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I Don't Belong On This Planet And I'm Waiting To Go Home

For as long as I can remember, I've always felt homesick no matter where I was. I always knew home wasn't here on Earth. Even as a child I'd watch people, how they interact with each other, examine their features, their behaviors, and I've wondered why I'm so different, why I don't even feel human. I act as human-like as possible, but everything I do is very different from everyone else. When I'm in physical pain, which has to be very strong because I'm very resistant, I laugh. Emotional pain, I numb all emotions.
I always want to be alone. I'm usually in my room, reading, writing, sleeping, gaming. Or at the library, where not even my parents can bother me. I have many friends, I just usually hang out with them at school, and I tend to come up with excuses to not hang out after school, because I'd much rather feel alone. But I think it's because I'm really not alone at all - I feel like there's always someone, one of my kind, with me in my heart. However, I still have the need to find my own kind physically.
I've always had an extreme fascination with the stars. I can spend hours and hours just staring off into them, admiring their beauty. When I do this it comforts me. I don't feel so alone in this world. But I scan the stars, like I'm searching for home, but I've forgotten exactly where it's at. I often get these extreme urges to go home. Lately they've been stronger than ever. I want to go back home, where I belong.
I have always been very mature for my age, but this isn't exactly a good thing. I have trouble with making friends. I am very intelligent, and often find myself correcting my instructors and teachers, but I don't always apply myself because my mind is always off elsewhere, exploring my own interests.
I also don't get close to people easily. I'm only close to two people, and I only love four. I don't really like people too much. But I'm very loving towards nature. Now, I'm not a tree hugger or anything, but any abuse to animals or plants gets me angry and I feel even more ashamed of humans. I'm a fighter, not a lover. I love to fight - but it competition. I'm the only female in my martial arts class, as I have been for two years. I fight against older men in their twenties, thirties, and forties, and I'm in my early teens. Many people find this odd, but I have an extreme attraction to fighting, and I think there may be a purpose for that.
I feel emotions that I know many people have never felt before. I can tell exactly what someone is feeling by just looking at them - they can have a huge smile on their face, but inside I know they're unhappy. It's vice-versa for others. I can also tell nearly exactly what someone is thinking, or what they're going to say before they open their mouths, by looking at them and/or feeling the energy they're giving off.
If a UFO or strange aircraft landed before me, I'd be the one to run right to it. I've seen two strange aircraft near my home before. They both occurred at night. The first time, I followed it into a pasture, but then something told me to run away. I hesitated, but I ran away. The second time I chased it and chased it until it disappeared. I wish I would've continued to chase it though... I want to go home...
I don't feel human. I don't belong on this Earth. I don't know my purpose for being here, and I know I have one. But I want to find my purpose so I can leave as soon as possible. I want to go home. If anyone feels this way, I'm begging you to message me... I want to go home, I need to find my own kind..
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we are observers of this world, take in as much of it as you can. You will be reporting to your supervisor one day...


Me to! I'm so happy I found this...Theres a couple things I want to say. I feel like this world is so full of negativity, hate, and fear which just makes me want to be alone even more. The petty things we prioritize as a society is shameful. We're forgetting that we are all brothers and sisters. Life isn't about money, status, friends, or material goods. These are merely distractions so that people can not realize their true potential...wake up people! I have always had questions about god, the origin of this world, etc and still am discovering something new everyday...cymatics, how everything is made up of a vibration, Indian astrology, etc are some things that helped answer my questions. Life to me is just taking it day by day and feeling safe, loved, and at cliche as this may sound this world needs more love. College degrees, work experience, cars, social status, etc won't mean a single thing in the end...question more. I've always felt out of place with people in and even my blood family. It is very hard for me to relate to most people. I am much more mature than my age. My experiences have a lot to do with it. As painful as they may be, I'm thankful I had them and still do, because I would not be in this state of mind. It's as if nobody understands this struggle, but I've learned that I need nobody except my twin soul the one who can truly understand and connect with me like no other.
I hope this helps someone...
please message me as well if you can relate to this!!!
Infinite Peace and Love <3

I feel the exact same way. I am a loner. I just want to be far away from people like out in the forest or by the ocean alone. I want to leave so badly it hurts. I don't want to kill myself but I don't want to be here. I also have a son and a baby on the way. I love them but it makes me feel trapped in some way to this world and for some reason I never think about my husband when I think of leaving this place. I love him but maybe I know he'll be ok. I don't know why I'm here and it bothers me so so much. I know what you mean about fighting. I was in the Army for 15 years. I use to love it but at the end everyone made me angry and stressed. I didn't belong in that bad environment anymore so I left. Now I thought I'd have more time for meditation and being a lone to figure out my purpose but it's just blank. An empty feeling worse than I've ever had. Why am I here????? I keep asking but still nothing...

