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I feel this way because that is how he acts. I mean when I ask him what is bothering him, he just says nothing or that I would'nt care if he told me. Then when I do persuade him into talking to me, he always makes accusations that its stuff that I say or do or things that I have said in the past. Honestly, the only things I bring up to him are the things that I feel need to be changed because it is making me miserable. I guess he dwells on everything I say to him and then turns it around that I am putting him down and then he gets all depressed about it. I seriously believe he may have a narcissistic personality disorder, and if that is the deal then I am royally f***ed! I have looked it up, and I see that people with that disorder rarely change because they think they have no problem. I love him but I hate the way he thinks! What do I do?

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You're right, he is supposed to be the man of the house!!! I hope all the advice I have recieved will help us out.

I think its going to take a lot of work, but SHOW by example. Try finding ways that makes you happy. And aside from the things that should get done, hire a professional to do it and give him the bill. The better you are, the greater he'll want what you have, a happy life. Children learn from example. Men often will take the lead, his suppose to be man of the house, not you.

I agree with you also and I have tried that and I am completely open with him but he refuses to talk about his problems with me. And he doesn't seem to care.

I would think talking about it would help.<br />
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Sit with each other (preferably in a neutral room or one you don't use often) and discuss things. Let him know that if you keep your feelings bottled up they eventually become a wedge in the relationship. Tell him you love him and want to talk if there is something that is bothering him (visa versa). If there is really nothing wrong then let it be. :-)<br />
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Your spouse should be your best friend. Someone whom you feel you can discuss anything with openly, honestly, respectably, and caringly! (and have a ton of fun with too!)

my husband can be a real stubborn pain in the a** so i am not sure if it will work! ha ha

worked on me with my mom in highschool

LOL I believe I am gonna have to do that!

kick him square in the arse and tell him to grow up if that doesnt work then im lost for an answer