No matter who it is I can never make a significant connection with them. My father, and mother both care for me I can tell, and I respect them but to be perfectly honest I feel as if I have no connection to them I just feel like they could disappear, and I wouldn't even care. I don't even get real emotions spurred on by being around them, I have to put on a facade every time I visit either of them. It's the same with my friends I don't seem to have any sort of connection with them they are just there. Once again I feel no real emotions around them so I have to put on facades to make them think I'm not some heartless bastard. In the past whenever I had a significant other I was either told I was distant or it was just like I wasn't there at all. A lot of the time I just can't ever feel like I truly connect with anyone I just feel like I'm all alone because of it.
aimlessglitch aimlessglitch
22-25, M
Sep 2, 2014