I cannot believe I found this. I'm very anxious, now. I've always felt I didn't belong. I often say I didn't want this, as if I had a choice. I've kept it to myself, because I feel most, if not all, others will take it the wrong way. Interpret it as suicidal, maybe. I don't feel that they would understand that I strongly feel that I physically do not belong on on this planet, or among it's people. It's not just that, though. It's all of the other specific sensations and characteristics listed by so many other people that are the same as mine, and these are people I did not know existed. I'm always staring at the sky, I do it without noticing. I can tell I'm doing it with purpose because I won't stop, and I often immediately see unusual objects in the sky that are very bright and eventually disappear. It's as if I were being told to look up. I also have a recurring dream of myself as a child in the back of my parents car while speeding through a neighborhood. I always feel uncomfortable in the dream. And there is always this very large bright light behind the car in the sky following us. I also feel like I should never be angry, but that didn't happen until a few years ago.

I feel sort of the same way.... that I dont belong here. I love looking at the sky, like someone is calling me. In my dreams I do call someone, I feel safe there, even loved... and why not.. is a dream so I can sometimes control it and fly or make myself wake up by jumping, but there is always something there that is sort of pulling me my speed.

I dont know anything anymore! I try to forget all about this, but unlike today. All those feelings, and emotions came back

I'm glad I found this.

Hey, I know this is a late response but I just wanted to say that I feel this way and I want to go home too...

You are not alone my freind

I remember ever since the age of 6 feeling different like this wasn't home or real. That this is a dream. I have always had a fascination with space and stars and life out in the universe. I always feel like I'm looking for something that I can't find. Lost and Alone. I always find myself observing people not understanding why they act the way they do. It's a real struggle at times.

Someone from here please message me... i feel this on so many levels

You ok

I so much feel this way, have my entire life, and this place is boring and app very stupid to me

well i dunno really what to say 2015
Not sure if this was a troll to get attention.
If this is real.
Then hello i am one of your kind.

I am right with you and I am 55. They come and gladh lights at me. I dream of being on board a ship, taking to someone about my dreams while I am fast asleep dreaming! Yeah I want to ho home too. I do not belong hete either. I understand you. Your lucky to be able to reach out. I couldn't when I was young!

You're not alone.

I feel same way.

I can't even explain how good it feels to see that others are experiencing the same feeling of "homesickness." I have always gravitated towards the stars and feel my best at night staring up at the sky. I too cannot relate to many people but try to stay social. I can never connect on more than superficial levels and it feels like I waste if time. I am married but I swear he thinks I'm just depressed. I hardly watch the news anymore as my ability to empathize is highly sensitive. I find humans to be cruel and animalistic. I see aura, use my intuition and Can Feel energy. I know I am here for a purpose but have no idea what it is. I have given up on the human race. While others seem to have their lives "together" I feel so lost. Although I feel lost, at least I feel awake and now that I'm awake I just want to go home. Death does not frighten me at all. I know that it is just the start of another cycle. Me fear is that I will forget all that I've learned and will have to experience this loneliness all over again in another lifetime. I don't want to come back to this planet. I want to be amongst my own kind in my true form.y

The feeling doesn't go away or get better. I don't feel like I can relate to my species on many levels, either. I want to go home. I don't fear death, I believe that will be my escape and I can finally return to my non Earth family. I find this species to be harsh, shallow, crude, violent and conniving. It's exhausting and gets old after a few decades.
Yes, I can relate to your sensitivities, it's fascinating and also a burden as you are generally 3-4 steps ahead of others. It's frustrating waiting for them to figure it out what you knew 1/2 hour ago.
Interesting story: I had a very intense dream when I was about 9 or 10. (40 now) I travelled through a portal and stayed, had dinner, with a family - mom, dad, 2 siblings. I felt loved, I felt at home. I still remember them saying goodbye to me, waving to me as I stepped back into a portal. When I woke it was so intense, I still felt amazing peace and love. But every year since then, I get sad when I think of that dream. It has not reoccurred again, and probably for obvious reasons, it would be torture to visit them too often.

