I Feel Like I Can't Tell My Husband How I Feel Anymore

I love my husband and want things to work out for us. We have been together for going on 5 years .(off and on). We and 1 child together and I have another child before him and he has 3 other kids. So, anyway dealing with in ex wife and step kids is not the problem. When you hear him talk he loves me and he wants the best for me and very thing great in life as long as we stay with him. Well, I'm looking for a job and want to depend on me and not have to ask him to buy things. But my point of view life is not great we get in fights about things that we probably shouldn't . When I talk to him very things is my fought. He does no wrong. He has got ton to the point the I have went to doctors and talk to them about what could be wrong with me and guess what nothing wrong with me . i try to make things work but now i don't know what else to do.

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Well, it may not be much consolation but I think almost every couple goes through this...some are worse so it varies by degree.<br />
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I don't say that to excuse it but simply to let you know you are not alone...and it's probably not you....In fact, it may not even be him. Relationships are messy and both sides usually contribute in ways they cannot perceive or understand....It is wise for you to take a measured approach and to seek counsel...A marriage counselor may help...I'd suggest you go by yourself at first...it's much less threatening and you may learn some techniques for coming together...good luck!