I am constantly worried that I annoy the people around me all the time and theyre just to nice or scared to say anything. I know with some people it's not the case and I realize that when I become overly concious of it it can also be annoying but almost every time I feel like I'm getting over it, that I'm not an annoying person. Someone shows up to point out how obnoxious I am. It's also annoying cause I love to talk to people and socialize, so yeah. That's my story.
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Be yourself, as long as you are being nice and kind, don't worry about it. You can only please who you please. Did your parents or siblings act as if you were annoying when you were growing up? And if you sometimes come across as obnoxious, look it up, and just see if sometimes you can do something a little differently. But stop the worrying. Afterall you might think the person who called you obnoxious, is actually being obnoxious telling you that. :-))) The next time someone puts you down, tell them they are talking about themselves !! :-)))))

Haha thanks. And I was an only child

ps- if your parents or siblings acted as if you are annoying then it would be normal for you to think other people would think that. Its about relearning how you think. Just because someone says you are obnoxious, does not mean that its true. But be realistic. If you think you might be, in your tone, or certainty,,, maybe just change the tone of voice, if you think that might help. Do not feel apologetic for being you. A person who tells someone they are obnoxious, is just saying it to demean you. So ignore it. And, have a chat with your friends to see what your good personality traits are. And then ask them to let you know, if there was one thing about you that they would change, what would it be. But only ask them one thing. Jus to give you an idea of how you are coming across. xx Good luck.

I know my mother and brother annoy the hell out of me. I can't wait to move out.

haha, maybe you'll miss them when you're gone. Though I'm the same way with my parents haha

Lol im the same way like if I meet a new person I just wanna tell them everything or ask questions but I'd rather be annoying than sit there with an awkward silence

Same! Completely the same, but like if you really annoying it can be counterprodu3


I can't really respond because idk what that word is yea i know its embarssing

Yea it really could be I've never realized it till now but that's happened a few times to me


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