I Hate Feeling Like I'm The Pain In The ***...

I have a really great friend, in fact she's more of a best friend. We talk most everyday. She's a few years older than me, but we're both adults. We're from the same hometown, know a lot of the same people, my fiance' and her husband are good friends, and we have the same wit and humor...on top of living just about a mile and a half away from each other.

Well, she has a little more going in her life than I do - She's married, he works out of town quite a bit, she has a son, and two step kids. She also works, has pets, and has a few health issues - a couple of them being a lot like mine (migraines, back issues, hormone issues, etc.)

I know she has to get overwhelmed, especially with her just now having to be without her husband more often (he just started this new job) and having her child in school this year, AND working. Phew!

We talk, but sometimes it's just like mid conversation or I ask a question and she replies about something else but it's almost like she doesn't see the one I sent her (texts we're talking about here), but at the same time, she can be a little ditzy!
I don't know if it's because I'm such a nut about getting back to people about everything or what...but little things like that bother me.

We ran in to each other in town earlier, and spoke for a couple minutes. She's been keeping my cat at her house for a few days. Our cats get along GREAT and LOVE to play, especially since mine is an only child. Plus my fiance' and I have this house upside down cleaning things and going through things to sell as we're preparing for a move in the next few months. I had meant to take some jeans over to her a few days ago before she left to go out of town but had forgotten them (no big deal, they were just for her to see if she wanted them) and asked if she wanted me to stop by later for that and to take her son his birthday present we had gotten him. Everything was set up.

She sent me a text a little while later and told me she had picked her son up and he was so excited to get his birthday present. I told her that was great and to just left me know when she got home and I would bring everything over... well, later came around and I heard nothing... I know everything is fine, no accidents or anything like that because she was online earlier, and I can completely understand if she didn't feel like having company, but I HATE not hearing about it... Of course, this isn't the first time, but I also want to go get my kitty cat too :(

When that happened, I immediately felt like I was annoying her by saying something about her letting me know when she got home when she had already said that was fine earlier when we saw each other in town, but now that I think about it, it was just a normal part of the conversation.
mkingsbury10 mkingsbury10
26-30, F
Jan 11, 2013