I feel like there's more to life than just following what society portrays as normal.. Like going to school to get a good education, work a 9-5 job, drive a nice car, start a family, grow old, etc.

I want to live a life thats full filled with adventure shared with amazing people and to help people who are struggling with depression and anxiety. To get started I went on to search for what my interest/passion in life is! I pondered questions like, how can my passion have an impact on not only my life but on someone else's? I've also started excercising, adjusting my attitude, reflecting and facing my emotions instead of just burying them, removing toxic or negative people from my life, treating the people I do care for better and never take them for granted, reading a lot of self help books. and learning new things so that I can continue to grow physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.

I love art, music, the outdoors, adventure, space and astronomy, theories, science, simple things in life, and would love to meet like minded people like me! Its very hard to find someone who share all these things in common with. I have many people who I call a friend but I have never felt so alone. Maybe we can all meet up one day and get to know one another! Now that'll be something cool and something I look forward to in the future!

Good luck on your journey for meaning/purpose/truth,

It brings comfort to know that there are others out there who too feel this way. I feel like a member of the X-Men lol.

Sometimes you got to get the smaller things right in life

I have been searching the web for months now trying to find some answers into what i am going thru. I have this gut wrenching feeling that I need to change the world. I am a very flawed person with insecurities. Everything that i am doing in my life good and bad is never enough...I am missing something major....i started a not for profit org that helps the community but even that is not enough....

I know exactly how you feel because I've also been thinking about this feeling for years!! I feel like there's more to life than just following what society portrays as normal.. Like going to school to get a good education, work a 9-5 job, drive a nice car, start a family, grow old, etc.

I want to live a life thats full filled with adventure shared with amazing people and to help people who are struggling with depression and anxiety. To get started I went on to search for what my interest/passion in life is! I pondered questions like, how can my passion have an impact on not only my life but on someone else's? I've also started excercising, adjusting my attitude, reflecting and facing my emotions instead of just burying them, removing toxic or negative people from my life, treating the people I do care for better and never take them for granted, reading a lot of self help books. and learning new things so that I can continue to grow physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.

I love art, music, the outdoors, adventure, space and astronomy, theories, science, simple things in life, and would love to meet like minded people like me! Its very hard to find someone who share all these things in common with. I have many people who I call a friend but I have never felt so alone. Maybe we can all meet up one day and get to know one another! Now that'll be something cool and something I look forward to in the future!

Good luck on your journey for meaning/purpose/truth,

You're not alone. Me and this great friend I have, him I both feel that we were meant to save the universe. There are things bigger than us to conquer, we're small pawns in the big picture of everything.

I can't tell you the comfort it brings me to know someone else in the world feels the same way I do!! Thank you so much for sharing.

Has anyone here ever thought of genuinely putting on a suit and becoming some sort of vigilante? Going out and helping people and being a symbol against immorality that seems to fester in the world? I know it's all very American and a nerd fantasy but I'm from Great Britain and there isn't anything like that here and I feel like I can save the world or at least save people and being that symbol that people look to may help? I'm not sure, I'm soul searching at the moment, trying to find out what I want to do with my life and fulfill my purpose. I'm not insane or mentally unstable before people consider me some form of mad man or crazy person as I study psychology at a degree level and after debating my sanity for a few years over this I have concluded I have no symptoms of any of the psychologically unstable or unhinged disorders that can give people delusions of grandeur. If anyone has thought of being a hero please don't sit in the dark and feel alone with your thoughts

I know exactly how you feel because I've also been thinking about this feeling for years!! I feel like there's more to life than just following what society portrays as normal.. Like going to school to get a good education, work a 9-5 job, drive a nice car, start a family, grow old, etc.

I want to live a life thats full filled with adventure shared with amazing people and to help people who are struggling with depression and anxiety. To get started I went on to search for what my interest/passion in life is! I pondered questions like, how can my passion have an impact on not only my life but on someone else's? I've also started excercising, adjusting my attitude, reflecting and facing my emotions instead of just burying them, removing toxic or negative people from my life, treating the people I do care for better and never take them for granted, reading a lot of self help books. and learning new things so that I can continue to grow physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.

I love art, music, the outdoors, adventure, space and astronomy, theories, science, simple things in life, and would love to meet like minded people like me! Its very hard to find someone who share all these things in common with. I have many people who I call a friend but I have never felt so alone. Maybe we can all meet up one day and get to know one another! Now that'll be something cool and something I look forward to in the future!

Good luck on your journey for meaning/purpose/truth,

I have felt since I was about 12 that I had a purpose but I didn't know what it was or where it had come from. I was very science minded and at that age scoffed at the idea of religion after things I had gone through I couldn't understand why an all loving and all powerful God would let anyone go through such things. I realised with time that my purpose was to save or help someone or some people. I had done it throughout my life without taking much notice of it and thinking what I did wasn't important but I did it because it was right. Everything I have gone through has helped me be the man I am today and I think I am going down a road to be the person I need to be to fulfill my destiny. Right now I don't know if this purpose comes from my own subconscious, helping me deal with life, from the Universe or from a deity. I feel lost but at long last, of looking through the internet for years and posting a few things about how I felt I have found someone who feels the same as me. I don't want you to feel alone with this burden as you are not the only one to carry one

I have always felt like that. I'm definitely glad knowing I'm not alone!! I always wanted to see if anyone else felt this way but I was sure I was just differentially alone. People say I'm smart and I do excel at most things but they just all seem so easy. I get bored working meaningless jobs so quickly but its just because I feel like I'm not doing what I'm meant to do. When I see trees cut down or other environmental issues it really pains me. It makes me feel sad for this planet and what we've done to it. I'm 23 and have always been different. I care too much and I see the good in all because when I was at the darkest moments of my life I had good people who didn't give up on me even when I wasnt a good person. I want to change the world. The world needs change. The world needs heroes.

You are meant for something more. It will all unfold as it should. Greatness will come as you envision and feel it. Embrace it with all of your being. In time your dreams will become your life. You will have made a difference in the lives of many and your deeds will echo throughout time.

We are all apart of a great generation that will light up the world like never seen before.

I am shocked that I have come across this post as I can relate to almost everything I have read. I feel so happy that I am not alone in my feelings, but it does make me wonder if there is some sort of scientifical explanation for the way we feel.

I am a 16 year old girl from London, England. I have had the feeling that I am here to do something different, something special since the age of 12/13. I am told that I am 'exceptionally intelligent', and I know I excel in most things I do particularly science. However, I have always felt somewhat different. I have many friends but I know I am not the same as them. I feel like I am here to do something great but I do not know what it is. I have trouble choosing a career as I know that a 9-5 job would not fulfil me and is not what I am here to do. Additionally, I know this sounds extremely strange but I have the ability to push heat through my body and sometimes it feels like outside my body with my mind?!

I do not know what good this will do but the discovery of this thread excited me so much I felt like I had to share my story!

I know exactly how you feel because I've also been thinking about this feeling for years!! I feel like there's more to life than just following what society portrays as normal.. Like going to school to get a good education, work a 9-5 job, drive a nice car, start a family, grow old, etc.

I want to live a life thats full filled with adventure shared with amazing people and to help people who are struggling with depression and anxiety. To get started I went on to search for what my interest/passion in life is! I pondered questions like, how can my passion have an impact on not only my life but on someone else's? I've also started excercising, adjusting my attitude, reflecting and facing my emotions instead of just burying them, removing toxic or negative people from my life, treating the people I do care for better and never take them for granted, reading a lot of self help books. and learning new things so that I can continue to grow physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.

