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Where Is The Next Place?

Sometimes I look around and think to myself that I don't belong here nor do I belong anywhere else. I have been to many places and everywhere seems to be the same just with different faces. No one is able to understand, all I get is stares and whispers. I may dress too flashy, but I believe that it is my right to do so. I like to look nice, just because I really am trash doesn't mean that I have to be dress like it.

I used to think that I belonged with the people back home, maybe I thought that way because well I felt comfortable with them. I just knew who they were and how they acted.. which always was similar to me.. BUT now I look back and see that I am pasted that and I no longer belong with them. Half of them is dead, some in jail, and the others are just the same as I left. I am not, I have survived for some reason with my freedom. I don't know why I was spared but I was..

So what is next, where is the next place that I can feel like I truly belong?  I feel like there is no one out here that can relate to me.. No one that has anything in common with me.. Or anyone that even wants to approach me anymore.. I guess being the new girl in the hood is harder than I ever thought it would be. 

imperfectbeauty imperfectbeauty 18-21, F 1 Response Jan 21, 2013

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I've had the same problem. Girl, what you need is an activity, a sport, or hobby. When I feel like utter sh*t and just wish I wasn't on this planet anymore, I clean up my bike and go for a 5 hour long ride off into the rural part of my county. Mountain biking and documentary films saved my life on multiple occasions. I'm not sure about what you love to do, or what interests you, but try new things (drugs≠good times or good friends) and eventually you'll find people who are like minded. Best of luck to ya