I Feel Like I Can Never Do Enough...

I'm 18 and I'll be earning my associates degree in a small community college in the Spring... I'm looking for a job, but want something a more than a fast-food job...
I'm often told that I'm young, rude, selfish and arrogant by other older women. I feel like a lost cause. I feel like I'm never good enough, and that I can't have good, healthy relationships with other women, and in some cases men.

Women always pick out my flaws, or tell me I'm arrogant for expecting more of myself, or expecting more to happen... while most of my relationships with men often get too carried away, and these friendships often break off. I don't want to be anti-social, because I love people. I have many acquaintances, but I'm afraid to make actual friends.

I am a tomboy, and I'm going into a forensic psychology, so I'm going into a pretty masculine career choice... I almost feel like I intimidate other women from being my friend, but then I think of how selfish or arrogant these older women say I am and think that I'm just being too self-centered. I would make friends with women my own age, but they're more interested in "hanging out," "partying," or "boyfriends" ... and in all honesty, I just want to work on having friendly people to talk to and advancing in my career.

I feel like I'm a failure, not as a person, really, but as a woman. I'm 18, single, and don't have children... so I don't fit in with older women... yet I find a lot of girls my age not to be serious enough. I guess that means I feel like a menace, too. I'm not really depressed, but I just don't know what to do next... so I keep on living life.
Polzu Polzu
18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 4, 2011

Oh yep, screw 'em and toss 'em into a trash can. you feel that you are a failure, but you're not a failure. screw party and boyfriend. you sound pretty cool actually, don't let those people make you into a little old aunt.

I agree with WDonaldson. Easy to say, but don't allow people to put you down. When you allow that to happen you are giving them power to do so. Take a proactive approach and strive toward your goal. Take things in steps and you will make it!

"Screw 'em" best advice i ever got as a young man. If they are putting you down they have the problems not you, just bid them good day and move on. People who have to belittle others to feel important aren't worth your time. It sounds to me that you got your head on your shoulders and will go far, just need to stop caring what other people say or think. Screw 'em they aren't worth it. Hope you find your happiness and enjoy life.