I love art, music, the outdoors, adventure, space and astronomy, theories, science, simple things in life, and would love to meet like minded people like me! Its very hard to find someone who share all these things in common with. I have many people who I call a friend but I have never felt so alone. Maybe we can all meet up one day and get to know one another! Now that'll be something cool and something I look forward to in the future!

Good luck on your journey for meaning/purpose/truth,

Are you my soulmate?

Possibly :)

I think I know of the void of which you speak and have suffered myself over the years, but now as I get older and wiser I draw my own conclusions..

In the Western world we are victims.. victims of the myriad of fanciful tales of fiction given to us by the entertainment industry, and we have become drugged by the allure of celebrity culture and the money, sex and worship that is supposed to come with it. Has it ever occurred to you that the frankly unrealistic stories of adventure and wonder given to us by Disney and the like whilst growing up, might have had a profound affect upon our psyche?

This has surely left us with a thirst for more out of life? Very, very few, may chance upon it or achieve great things through serious hard work and dedication, but for most it is a case of getting our heads out of the clouds and realising that we are but animals and raising a family, protecting them and experiencing love is our purpose in life. Above all else, whatever successes, tragedies or pains we endure in this life are totally insignificant as to what awaits us upon our passing to the next realm. If you want to make the most from your life then give praise to God, try to follow Jesus' example and encourage others to do likewise, then you will have fulfilled the most out of this life, everything else has little significance in my opinion.

Ask yourself, 'what if every other person in the world was the SAME as me.. would the world be a better place if so?' Would the world be a better place if we were all backpacking around as tourists peering into the few genuine family communities that remained? 'Would the world be better if we were all high as kites and drunk as skunks?' I don't think so.. someone's got to plant the seed and harvest the food, oh wait.. but not you right? These things are fun to do and experience, but don't assume you will feel fulfilled at the end of it all because believe me the void will still be there.

I want you to be wrong but I'm really not sure

Im 17 years old and i've been having that feeling of being meant to be great since i was around 12. I get anxious, because i know im meant to change the world but dont know how....i dont really know what is that i have to do...i look back at my life and i feel as if I've wasted my life in doing nothing important and it makes me kind of angry. I know im different, my teachers always say that im extremely intellectual, and i always have this ambition of doing great things...even what people call the impossible. I really hope we all can find what is our purpouse in life because we know that all of us here are special and we are not meant to be ordinary. (Pardon my bad grammar, english is not my first language)

I am also 13 and sometimes have dreams that later come true at some point either is a week a month or a few months every now and then I get these dreams. It's weared

I feel the same way but different I feel as if I was meant for something more than my life I feel a conection to a lot of things but you are the first person I have told this

How do I find "meant for something more" on facebook? its not coming up for me unfortunately the only thing coming up is "I thought your words meant something more" I too am having theses feelings and I feel like I am on the edge of going "crazy" they are sooo strong.... not cool. I mean I like that I feel like I am meant for something more but not the feeling like I am going to go crazy.

Hi, i ran across this site a year ago and came back to it since the feeling got stronger. i don't do well in large groups of people, like in school im rather awkward and shy and i honestly almost get dizzy and everything seems glazed over but when with one or two people i can talk to them on a personal level and i see things more clearly. my senses get stronger and i seem to be more alert at night. i am very interested in space and i want to know the truth about what we are. i'm 16 from south carolina and have felt lost for so long and like i dont belong here. thanks for posting all the previous things, it's nice to see that some others are like me!

I'm not entierly sure why I feel the way that I do. I've never branched out to anyone about this before as I feel like they wouldn't care/think I'm being rediculous. Am contimplating getting a Past Life Reading to find out why I feel the way many of you feel also. I've heard souls are very old and can reflect on present life, for example if you are terrified of the ocean and unsure why, you could possibly have drowned or what-have-you in a past life. I think this may be a good place to start for me personally as I can't figure out where I'm going. Right now I feel like I'm drifting through life. I'm sure that I am meant for something greater but again I don't know what.. I can't understand how poeple are content working 9-5 jobs with a house and children etc for as long as they live. Is that it? Is there nothing more than that? That life doesn't sound like the path I am supposed to go down. So I am going to start with a Past Life Reading that may put a few things into perspective about myself and why I feel this way. Has anyone else tried this before??


The pyramids were lined with crystal. They were beautiful and white. Dazzling in every direction. The bible has dimensions of a heavenly place, the dimensions create a pyramid. The bible is a document. A book of documents scattered around the world. The bible also teaches that angels retaliated and went against god and came to earth for the women.

They may be angels but they were not invincible. They were tall, strong, and most of all very convincing. They came to earth, rejected from heaven due to their own choices. They came in what we would call a space craft. The bible also teaches this in Ezekiel. If you wish to leave the bible out of this, then look towards the writings in Egypt. This can be found all over the Internet.

If you wish to exclude Egyptian writing, then look for paintings that are over 6, 7, 8 hundred years old that include jesus, or Mary, or trading areas in jesus' time that include UFO's. Back the the main topic, once these fallen angels came to earth in a spacecraft, they were automatically viewed as gods by the people. Let me get one thing straight. The ones who built the pyramids were not slaves. They were not forced to do anything.

They did it out of love for their "gods", the writings within the pyramids show this. These angels defended those who loved them, and took care of them as well. Proof is when a person died, they were buried with respect, gold, jewelry, nice clothes and so on. These angels grew to miss heaven. Crave it actually, so much that they had little pieces of heaven built on earth (the pyramids). They never left. They have been here this entire time.

They had children who had children and so on. They made a promise in their final days. They understood there was no redemption for themselves, so a small group of them were against the rest who had fully turned their back on god. This small group wanted to do good. They wanted to feel loved. They begged god to protect their children from the flood.

They promised to go down without a fight. And so they all died, the good ones and the bad ones. But their children live on so that one day, when they end is near, the angels blood will awaken within in them enabling them to ensure that fallen angels or demons may never rule again. That's the truth. So these kids, teens, adults who are from the ancient bloodline, feel different from others, they feel like there is more to life.

They feel as if they are capable of the incredible but their bodies hold them back. You have strange dreams, feel invincible, you feel alienated, you feel as if you were sent here to save the world. Laugh it off, think its impossible, but if this is you, you will believe me. You will understand. You have a purpose in life beyond anyone's comprehension.

Unsure if it really has anything to do with what you are saying, but when I read 'crystal pyramids' you immediately had my attention as just last week I came across this article.


The second part that caught my eye was how you tell about the bible's belief of the fallen angels. I did some research on that topic last week too.
I'm not religious but I found it a very interesting read and find it very coincidental that I read this today after becoming engulfed in researching it last week.
Thank you for the insight.


I don't know what to think about this. It's outrageous but I'm not laughing. I want to believe it but at that the same time I don't. Where did you hear this from?
-Captain Brie

This has been my perspective about life since I was aware of my thinking, and my terminology of it now is simply stated as "going against the grain", I know I have a purpose in life that I haven't fullfilled just yet. It something positive and great I just don't know what.

I dont know I feel the same but im starting to completely lose hope. Like maybe it's just in my head. i feel the world's against me in what im trying to do and Im starting to feel whatever important purpose i have is all bullshit. i should probably settle for mediocrity

I have felt this way for 17 years and you just said exactly what I have been feeling!

