I Think I May Have Found Myself Now

I always feel like I don’t belong anywhere, I don’t feel like I get along with anybody. It’s kind of tiring in some way, but kind of interesting. I think the reason why I don’t feel like I belong anywhere is because I don’t quite know who I am yet. I thought I was just some little depressed person so I was that way, but it’s not me. I thought I was a person who was crazy and always hyper and happy but that’s not me, I thought I was the person who acted stereotypical and didn’t care what I said out in public but that’s not me. So am I just the person who sells their body, or maybe the perfect little angel? I don’t think I am either, fortunately I don’t think I know who I am. Maybe I’m just the person who talks differently to everyone because that is just how I am, maybe that is where I belong. Maybe I just don’t belong anywhere, maybe no one can truly belong to a group or be classed as something because in a way, maybe we are all lost just trying to find our place. Just trying to figure out where we belong.
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I feel the same in many places. Maybe I haven't found the right persons to really connect to yet. I have met some people lately, but there's not many and it's only in small fractions I can connect with them. It's not that I neglect all the people I meet, but there's so few people that can accept an open mind and still have some morality left. The feeling is that people understands me a little, but the feeling that people don't seem to get what I am truly saying is putting me in the position that i really don't belong with them.

I have come to the conclusion though that somewhere, there is a place where everyone has their place. The hard thing is to find oneself, perhaps you can find yourself by just searching inside you, but sometimes maybe you have to find a place that feeds you with what you would like to become also? Does that sound stupid?

Nice :) i guess were all just trying to find our place.<br />
Don't tag yourself as a person, or personality, who you were yesterday is not necessarily who you are today. <br />
<br />
i'v been fighting to find myself too, i think the secret is to stop trying and just be yourself..