Who Can We Depend On?

I've lived in my city for 10 yrs. Everytime I think I have found a good friend who I can depend on ...poof it's all a delution. I get promises and they never come to past. The more you try and be friends the more you get hurt. I have three true friends and my husband is my best friend. Does anyone else feel this way?
bobbysgirl398 bobbysgirl398
51-55, F
2 Responses Aug 22, 2010

Hey bobbysgirl398, I can honestly say that having just the three true friends and your husband are the things you should cherish the most, because that's all you have. I'm not saying this out of rudeness (sorry if I come off that way, I am feeling very numb right now...)<br />
For my own experience, I literally have no one I can talk to, I had a boyfriend who was absolutely amazing and I ruined that, and now I'm back to me, myself, and I. ONe of the main reasons was that I was unable to talk to him, but instead of trying, I kept running everywhere else, trying to find "true friends," when really I should have just worked with what I had. So yes, I absolutely feel this way, only I have absolutely no one. But it teaches you to really cherish the ones you have, and the people you have. God bless you, and I hope you and your husband stay wonderfully married.

Sorry to hear that you're feeling sort of down, bobbysgirl398. I see where you're coming from. People are funny in that respect...and can't always be trusted. The best thing to do, which is far easier said than done, is to try to size people up, which can be difficult, and to be distant for awhile, then make ginger efforts to reach out. If that doesn't work, the chances are that they're not worth it anyhow. Good luck, and keep us all posted.