The dreams and feeling like everyone else has a destiny that is diffent than yours.!
I feel like I can't fit in anywhere and I feel like there is a purpose to it all. I really feel like it has something to do with the world around me and I have a unique part to play in it all. Please tell me I you agree?

Whilst these are some lovely posts, I do note that what everyone has in common is youth. It is a very special time, filled with feelings of invincibility and possibility. According to Freud, yor ego is just learning how to balance your ID with your super-ego, which is a very normal process. I also had feelings like this when I was younger, along with most of my friends. However most people I know now (in our 30s) have evolved past this preoccupation into a deeper understanding; that there is simply no greater purpose than breathing in and breathing out in the present moment. That is the miracle you came for.

I respectfully disagree. There is more to life than your own breath - we are here to share our gifts to help others. I resent the idea that the feeling of a greater purpose is an unwise, immature one. People become involved, jaded, weary. Many of the people who changed the world did not give up their passion. Meditation and seeking enlightenment is important but in my opinion, life is about bettering yourself AND changing the world. Namaste.

There is very literally, nothing more to life than your own breath.

Like many of the posts on here, I've grown up feeling so strongly pulled to being a world changer. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by my feeling that all I've ever done doesn't matter. I feel guilty all the time that I'm not helping the world more. I strongly believe in helping the poor and trying to help everyone in the world live a happy healthy life. I believe so strongly that my purpose is to be a singer and its something I've felt called to do since I was four years old, but even at that young age the fame and the money are just things I wanted to use to help my plight for world betterment. Everytime I perform I have this overwhelming sense that this what I am meant to do, but it seems so many times doors shut and no new ones open. I honestly don't feel better or higher than everyone else, but not gonna lie, I do feel like I see the world on such a different intellectual and spiritual field than everyone else. I feel so often that no one understands and that I'll always be alone. I do have friends that I talk to about this and they understand pretty well, but I've learned life is a journey and we are all made to walk it mentally alone. I guess something that has helped me is trying to live according to my beliefs. I am a huge animal lover so I became vegan because I don't agree with the treatment of the animals. I take the stairs because its better for the environment. Even though these are small things, they help me deal a little better by letting me know that I helped in a small way. So far on my journey I haven't helped in a large way, but I think that will come. We have to each live the best we can and live how we believe without hiding it, because hiding your true passions and feelings only hurts you in the end. Yeah, people will look at you weird and try to talk you out of it if you say, "Hey, I feel drawn to help in the middle east." but you have to live for yourself. That's the first step.

I feel the same as you bbalnquen lol I just got your name anyways. What is your guys sign? I'm an aquarius and im wondering if the majority of you guys are too. Your story just seems like an aqusrian thing to say because of all the stuff foing on in the world. Its been three years since yoy posted this please contact me i would love to talk im going to like your facebook page. Maybe there is something we can do we just need to piece it together.

You've gone one more. I'm Aquarius.

No offense, but astrology is horseshit and has no scientific backing. For your information, there are actually thirteen zodiacs, not twelve like most people believe. This throws everything out of "balance", if there ever was one to begin with.

Don't take my word for it, read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ophiuchus_(astrology)

Inform yourselves, don't remain ignorant.

Astrology is not meant to be scientific as in true through the scientific method. It is a tool to achieve deeper understanding of yourself and others. It is not a list of facts but an interpretive guide.

Astrology is older than all of the world's religions and was seen as fact, something everyone lived by. If you truly study it and do not view it as true or false but possible leads, you will learn so much.

It is a framework and honestly, it could be largely false. But the way is orient my mind and gets me to look at the layers in people with some sort of reference to look back on has significantly increased my compassion, intuition, connectedness, and understanding. I keep my mind as open as possible and refrain from rejecting ideas. Anything is possible, consider the potential before dismissing at the first sign of imprfectness.

Fyi I am a Taurus with a Pisces moon. Venus in Taurus, Mercury in Gemini

Sorry for all the typos I'm on my phone.

Towards the bottom of the article: Ophiuchus is one of thirteen constellations that cross the ecliptic.[17] It has therefore been called the '13th sign of the zodiac'.

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gosh I hate being so typical.. >_<
let's try again..ehm

it's not really my style to ever talk like that and share my thoughts to a group of strangers on a webpage I'll probably forget it's title 5 seconds later..but what have I got to loose, so..

I'm obviously here because of the same "topic" but from what I've read so far guys, you are controlling this much better than me..I mean, I'm practically sitting there waiting for something to happen cause I really hate this..not my life..just..how I'm living..I mean I'm thankful and everything but I'm not happy I know I'm meant for greatness..maybe not but, I'm not just keeping it a thought it's more of a belief to me, I'm counting on it..I feel like in order for such thing to happen I'm gonna have to pay for it one way or another, like I'm gonna save Earth at some point..which I know ridiculous of a thought I can't even save my future..my point..oh wait what's my point?!

Damn it, so I guess you got to know a huge part of me..through this chat/thought share thingy..

I'm 18 almost 19
I'm soooo moody
I'm NOT bipolar..I guess but I feel like having multi-personalities or moods that take over REAAALLY good every now and then,
I've always been been that nerd person since I was 4-5 till I grew enough to study for myself knowing who I really am..which is a person who REALLy hates studying..like REALLY hate it, I know we all do but I'm talking EXTREME hate..if it were a person I might've thought of killing it..not really I don't kill people but I just really hate it, and that's kind of personal bec. in my country education is stupid..words can't describe it,

I somewhat hate who I am for many reasons I don't feel like getting married for various reasons one of them is that I don't wanna bring someone to life and make him suffer like I did..I also don't feel like getting married bec. I don't think I'd make a normal husband or human being for my weird thoughts, I'm glad there're peeps like me..but even you guys seem to take it better which leaves a great deal of my..idiocy to me just being me >_<

yeah yeah, I keep holding on to how all the great inventors and stuff were thought of dumm at first...I'm not really dumm in real life I'm not dumm at all, I actually have a high IQ that I don't remember for having this memory problem that I forget real fast sometimes..it's a thing that needs medicine that I'm supposed to finish taking after I did for 2 years which means I'll stop taking this next Jan..but for some reason I started forgeting ALOT lately it's not Amnesia..it's the faster version I forget things like..go grab a pen..I walk out...why the hell did I get here...*walks back in..*

also, I...I'm out of words for now..thanks for wasting you time,

BTW If you're trying to figure who I'm closest to, it's the guy with the topic he's the closest person to my case literary he practically wrote everything I felt exactly...which is somewhere between creepy and disappointing..U see if I was the only one..maybe I was ment for greatness..but seems that alot of people are more worthy of it... 8[


Wos it is 1:00am and I was trying to find anyone who felt like this. I can't thank you all enough for just putting your feelings out here. I have been feeling like this since a was about 4yrs old and one of my moms therapist said that my thoughts were not very healthy. I guess meaning that I was losing it :/ How can a 4yr old be so mentally ill as they were trying to say. Anyway I'm so glad that you were able to put this into words. I have trouble expressing myself and did not know how to put my feeling into words but you hit it right on the spot. I don't feel I'm better than anyone else at all, I just feel that there is something else other than this body of mine and that I have been chosen for something greatersomething very important to us or for God. I'm a Christ follower so of coarse I pray for answers but I have not gotten one yet. I'm not giving up. There has to be a reason why we feel like this, it is impossible for so many of us to feel this and not be something real. I do not speak about this to anyone but something really great happened to me a couple of years ago with my youngest daughter, she shared the same thoughts with me and asked me if she was going crazy! Wow this was a challenge for me to answer her because she is a child and I still don't have the answer. There has to be an explanation out there for us. I keep praying and I know that God has given us this feeling for a reason that we don't know but we will fing out as His timing. Thank you all for your support and for being so opened minded!!!! God bless you all :)

Like most people here, I can't help but completely agree.
I am 27, only just turned of age. Since graduating high school I've had a stable job. I did the "responsible thing" which I think is unlike most dreamers I know.. I used my strengths to graduate university, maintained a steady income throughout, did everything ingrained in me from my parents and family life. They are proud of me, and I know that, but I've known for years that it's not what will make me happy. I'm sure the day my life turned this direction I already knew but did nothing to stop it.

