My Dark Exsistance

I feel unneeded and unwanted by so many people. My best friend who I have been best friends with for 4 years casts me aside whenever she gets a new boyfriend. My other friends always forget about me when having fun. I'm not a *****. I am not controlling. I'm not annoying. Yet I'm cast aside like nothing.
I have no real friends. They forget that I'm here. My best friend acts like im a stranger. When she's mad at someone she tries to act all cool like "I have friends who could hurt so and so for hurting me" I would hurt them for hurting her. But no I'm never good enough for anyone.
I have acted all happy and smiley for too damn long it feels so real. Yet here I am pouring my tears and sob stories into people I don't even know.
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18-21, F
1 Response May 10, 2012

Hi,<br />
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I am telling you this as a mother, OK? Except that a few years ago I was in your shoes.<br />
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You already answered your problem a few times. You do not have a best friend. Whoever it is that you're calling your bestie.....ditch her!!!!<br />
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Go be silly. Go LOOK. Go have fun. Your best friend is out there, probably being abused by a meanie just like you. Y'all can't find each other if you're tethered to an idiot who doesn't care about your feelings.<br />
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Drop the trauma-drama and go find your BFF. :)

Thank you so much! :)