Why I Feel This Way...

I have been bullied sense I was around 8 years old.

Just because I had red hair.

People were mean.

I would hear people calling me carrot head and fire-crotch. At age 8.

Things got worse the older i grew.

I wasn't short enough. I had red hair. My boobs werent big enough. I wasnt skinny enough. My hair wasnt long enough. I was fat. My thighs were too big. I had buck teeth. Then i was brace face. I had freckles.

Dating wasnt easy either.

My first boyfriend actually choked me. And I have dated a bunch of guys sense then and every one of them has cheated on me.
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I understand your situation quite well. I was bullied for being fat and having a funny name. I have had the privilege of seeing many of those folks fail in life far more than I have. You can only bully so much and it flies back at you one way or another.
As far as being a redhead, they are the best. The best GF I ever had was a redhead and she was also the sexiest. She had a nearly insatiable appetite for sex. Anything that would bring about an ******. She loved a long motorcycle ride because she could *** all day long. I really have missed her over the years and wish we could have been friends at least.

Wow. Just because you're a red head?

That's a damn shame, because I've always been partial to red-heads, no joke. The most attractive women in my eyes are those with red hair.

I'm not just out to butter your bread, either.

Bullying is a terrible thing, the silly thing kids pick on you for may go away, but the hurt can last forever. The same thing they teased you for, the red hair, is what makes you so beautiful now. So the joke's on them.

Bullying is, indeed a horrible experience. I too was bullied, but not as much as you. Usually for things like not wearing what is considered to be the current fashion in clothes, having short hair (I had short hair at school, but have grown it long now), not conforming to commonly held religious views, etc. --- in other words, daring to be myself.

I feel sad for the men who cheated on you. They took you for granted, and they'll miss the water only when its gone. Hope you've found the right person now.

I believe i have. Thank you so much. Bulling is terrible. I am so sorry it happened to you as well. I hope we can some day fix it.

I agree with that. I've been bullied since my school yard days. Since first grade, I've been bullied not only by kids, but adults too. That has continued on even into my adult years, and people wonder why I am this so called 'loose cannon'. They brought it on themselves. Their sin, not mine. But part of the bullying for me, is the fact that they get to pin the blame on me, and at a criminal level, get away with it. In fact, there are at least 50 people who deserve jail time for their malice and discrimination against me. You're not alone, Kathryn. You are so not alone.

Team up? :D