My mood is very flat most of the time, I am not surprised or fulfilled easily, almost like everything is expected. I think i'm in search of something more than I have or know is possible. I'm afraid to admit how scared I am of finding things out which are outside of my world/reality/bubble, but feel as if the lack of discovery will lead to a dissatisfying life. I need more than what I have or even know other people have. The physical and material world feels so depressingly constricted. Even "leaving your mark" is only a finite point in time and space, a moment which becomes overshadowed by the sheer volume of others.

What one can accomplish feels so small in this world. The world is geographically huge but it feels as people we work on a much smaller scale. I intend on traveling soon, hoping that I find my inspiration within the human race, driven by whatever cultures I interact with... I'm really just hoping that my mind is broadened enough to dull the desire for more and be satisfied with the world we all live in.

Through the last few years I have realised that I'm a victim of entertainment. I am not a movie fan as such, I can't name an actor/actress or list a top ten. I get very drawn into fiction, their ideals and aspirations, the adventure and purpose. I almost copy thought patterns as if "what would they do" situations, which leads me a little deflated when I realise the difference between.

The element gluing each fictional tale together is often love, something I don't know if I'm capable of entirely. Not at this stage. Maybe I'm just deflecting that desire into other aspects.

I'm sure that I'm currently searching for answers of unknown questions, but underlying it all is the overwhelming feeling that I'm meant for more.

I really hope that even if you may not find the answers who might be searching for, that you all don;t forget the reasons that led you here in the first place. Time is a tricky thing, but as long as we have it, anything can happen.

I enjoyed reading this as well as many of the responses here. It is heart warming to hear the stories of many peoples' journey and feelings so far. I have my own similar reason for coming across this site, but something in me says I shouldn't tell it. I wonder if anyone here has a special talent.

I encourage everyone here to believe in yourselves and never forget the passion you have right now. I don't know any of you, but am glad that I found a place where the potential of greatness is high. Hopefully everyone here accomplishes what they were meant to do and this world becomes better for the future. Take care everyone and remember that you aren't alone.

Hey its me again. So like I said I'm only 15 almost 16. Recently I began to feel so strongly that I am meant to do great thongs that it almost hurts. I stay up at night sitting in backyard thinking about what it could be and were these feelings came from. I have friends and I do good in school and I'm always flitting with some girl but when I step back and look at it these things should make me happy but they cony they just feel so generic, like theyre unimportant moments. I feel so misunderstood by everyone like they just don't understand me or my feelings. I have no idea what I want to do when I get older. I don't care about money. Truly deep down I know ill do great things but being a lawyer or doctor don't satisfy me. I know I'm not any better than anyone else but I just feel so strongly that I have a purpose like out of every living being in the universe I was one of the few chosen for a purpose. I can feel it tugging at my heart mind and soul like its just waiting to burst out. My feelings are like a river, Never subsiding always rushing in, no holding back, always there and stronger than ever. Its like I MUST find my true purpose.
People are always so concerned about materialistic things like there phones and clothes and just stupid stuff. My parents tell me that I'm cavelier and don't care about anything, the truth is I do care I care a lot just not about such juvenile things. Its not a big deal. What I care about is the earth, the people dying in wars and of disease, the ppl in poverty, these are true problems. And one thing I care about so much is finding my purpose. I feel as if no one could possibly understand me except maybe you guys. I felt so alone, the only time I truly felt myself and understood was when I am outside alone just looking at the sky laying on the ground close to mother earth. Even then though these feelings continue to bombard me. I am so glad so many of you feel the same way.
the only things I truly want to do are travel and see the world enjoy life to its greatest extent truly live and truly find my purpose in this. I don't know how are why but being on here reading these comments hearing all of your thoughts I believe somehow we are connected all of us destined to do good in the work and to put our mark on the world. I don't want to sound vain at all that's not what I'm trying to sound like, and I feel like that's how others interpret my feelings but I just know I will leave my mark on history we all will.
Just so you guys can get an idea of who I am here's a little bit about me. I am 15 ill be 16 in a few months. I love to read id rather pick up a book than watch Tv. I am in ap classes and love history its my favorite. I don't know why but I feel a deep connection to history that's why I love it so much. I live in Wyoming. Even though ive never been I love the sea and feel like its part of me. I love to practice martial arts I did them before but I stopped no I'm starting tae kwondo. I love philosophy and theology. I could talk about them all the time. I love having fun. I'm 5'9" with dark brown Kinda curly hair and blue green eyes.
I don't know why but I get anxious a lot like something is about to happen and its getting stronger so are my feelings about my purpose. Please comment I want to hear from everyone who feels like me. I am meant for more.

Thanks for sharing your passionate feelings. All I can say is that I felt similar ideas as you may be carrying back when I was younger as well. The system of this world seems to have its protocols, but just try not to forget who you are and what you are probably meant to be and do. I feel if you don't forget this, you will never disappoint yourself.

I am 15 and i feel the same way all the time. At lunch I sit at the table looking around at this world we live in, watching everyone with there new phones, shoes or whatever. I will tell you right now I despise politics. I live my life by a set ethos. I believe that there is something greater for me or us to achieve. Something that is right. Although many people do not like this, I am not against war. I believe that there will always be resistance. Unless we have major life changing events in our future, my chosen career path will be a Navy SEAL. I have been training for it for many years now and it is one of the few things on my mind all the time. What do you think of my views?

As i read this i could not fight the tears. Its feels so amazing to see others feel the same way.

My whole life ive felt like im ment to do or be something great! Im a dreamer, im pationate about thing people seem to over look. The world to me is so remarkable and it seems like a lot of people just see Sports, Money, Sex and Materialistic items. Since i was little i just knew that i was in this world to make a difference. I get this feeling inside that i cant explain..i just know deep down im here for something great..we all are but some people never reconize it. I write a lot because i feel like im so missunderstood. Im in a relationship right now that is going down the drain..he dosent understand me and we are totally different..all he cares about is money and cars and nice things, and i dont get it, to me in life there is so much more. Im heart and soul are aching to find my purpose and to be who i am supposed to be and do what im supposed to be. A quote i always say is "i feel like there is so much more to life than this". As i type this nothing that im writing comes close to how i really feel because for me its unexplainable. I feel like im in the worng place, i feel like im not doing what i should be doing. My heart is longing for something i havent found yet, dont get me wrong there are things i am happy about like my daughter she is my angel,heart,soul my everything..but there just seems like something else is missing. I have been told my whole life "Your going to do great things in your life". I just want to know what it is!? I feel so lost sometimes, when i express myself i feel like no one ever gets it! I have had a couple of terrible things happen to me that i dont think are just coincidence. Im so happy to find this page..thanks for letting me vent

Only time can tell what and when a purpose may present itself in front of you. As long as we still have the time, it still can happen.

what you feel is a chance. its up to you to roll the dice. we are defined by our awareness of this reality not the other way around.

what i know and think are different things, but then again that is part of being human the freedom to choose is both a curse and a gift without it we are but ash.

flow into the well of life and you just might find its depths...

i feel like i meant to fight, fight for something important, a great cause. i know i am. i fee like i was chosen.

