I Always Fall Short

I love music, i sing and play bass guitar, but im in a small country town where you are basically stuck unless your parents leave and take you away to a city..

but yeah. i'm in a band, i play bass in it, and we have about 500 likes on facebook, we're getting no where, its been 4 years.
this always happens, i have a goal or a dream, and when i chase it, i fall short,
is it something im doing, are we not appealing enough?
even though we model ourselves after great bands, but add our own uniqueness?

i feel like i will not progress anywhere in life, because i'm not good enough..
or do i have to many high expectations?
PostHuman17 PostHuman17
13-15, M
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

Never give up on your dreams. It is extremely hard to get in the music industry and be successful. You are only 14. And you have to know that not all dreams come true but you can find yourself a more realistic one.

I dont plan to, ever.
but thank you. <3

Very well. Work hard, keep going and enjoy what you do. Good luck.