Its Alaways Been This Way.

I feel like im messing around with my ex David all over again.

I broke up with my "soul mate", Sean, last night and hes called me about 5+ times today, left one message, no texts that I can recall. Anyway I was feeling really good up until I started talking to him again which is exactly what happened with my second to last ex, David.

The back story to me and David is I was extremely obsessed with him, he was my rebound from Sean, and I would always feel somewhat happy and confident when I first started talking to him and then all of the sudden I would feel like ****. Now its happening with Sean. Sean begged me to talk to him about what happened but of course he didnt so I signed off line (of course this is all through AIM, not the best way to go). I got back on like 2 minutes later to see what he would do and I was curious how his hair turned out, we talked about it for a bit.I told him I was happy for him, which i was. Then he tells me hes getting depressed and anxious and asked if we could talk tomorrow. At that moment I realized that I have never been the center of his world and he doesnt care if im in his life or not. I said "okay whatever bye" expecting some reaction, all I got was "bye".

This time I didnt sign off just to see what he would do (all I can think right now is "great Juliet more games"). He didnt do anything. I IM'd him "Hi". He IM'd me "Hello, whats up?" As if nothing happened, just like David and I use to do. I need to stop playing these stupid games and just move on.

YoucancallmeJuliet YoucancallmeJuliet
26-30, F
Feb 8, 2010