So I am 15 years old and I have had this feeling to as long as I can remember. I am from Wyoming. I have always done good in school always surpassing expectation always surprising my teachers. I love martial arts and did them for a while. I am pretty fit and I feel like it is so important for me to always be in peak mental and physical condition. I feel so strongly that I'm meant to do amazing things one day. Me and others we will be part of a very important event in history. I do not feel better than anyone I know I'm not I'm not trying to be conceited or vain I don't have feelings of grandeur and I know I am above no one. But I cant get rid of the feeling that I am one of the people chosen to be part of this......this something. I recently found myself having a very strong connection to the earth and sea. I feel like I'm part of them. I also have an amazingly strong connection to ancient history. Can any one connect? Am I alone?

me too i feel the same way. all my life since was a little girl i always wanted to be like xena from the show i remember that my dad used the stick from a brom and make like a sword. id be always palying like her saving people fighting form my life and others. and i feel it like is spiritual too. dont know why but im never been interested in school or any oother career. always wanted to be a hero. i remember a part where i read form the bible that god was gonna chose 4oooo i think to help him fight the demos after the end and the rest was going to put them in paradise. so im hopin sounds crazy but im hoping that im going to be one oof those who fights with the demos. always have a feeling that im gonna be soemone like that. saving people my way and with the hepl of god. im trying to train to do that. and hopefully it comes real.

I hope your dreams come true as well. Your story inspires me.

awwn thank you for believe in me. i will make sure it does :)

i feel the same way, i've been having these thoughts... that angels were going to reunite once more, when the day is near.. i always feel like i'm going to transform to an angel to fight a war... when i walk to the park, store, drive, etc... i see something other than what i see, i picture in my head about me fighting on those areas, i feel some superioty over others... like i cant be stop, this feeling is growing. i use to fear horror movies with demonds and ghost, now i dont fear them, i actually look forward to see these demonds, in sense of preperation.... i feel like im more than what i am. and now i see this, and the people that feel this way...

hi there. <br />
i have felt the same way since i was 5/6 years old. im now 30 and this feeling just keeps getting stronger and stronger. <br />
its hard to explain it can go from a dream, to feeling somethings missing like i should be elsewhere or doing something about it, like somethings stopping me. sometimes when this feeling gets strong i get a weird buzz in my arms as to almost say just remember and do it.<br />
<br />
theres no point writing anything else as everyone else seems to have the same feelings. <br />
this is quite strange. <br />
<br />
any ideas,

I have the family name Gavino in my genes. Considering it isn't the most common surname, I enjoy hearing a story from someone with that name in their username. I hope whatever greatness you were meant for becomes realized.

Hi all,<br />
I am Andreea, 21 and currently living in Ireland. I am really happy to see there are people who feel same like me.<br />
I do share same feeling as all of you. My personality is quiet, shy and always trying to be friendly with everybody. I think I am the type of introverted person but I love making friends although somehow I don't really succeed in making friends. From long time I always felt inside me that my role in this life must be something great. This feeling for me is more like spiritual, I feel that something big will happen soon. I always look up on the skies like I expect something to come out from there...I also have this difficulty about pursuing a career , I can't make up my mind what degree I should pursue or what I want to become.I studied software programing for one year then I dropped off cuz I felt it wasn't for me, I took a year off and now I decided to go bk and study business...I feel kinda lost sometimes like if there is an emptiness and I am meant for something different.<br />
I dunno what exactly is this feeling but I just don't like the way of people living on this earth, i believe we are great beings we should live in harmony. I believe there is God, although I am not good Christian ,I think we are spiritual beings and we should acknowledge that there is something of much greatness beyond this life...

Thank you for sharing your experiences. I enjoyed reading them and I hope you find the great thing you were meant to do.

I'm only sixteen and i get that tug i don't know where it comes from and at first i thought it was just me being crazy but i have never found anyone that could really relate until now, i feel incomplete and it burns inside me, i am always drifting off into deep thought and i can't even piece together half the thoughts racing through my mind or the intense heat i feel in my body afterwards and other times when i drifted off to that place i don't know what happens but i end up excelling dramatically at the goal i have set for myself at that moment and sometimes its good and other times its not like my dad and i will be wrestling and i dont work out as much as him or anything and all of a sudden i will be overpowering him like if he was a twig and it worries me when i lose it like that because i dont realise how bad i get and how i become a completely different person and i know this has something to do with that longing feeling and i cant explain why

I am thankful to be able to hear your story. Something that comes across my mind while I read your response is about the strength in restraint. I do hope you find what completes you and that greatness is in your future.

21 years old, female, Sweden. I read some comments and for a second I couldn't help but think that maybe we all have some sort of mental illness. But then I remember my younger days, when I was 9-10 years old. I would stare out my window, look up to the sky and feel this intensely strong feeling that I am still feeling right now, this intuitive feeling of purpose and direction. I need to do something great, I need to be great, to be strong for others, I need to help others in need. I honestly can say that my heart's never at ease, my mind is never at ease, not when I see people everywhere suffer. I can't enjoy my own life because I feel like I don't deserve it, because I don't have the right to be happy or indulge in these banal things that everybody else is doing. How can I, when I know there are people out there, dying of hunger, from wars, from diseases. <br />
I don't know, this feeling of justice and wanting every human being to be happy is kind of tricky, as much as I find it beautiful in other people, I can't help but think that maybe it's just me, wanting to play God, wanting to be special. I need to question myself and stay humble because my desire to do great things and my sense of direction can easily be confused with hubris. <br />
<br />
maybe that's the thing, maybe it takes madness, arrogance and determination to become great.

We probably all do have some sort of mental illness, but who are we to decide what is an illness and what is not. That in itself seems like playing God. Honestly, i do understand where you are coming from. This whole idea of feeling like we are meant to do big things seems mad, but also did the idea of walking on the moon. Thank you for sharing your story. It actually means a lot to me hearing it. I don't know a better way to end the sufferings of the world, but at least for the time being, there are little things we all can do to help make a person's life a little better.

There is more, if you feel your'e meant for greatness, it shows you have a greater desire to be great. Find what it is you want to be great at, and pursue it. To many humanity is seen as just another species, but humanity is knowledge, spirituality, and the desire to be more. We are in an age where these things are taking precedence in our lives, an age where these things will be needed to continue humanity down the path we've defined for ourselves. I see a humanity united as a species, not divided by race, a humanity that knows what it is to be human, a humanity that wants to be the best it can. All of this can help forge a future that i can only imagine, a future of peace and prosperity. It takes the prevalence of the few to make this happen, and if we decide to live our lives to no importance whatsoever, then we can never be enlightened. I am a future scientist, and I am ready to rise up.

