Bad Behavior?

My aunt's executor did not invite me for holiday for the second time and the s*** hit the fan.

She called my roommate and told him she didn't invite me because my past behavior over at her house had been "bad".

My roommate then told me about my mannerisms, about how I gestured a lot and how I would smell my hands, pretending to scratch my nose, or how I would jerk my body around when I heard certain noises, esp. behind me.

My roommate told me how I had anger problems, how I would often look so angry and that would turn ppl off.

As a result, I have this distorted self-image. Old habits die hard and sometimes ppl just overreact.

But I don't feel too good right now.

I never meant to annoy anyone.

But I do.

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1 Response Nov 26, 2010

Yes even new habits can die hard.Few ideas are soft ?