People Depend On Me Too Much

I'm in the middle of my high school life, yet I feel like too many people depend on me. Teachers depend on me to participate in class when no one else wants to. Counselors depend on me to be a model student. Friends depend on me to be the strong one and keep them on their feet. My parents depend on me not to fight back and be the good daughter. My brother depends on me to be just like him and be perfect in everything I do. I have to make sure that I don't screw up, but who's there for me to depend on? When can I go back to being just a kid that doesn't have to worry about others? But then I stop to think that if I was that way, would I be invisible? Having people depending on me makes me know I matter and am here for a reason, but I would really like for someone to be there for me. Having someone that can be there, not judge me, and be able to handle my nonsense. I know that I shouldn't be over dramatic and think no one's there for me, but its really hard to just let go and let others see me as anything less than perfect. Its much easier for me to have others think nothing could possibly be wrong and that adding pressure makes me more responsible. But how can I show others that I'm a kid? That I'm not perfect, or invincible? How can I show others that I'm just a girl that wants someone to depend on when its too much?
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2 Responses Feb 25, 2012

Just be yourself, that's all anyone can be.

do not stress it. People depending on you should make you feel important. What you need is to find someone that you can depend on. Someone who will listen and help you. It should not be hard to find that person. Believe me when i say, im sure that person has been there the whole time, you just have not realized it yet.