It still amazes me how a species like mankind is able to become this self aware and in adjacent regions of space, there isn't another planet we know of that houses a similar species.

Ive just stumbled across this page, and I am 30. The thoughts and feelings shared on this page are similar to my own. Ive always seen myself being something more, and my friends use to see it in me as well. At one point, in my early 20's, a friend of mine sat me down.<br />
He looked me directly in the eye and said, "I see in you greatness that I have never seen before. Now whether that will lead you to being famous or infamous, It still excites me to see what you can do."<br />
But with the constant ebb and flow of thought through my mind, the feeling of the breeze between my fingertips as the world spins, that feeling that my feet should never be firmly planted, and the restlessness of my own spirit, I have not found that path. It seems many here are the same, in their own way. <br />
I have accomplished much in my life, but that feeling lingers still.<br />
Im sure one day we will all find the answer.

As long as time is still available, the probability that an answer may show up still lingers. I feel that the belief in greatness becomes a catalyst in its own for greatness itself. Anything can happen. Only time can tell.

And im a libra ive heard we are Destiny for greatness

We probably are. Nothing says we aren't.

My name is semaj and I dunno why but I always feel a if im gonna b something great <br />
<br />
Recently I have been introduced to this talent company called Cnto production <br />
<br />
See I sing, dance, write musi, and I have takin acting classes so I knew I had something and the Agency wants me to send them an audition of my talent but im soooo scared that I will screw it up <br />
<br />
I mean the CEO of it absolutely loves me but I dont wanna get in because of my appeal HELP!!!

My name is Mike Greenberger<br />
<br />
I am the same way, and I will remain that way for the path I walk was visualized and if I do not achieve it, I will fall. Sounds crazy to everyone who does not believe in god or believe in our motives, we are the ones that will stand together. Don't think, know. Don't doubt, know. Know the goal opens the path, and faith, belief, and knowing that goal will make the walk a small part. What we do when we get there is was defines our legends, and few of us are born with this and many fail at it due to others and drugs. I lost my faith in it 4 years ago, and fell to drugs. I just got out of rehab and regained my faith and within myself it is stronger than ever. <br />
<br />
Reinforce me by answering this, when a moment that defines a legend in a movie comes up, do you sit up in your seat? <br />
<br />
When they succeed, do others around you consider it just a movie?<br />
<br />
Does it bring tears to your eyes when they happen?<br />
<br />
The law of attraction calls out to legends in this world and it is belief in our purpose that will guide us there, I'm grateful to know that I am not alone and more than likely, we will all meet on the brink of this belief and become legendary.<br />
<br />
I believe in myself, I believe I'm a legend, I know I will succeed, and I believe and know you all will to if you feel the same.<br />
<br />
A legend is defined by 1 man which is why others can't fathom what we say, however they respect us willingly for we vibrate differently. Our strength and ability to overpower them socially is unwavering, therefore we must be humble to not shake their path. <br />
<br />
We are defined by what we know, and the path is a spread of visions that comes after the thought "Im a legend" happens in our head. Therefore to get there we must follow the path right after that thought, and be grateful to be called upon by god in such a way.<br />
<br />
All of you can relate to everything I said or you would not be reading this, good luck to the ones who are "called" like myself.<br />
<br />
And remember if we lose that we lose our purpose and it took me to hell before I realized that, the path getting back to where we are is difficult and uncontrollable yet do-able. <br />
<br />
We are legends, we believe....I am a legend, and I believe.<br />
<br />
I am 21, and my normal self is back, oddly enough I also felt this way since I was 12.......people this is not a random event we are all here talking.....this was meant to be...I'm sure we will all meet one day on the brink of something great....

I'm glad you found yourself again.

I feel exactly the same way...I just don't know what it is...but I know it's out there, and I'll spend my entire life looking for it

I hope you find it. As long as you still are looking, it still has a chance to be found.

I bed most if not all of you are Capricorns .As I continue to discover the evil in this world, within our nation alone, I've realized that this is not where humanity is supposed to be. I do think too deeply, and I question everything. You people are my generation, we are strong minded and emotionally connected with the world around us. After visiting this page I've come to a conclusion that one day maybe, we'll take our world back, we'll undo the damage that that our parents and parents before them have caused. We do not feel in place because we're not! WE ARE MEANT FOR SOMETHING MORE, WE ARE MEANT TO STAND TOGETHER UNITED AS THE YOUNG GENERATION WHO WINS OUR HUMANITY BACK..

As long as we still remain human, our humanity can be saved.

If you believe you will do big things, you will do big things. Anybody who has hope lacks faith. What you see the masses do. Stay away. Avoid conformity at all costs. <br /><br />
Risk Takers are the Big Makers. innovators over Statisticians.<br /><br />
Me. I'm that ************ up at the front clear cutting a way through the unknown. (Everybody else wants what's known.) They have no choice but to follow me.<br /><br />
It makes me happy to make other people happy. It pleases me to please others. I will produce more than I consume. I will lead by example. I will lead using wisdom. I will always Learn and learn and learn.<br /><br />
I will!<br /><br />
Learn to love the struggle and everything will be easy. Learn to love the pain and everything will be pleasurable. Learn to love boredom. Nothing will be boring!<br /><br />
Learn to love Failure..... You will never fail.... <br /><br />
We was all meant to read this post.<br /><br />
You are all meant to do big things. I'm 26 and I am about to go at it hard. I'm a little different than yall. I don't think I'm meant to do big things.<br /><br />
I know I will do some of the biggest.

If there were no leaders and everyone followed, then who are the followers following? Your response was interesting to read. Thanks for sharing.

This was absolutely amazing to stumble across. I'm 19 and a college student and I have always felt this way...I just rarely have told people because I knew they could never quite understand. I have many friends and I've found that I'm able to fit in anywhere, but I've never quite found "my place", almost like I'm a chameleon changing colors. I've always felt that who I am as a person might be too intense for others because I feel and think about things so deeply. I am also very empathetic and intuitive. Within the first few minutes of speaking to someone I can generally tell you their motives and character. I can feel others pain, usually more than my own, I just have always felt like I have such a connection to people and nature and the world. I talked to my mom the other day and she told me that I "attack" life instead of just gliding through it and I thought that it was pretty accurate. I've never seen the point of settling for less and in my heart and my head I've always known that my purpose here was great. There is so much left for me to do...the trouble, is finding out what it is and where to go! Yes, I want the family and the modern dream but I also feel like there's a bigger plan for me and it's INCREDIBLE to hear from others that they feel that way, as well. Just knowing other people exist with these feelings is so comforting.

oh that is wonderful to hear, I can also feel other peoples feelings, even if they have typed something to me, I also can tell if someone has had a bad day, heaps of times in my life I have just known things, if that makes any scence to anyone here, some people I have told that I can just know thing they look at me odd, also at school the teacher askes something and I come up with the answer quick as a flash, but yet I dont go to school that often, because I have a bit of a disablility that makes me more misunderstood to people.

Both of you are very insightful. It is a wonder how many people feelings may have been impacted by your level of understanding.

