I'm Just Never Anyone's First Choice.

I'm sure everyone has experienced this at some point in their lives (some more than others). So I'm not really going to go off on a rampage, but here is what I experience (and they are true):

Guy I like: "I like you, but I like (so-and-so) better."
Me: *sadface*
Stated above has happened many times...

Another scenario would be like, I do this and that, and someone else does this and that and we just so happen to be equals at it. The other person will get picked to do whatever it was.

I feel as though people try to avoid picking me or acknowledging me as much as possible. I am not a shy person by any means and I have plenty of friends and I am a nice person. It never bothered me so much, until I started to notice it, and now I just feel so low. I feel as though I am not needed. Like I have not made a big enough impact or impression to be anyone's first choice at least once. I have felt this last year during choir as well, but then I just felt unappreciated (I'm in my school's top choir), now I just feel plainly and simply unneeded...

I never receive the chance to shine and prove that I can be just as good as the others. The fact that I never receive that chance makes me feel like I'm not good enough to have that chance...
Jesxica Jesxica
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 23, 2013

Add a response...i can totally understand and relate with it. i was never the first choice for anything. the feeling of being so ordinary makes me feel low. be it love life academics or any other area, i never got to feel being special.