For Those Of You Who Also Often Like You Don't Belong On This Earth,..i Might Have Found Out Some 'hidden' Answers! On.

For those of you who also often like you don't belong on this earth,..I might have found out some 'hidden' answers (or at least 'clues') to the 'bigger' truth! on.

I have also felt exactly like you all often from so many years ago,..and have since tried to find the answers (Internet is a good source to begin our search for 'bigger' Truth).

try to google astral projection, ascension, akashic records, gnostic
and you will be surprised at the 'secret' truths, and if you're like me, you would even be excited about these 'bigger' Truth, than most people ever knew, or *bother* to know/learn!
don't give up! your search/quest has just begun! keep searching!
nikiwonoto nikiwonoto
26-30, M
Nov 26, 2012