I am 17 living in Ontario, Canada. I am not a leader, very quiet and I'll speak when I feel I need too. I am a freeskier which in terms is a "freestyle skier" and if I didn't have my ipod with every second of the day i'd be lost. I have a pretty normal life, good family, amazing girlfriend but as everyone else who posted on here my life isn't complete. There's that feeling that always sticks around and in some points it will amplify to the point where you can just sit back and watch the world go on around you and feel what other people are feeling and to me all sense I can somewhat figure out peoples personality from a simple "hello". Not trying to freak anyone out and Im not to sure what that means but it keeps me going that's for sure. "9-5 , monday-friday" has never been an option for me, I just know that I was put on this earth for something important beyond the typcial get married and have kids deal. Its an incredible feeling to know that I am not that only one who feels this and is definately a motivator to keep me searching for what I my purpose on this planet is.

I dont know why but for some reason when everyone says they dont know what they are meant to do, one time in the car, or many times rather I have thought about it and I watch the people around me just speed past without a care in the world, and it got me to the conclusion that we are meant to change the way of life, but there is also a when, I don't know when I just feel it is coming and we will feel it when the time is right.

This is amazing that i have found this site. I am a 21 year old male, and have had the feeling all of you have described. When i meet people if feel as if i can see right through them. I know what their thinking, their motives. I too crave anventure and wild fantisies. My mind changes daily on the career path i should persue. Everything from CIA to wanting to become a buddhist monk. But when i invision myself in these roles i know it something just doesnt fit. I used to think i might be going crazy, but lately i feel as if i am getting closer to this "Thing" we are all searching for. Growing up i never got along with kids my age, and always hung aroung my parents and their friends. I feel sooo much older than i am, but people wont take me seriously because of my age and young appearence. I am in this waiting mode right now, but this feeling gets stonger by the day. Its all i can think about. Ive been in and out of college, but cant seem to sit there with all of the rest of these "normal people". I just sit in class and observe all of these people and wonder HOW CAN YOU TOLERATE THIS! I guess right now im on auto pilot, but its coming, whatever it is. And i just hope i will be ready.

I am so amazed that all of these people have so much in common. I like everyone else has this feeling of "doing something extrodinary." I am 18 and have had this feeling since I was 12 or so. From reading these articles I have noticed that many of us are from the same generation, have some sort of math, science, or military interrest, which I think is uncommon that we have all of these things in common; myself being a science guy. I recently took a physics 2 class at my school and much of we have been talking about I have already thought about. I do not want to sound big headed, but I feel like I notice more then the usual person, and because of this I am destined to do something great. I have never told anyone how I feel, but I am just glad there are others like me! The feeling is growing I can feel it, which is why I am writing on the 4th of July-I am just sitting down watching everyone else and thinking to myself-there has to be something greater.<br />
<br />
maybe a facebook page/group could be started to keep everone in touch....idk just a suggestion

We are all drawn to something but what is it? We can all see things, feel things no one else that we know can..why? Why do I feel like im ment for something great that will make a change..I started thinking could it be that we are using some ofthe other 2/3% part of our brain I mean I'm no genius in anyway but that's the thing maybe it doesn't make you smarter but more intune with the spirital side within yourself..or maybe god is trying to tell me something ..or maybe it has something to do with alchemy as many of you have the need to get into stuff of that nature..idk I'm just giving my ideas..keep meditating!

i dont know what this is but i can push heat from my body just by thinking i dont think about something i just think and it happens i do it by my own will it kinda feels like a low voltage shock going through me

You aren't alone. Just know there are others who have different talents as well.

This may sound crazy but I can do exactly the same thing!

Wow i didnt know so many people have the same feelings as i do, as alot of you wrote i also have this amazing feeling of wanting/being better then every one and ways to improve myself so i can be better, like arnold (the ex bodybuilder ) he wrote he would rather die then be normal and live a normal life,also he said the point in life is not just to exceed and live but to concor and strive to be better. i have a feeling that ive been following now for a few years, body building, i use this amazing overwhelming feeling to push myself far beyond other people could do,i channel all my feelings to be better to become the best into the gym and ive have great results, i eat 8 meals a day and every thing i do i think about body building, before i found body building i was very much like every one else on here, great depression to such exstent of sussidal thoughts and just not being able to use this extra feeling i believe i have as a gift,very much like other people on here i look at people and understand there behavour and look at things differently i sometimes say what im thinking just to see if other people where thinking the same thing but normaly i get a negative response, i think alot about everything analysing everything taking things apart in my head and wondering why is it made like this and how its made,often making questions i cant answer, so i go on the internet and find them out, i used to think every one is like this ie never settling for for below 100% .in the middleish of this page there is some one who said theres only people in there teens and early 20s that have posted on this page, that got me thinking is it only this generation of people that have been getting this feeling and then that led me on to think what if were all been born to save this planet (sounds crazy dont it ;-) )or aliens have put us here lol just a thought ( not a huge believer but im sure theres more things out there then us ) sorry about jumping to different subjects but my mind is working hard and shocked that others are desribing my unusual feelings, I am 16 and i have been having these feelings since about 12 <br />
good luck every one with finding your true reason for being on this planet and im glad i have found mine so early <br />
Dean Murray

I've always had just the feeling you've described. I'm only 18, but I've always felt different than most of my friends about my future, had bigger goals, been less self-focused and more focused on how I can make a difference in other's lives. I'm still a normal teenager in many many ways, but I see something big in my future. I just feel it. And it's not money or fame, but a sort of spiritual feeling that I will be important. I'm not sure what it means or where it will take me, and sometimes it scares me and feels like a responsibility I don't want to have, but it is infinitely exciting at the same time and pushes me to do more in life than just the minimum. It's really cool to see how many others are experiencing the same feeling, I've never really talked about this feeling before.

@jameswatson1221. Like the rest of the people on here I've felt like this as long as I can remember and often caused me to feel very lost. After school I just went from a rubbish job after another getting very frustrated, but always knew that there was something important that was supposed to happen.<br />
<br />
When you talk about looking at the clock and seeing them numbers, when I was younger every time I looked at one it seemed to be 22.22. I know it's slightly different to you but still pretty weird!

Also to add. I am also really, really fascinated with space. Spend hours reading things and learning about it and more time still just looking at the stars. Weird, just feel sort of connected to everything somehow. Anyway I am starting a history degree in september because I am so interested in learning about the past and how we came to be (don't have the brains for astro-physicist lol)

Just came across this on stumbleupon, to do with number patterns. It's very long so you'll need some dedications, but very interesting http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/40b3Iw/:I@tdUUs3:Y@tRXA8u/www.gaiamind.com/about23.html/

yeah thats pretty strange seeing them numbers , i wonder if it means anything lol but yeah im fascinated with space too. goodluck with the history degree :) ill defently check that link out it might give me some answers or something thanks alot for replying :) its good too know im not the only one feeling like this.

i get the same feelings just like everyone else... im 22 and ever since i can remember iv felt like im here for something undescribable and great and bigger then anything, iv been looking all over the internet too see if anyone else feels like me and then i found this site which blew me away!. i dont know if anyone else gets this but every time i look at numbers like the clock/ papers ect i see the numbers 12 21 / 21 12 < them numbers.. it happens all the time , i put them numbers in google and it said about end of the world ect bla bla bla but when i thought about it ... it worryed me lol i also feel like.. well the best way too describe it is ( im the only one ) like i cant imagine my self been dead (not been here) *hard to describe* , i just feel like no matter what i do in life its just pointless... because something is going too happen.. i dont just feel it its like i know it, i also feel compelled too look up anything egypt and space online... ufos ect... / anyone else feel abit like how i feel?

