Trying To Find My Place In The World.

I am 28, and have no children, all my friends either have children, or a career, or are retired. I can't seem to connect with people my age. I attend a knitting group with a bunch of older women who always talk about their kids or grandkids, and I can never relate. I feel like an outcast because I choose not have children, I even lied once and said I couldn't have kids, but then I got pity, and felt really guilty for lying. The kids thing is just a part of it, in a world of titles, I just don't have one.
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Yea, I know how you feel. When I diddn't get to mary my highschool sweetheart, I decided never to mary, or have children. It seemed like I missed the boat. After that I saw no point in joining adulthood- there was nothing in it for me without Her.

Gee. Doesn't this strike close to home for me too...<br />
I just spent the last, best, 4 years of my life on someone who was supposed to be my wife. Only to become her scape goat for Everything & learn of her Betrayals & exscuses.. Now, I come back and find my friends have matured past me.. They have kids etc and I'm still stuck in my early/mid 20s. And I've been thinking of how to properly raise my child since I was a teen. It's something that's really weighing down on me; the loneliness, lost time etc... Now I feel I'm slowly becoming isolated/alienated from my Good friends. I was @ the top of my game with recently re-aquired hope for the Future etc... But dumping so much time & energy; sacrificing my Happiness & needs for HER future development; just to be betrayed and left without at least A child. I've never had much respect in this world and I didn't care about pithy achievements & carrers. Sure I want success, but it'll be on My Terms.. I never got any acceptance in Skool; a true outcast, even when I'd find groups, I'd never fit in and soon... yeah back to isolation.