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I just had a work review two weeks ago.  I have been in my job for more than two years.  I have always been the kind of person that gives 100% to my job.  They pay me to do a job, so I do it.  So, when for two years I received a SOLID performance review grade, I thought that was good.  Then this year, I have gotten a BELOW EXPECTATIONS.  And, I have taken the feedback from the two previous reviews, and taken them to heart.  I have basically become a different person at work.  Done so much work on myself, and my personality conflicts (everybody has them), that I thought for sure my reveiw would be at least another SOLID.  But it wasn't.  I have poured myself into my work, and poured myself into self improvement seminar after seminar!  I am not myself any longer, and I cannot change anymore for the sake of my job.  I have given them the best I have of myself, and it isn't good enough.  :o(

There really is nothing more I can do to change, to become a better employee.  I have tried everything.  And, I am even in college to improve myself.  It just isn't good enough for my bitchy, self righteous, power hungry, control freak, micromanaging boss.  I do her job!  She doesn't do anything except tell me that I only do everything wrong (even when I do it EXACTLY how she told me to). 

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Thats just messed up. It seems to be a growing trend with HR departments to come up with ways to make you think your successful but it actually means you're a failurer. WTH?

I am glad I have been able to encourage people. It doesn't really happen for me often. I have a better job, again, now. I am doing Corporate Accounting for a company that is close to home. The mansion didn't work out. It had it's strong points, but i was basically living with someone else's rules. and in their home. It is not for me, but was a learning experience while it happened.

She fired me. Yep. The official reason: Involuntary without cause. This is when it truly sucks to work in an at will state. Yep. I have had an entire life change since then. (Fired back in June...) I have since moved twice, started two new jobs, had two new boyfriends... Life is completely different for me now. I now work one job (sorta) have one bf (who I am very in love with), and live in two rooms of a mansion. I could care less what that boss thought now, since I am now an office manager/accountant/community liaison (see what I mean about "kinda"?) and have two bosses only, and they are impressed with my work dedication. That is what matters now.

Sounds like he (she) is jealous. Keeping you down so that no one finds out that you're the real reason his (her) job is only done well because of you

Even though people send emails to my boss saying how well I'm doing I get this! :o(

Omg your poor thing.<br />
I know exactly how you feel.<br />
Keep your chin up!<br />
The only thing you can do is your best.<br />
Just remember: what goes around, comes around. Someone will recognize your real performance at work, and things will get better.<br />