I know exacally what u mean about the dieing part,its weird and ive given it much thought about dieing and how why where and stuff like that whats it ganna be like to die is there an after life is there somthing else out there for us to go to once we die, i guess we will never know until the time comes :-/

I was reading your post jameswatson1221 and when I came accross the word egypt it sent like a pins and needles feeling though my whole body, oddly enough I love every thing about egypt, one time when my dad had asked me about what the pyramids were called I said pyramids of light for some reason, I was shocked but not shocked that I had known the answer but it felt as though I had known that for ever, also, I am a christian, I am verry spiritual, something as always got me to love egypt and even somewhat drawn to it, it maybe because its where alot of the events in the bible happen yet, I've never actualy read the bible.

i also have the same feeling i know im ment for something something thats comeing something bigger than anyone. i dont know what its is even if its me directly. it could be me surporting someone else or even influecing my children i wont know until it happens <br />

These are all great posts! I'm interested to hear where the ones who posted in 2010 and 2011 are now and how they're feeling.<br />
<br />
I'm 31 and although that's not a lot older than most of you, I still would like to encourage each and every one of you to go after your dreams and don't let anyone hold you back! That feeling of 'wanting more' is likely the overwhelming need to help others... it just seems like the central theme here. I know it's what drives me, personally. I feel as though I'm meant to mentor, support and motivate others, so that's what led me here. Regardless of whether your feelings are spiritual, emotional or business-driven, you need to try your best to stop thinking and start acting... the time is now. You have all been given the gift of helping others and you need to realize that there is no right way to start and no right time - you just start.<br />
<br />
I wish you all the best of luck and encourage you to get out there and help people. Keep posting here if it provides motivation, but also talk to your friends, family, parents, teachers and don't hesitate to tell them how you're feeling! You may be surprised at how supportive they are. Your elders will encourage you to get an education and this is great because the more educated you are, the more people will respect and listen to you... so don't ever feel as though studying, reading and getting and education is a 'waste of time'! Trust me, you'll be thankful later no matter where your life takes you.<br />
<br />
Looking forward to reading more comments and for each of you to start encouraging each other to report back on your progress. Stop writing and start acting! :)<br />
<br />
All the best.

Its weird, im 16 and ive always seem to be able to give advise for things and teach people really well i even have helped people out in the gym alot giving them information by the bucket loads,

I feel the same way as practly everyone else on here, I have felt for a very long time that I am meant to do somthing, I look at the world diffrent then others and know more about life then most people at my age should (I'm 16) I try to make conversations with the kids at school but feel like I'm anoying or boring to them, I think diffrently to others and look at the world the way only a kid can or atleast how I did, the feeling that there are other things out there, and to this day I ask myself what am I? because I don't think like others, and I have 'knacks' or 'abilities' I can feel what someone is feeling and understand it as if I was feeling it, even if the person I am talking to is typing out what they say, I can sence ghosts (which is kind of normal in my family) but also guardian angels, I trust mu gut judgement and follow my heart, I 'just know' things if that makes sence like I know things that I never knew I knew. <br />
whats funny is that I've very diffrent, I watch documentarys because I want to, I enjoy them, mostly the ones on animals. I'm not to fond on the way people go through life, (I'm not sure how to explain that sentence)<br />
when I was born I was 9 weeks early and had loads of problems, I had to be taken to a diffrent hospital and the pilot had asked my mother if he could pray for me, I made it there fine and my mum went to thank him but no record of any pilot, I call him my guardian angel and I pray to god and thank him for saving me and I also pray to him this; "dear god, I thank you for my life and I want to help you, (I don't know why I say that I just get the feeling he needs me to do something) and I know you will call for me when I am ready" the sentence 'you will call whem I'm ready brings up 'I will call you when I need you' I don't know if anyone else feels this way, some times I think I've just read to many books but no its much more, it is my soul, my heart, my gut telling me.<br />
at school I think to myself, why am I even here, I feel like I don't need school, like nothing there will help me prepare for what is to come, I noticed that some others feel similar but I have put it in better words, I'm not good a planing things I take things as they come my way, I think many things at once like one time at school we had to do a test on how to get two rows of people to the other side and step in a circle without touching one another and I was the only one that thought of it, I stayed quiet while everyone else was blabering on, I didn't know how they did not see it, it was so simple.. or was it complex to them, all they had to do was one person walks across to the otherside step in the circle and you are one the otherside and take turns. no one around me seem to know me the only person that actualy knows and understands me is my current bf whom I feel is my true love, I know everyone says it but its diffrent, I'm diffrent, what am I meant to do? what are we preparing for? (the last sentence came to me as I was writing and I will say something more that I said last year or the year before) "we are spirits living a life through a borrowed body and someday we have to give back what we borrowed" (tell me that sounds like a 14-15 year old? I am currently 16)

A fairwhile ago, my mum said she felt the same way as I, it would probaly explain why she listens more to me then anyone else, but the thing is with my mum is I feel that she is trying to fit in because she just dosn't know what to do about the feeling, my mum and I have a odd bond but we undersand each other as though we are the same, I tend to stay around her and join in conversations she has with others though sometimes I'm quiet I'm realy not, my brain is just thinking a heap of stuff at once. I've also noticed that when I talk to people on an online game such as World of warcraft that I can relate to anything that anyone says, also to me no matter who I talk to or what age they are I can relate to, even though im only 16 (going on 17 in 14 days).

Everyone has their own experiences that brought them to come here. I just want to say I was delighted to see the numerous replies to other people's responses you gave. I was really refreshing to see someone giving a sign that they can take a few seconds to showed they listened. Thank you.

I wish i could find the answer or answers to what I am suppose to do or who I should be

I always felt I was supposed to be somewhere in music

Reading through all of these comments I feel like I can relate to so many of you, but yet it does not give me the answer I am looking for. It's great that there are other people out there who feel the same way, and I find it interesting that we are all still really young. So is this just part of our development to feel like we are destined for more, you know the old saying the world is your oyster, do we just feel this way because society has told us that we can achieve all that we desire? Or is it that we are a select few, who really are destined to achieve more so than others?<br />
<br />
I have felt this way for as long as I can remember, i am now 22 and have been studying psychology as i thought that my destiny was to help others, however the more i discover about mental health the more i feel that maybe this feeling is just a mental illness, I want to believe that I am special, as I know we all do, but often I get a feeling of despair, like I want more but that for some reason I will never achieve it.<br />
<br />
When I look to the successful people in the world, those with power and money, I want to be like them, but not for selfish reasons but so that my voice can be heard and so that I can help others. However I cant help feeling like I will never make it to where I want to be in life.<br />
<br />
Has anyone found an answer to this feeling? Is there professional advice or scientific evidence, or something to help us know that we are in fact special? Has anyone figured out how to become that person that they so desperately want to be?? Please help me I really need answers!!<br />
ps. while trying to find answers I discovered the concept of indigo children, I associated with the majority of the characteristics, however I don't believe in Aliens, is there any other reasoning behind this type of thing? I have often felt wise beyond my years and have been told I am an old soul, is that what/who we all are?

For all i know, many of us could be mentally ill, but just remember that mental illness is just a concept designed to explain things that we can't really explain. With the DSM constantly being revised to coordinate with what we believe is mentally ill and not, we shouldn't really be in despair by it. I hope you don't forget the reasons that led you here. As long as we still have time, an answer can still show itself.

How many of you are on stimulants or drunk and feel smarter? like you understand life easier in a different state of mind.