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I am useless and not liked. Unproductive. I wonder why I exist.

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4 Responses Mar 9, 2010

You -are- liked. You called me on 'doubting' you recently. I also subject you to higher standards than most people.

I know what you mean. Why??? the heavens open up and a loud voice answers: BECAUSE!<br />
Who knows why? Why do I exist? I dunno! Why should I exist? I dunno? Why should I try to figure it out?<br />
Having a day, a week. a year, a decade without knowing the purpose of existence will not put you out of trouble. Knowing won't either. Thanking will. As you walk, move, look, sense, around today give thanks for everything that seems useful to you. At least the toothbrush has a purpose and thanks for it being there in the morning for me. Thank you shower for washing the suds away from my hair. Soon you'll be thanking birds for singing and Ravens for cackling.<br />

HERE IS MY STORY SO CHEER UP YOU COULD BE ME:I have cancer,carvanoma on my brain stem and had a stroke xmas day I can hardly walk... I went from a size 4 to 14 lost my best friend my father 01/16/2010 I do not get dressed or out of bed let alone shower. I have lost everything forced out of my job after 10 years and now losing my boyfriend. I have begged and borrowed to try to fill my bucket list which is small get married out back of my home pay all my co pays and meds get help to walk normal again......... and help to feeds me and my dogs ..... With what ever is left I feed my St Bernard and my golden....... I used to model now I look homeless what is there left to live for but, my granddaughter who loves me for me. I feel I will end up homeless and unable to walk I lost my insurance so the medicines I now need I can not afford so it is just time for me I have all the proof I am real......I fill this out every month with the hopes for help even a dollar would be help. I am not Haiti and not in Chile but, I am crying for a miracle ......I want to live but with out help I do not know how. I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis in both hands.<br />
I have begged and borrowed to stay alive please someone hear me<br />
<br />
Source: Cancer Centers, food banks..... Please guide me

Hey, cheer up. Some of us still like you...and I could think of plenty of things you could be useful for (but then, some of them you probably wouldn't be interested i doing). You might be unproductive for the time being, but some of the greatest achievers have had periods of time where they weren't productive. Besides, you're a good person, a champion to those who are weak & can't fend for themselves, and a good friend...which means a lot more than productivity.