Where Is Home

Since my husband passed away 13 years ago..no matter where I go or live I don't feel like I belong.  No place feels like home.  It is just a plae to live.

donnab13 donnab13
46-50, F
2 Responses Mar 7, 2009

It has been several years now since you posted this. How are you feeling these days? Have you found an comfort or sense of belonging in the last 4 years? I look forward to hearing sincerely how you are.

It is hard to lose someone it is even harder if they are close to you. My friends brother drowned last year and even though i miss him i know he is in a better place. People have told me that it will get better but the time depend on you. Think of the happy times you shared with him and the adventures you did no matter how small. Home is where the heart is, it is also wherethe love is. It is hard to move on with a loss but they will stay in your heart for ever it has a place that can never be removed or filled. When you find things you love you are home. It does not have to be a place wher you live in. My home is not my house, where i belong is not where others are. It is where i feel free to be me you have a home and a place where you belong. Your heart knows it and you know it deep inside.