I have felt the same since about the age of six and still feel the same way now at the age of 58..i just want to go home were ever home is but it;s not here feel like i was left behind...lost my
memory and were i left my craft..if i win big on lotto built my own and bugger off...lost in Kent....seen lots of things in the sky since i was little..still see things now...

When I was little and my mom would take us to the library, I always went for the stories about UFO's, spiritualism and the like. I felt like the typical outsider (I am most definitely NOT autistic), and I still do. I don't feel I have any 'special powers', I've had psychic experiences as well as other weird stuff, but nothing I could conceivably control. I was always quiet and shy as a kid, but I could be outgoing if I put my mind to it. Wanting to not be born was something I felt, especially when I was younger, and in my teens. I can even remember before I was born, as well as the moment of my birth, which is weird, but my memory of birth was collaborated by my Mom. I have no 'real' friends my own age (I related and have always related better to older people), I rarely actually ever feel like I run into anyone I can truly relate to on more than a superficial level. I am not being high and mighty here, it's just I rarely click with anyone.
I've had two instances of kids (young ones) asking if I was an alien, ha ha! The second time I asked the one kid why he would ask that- he said I look like one, lol!
I've had weird almost UFO experiences, most recently a few years ago, I was looking at the stars at night on a cold night, and I was just staring at them. I had my attention drawn to one in the north eastern sky, and I saw some sort of weird light, it started as a pinprick of light and expanded into a larger round light, and then went back to a pinprick, then suddenly in the sky (it was a very far distance), it appeared as a pinprick of light and enlarged, then shrank in size.
I've had two times where I had a weird dream, and awakened (the first dream was I was 'sucked up' into the sky and woke up immediately. I looked out the window (it was winter and foggy), and could see the moon, the street light and another light that was not a star. Being lazy I went back to bed. Years later, I was woken up out of a dream suddenly, and saw three white lights out the foggy window (again in winter!). I should have gone outside but it's cold. Wish I would have.
Another weird thing is, one time I was walking my dog at night, and the moon was in a certain position with clouds around it, and I got a 'flash' of some place I never remember being, it may have been Earth, I don't know.
However, when I was young, I was watching this movie, "Night of the Creeps". At the beginning, some ugly pink fat alien is being chased by other aliens. I got some sort of weird super distant memory from that....I could almost smell their weird smell to them. Later I happened to mention this to my Mom, and she said that when she was a little girl, she had a dream about these same things, she said they smelled like cheese (swiss? gouda? emmental?), and they were chasing her and others through these caves. I've always felt a connection to my Mom, even though we don't agree on many things.
Ever since I was young, I always felt like I was 'waiting' for something big to happen. For a long time (until I used Bach flower remedies- mustard for depression that descends from nowhere and another one I forget!) I would get sad or depressed because this big 'thing' wasn't happening.
I don't know if I'm some sort of alien, though if you think of it, depending on what you believe, we all are from elsewhere. According to Robert Monroe, we (or others) came to the earth via thought forms and got stuck in the physical plane and then forgot where we came from.
All I have to say is, I'm leery of those who claim to be 'aliens'...after all there is a lot of mental illness out there, as well as antisocial types and sociopaths. I am not mentally ill, and not a sociopath. It would be nice to be around those who also feel this way, however I won't join some facebook page because facebook is monitored by the "Office of Information Awareness". And who knows what they're planning on using that stuff for.
If you are young and feel this way, please don't feel alone. And please do not do anything like kill yourself! Not feeling like part of the 'in' crowd can be good, because if you follow the crowd and they go over a cliff, you will be glad you didn't fall too. I suppose that eventually this will all make sense and we can smack ourselves in the forehead and say, "Duh! No wonder I didn't feel 'normal'".

hi. i feel the same way.dunno what to do cause what im feelin is that i dont belong anywhere and i have memories from when i was 1 1 months old.i was lookin in the mirror at 2 years and wonder why am i here on this planet and why am i looking like bones are tough .i never had a broken bone in my i understand you completely but i thought is something wrong with me.that im crazy

I feel the same way. I recently discovered I am autistic. Have you been tested for it? When I met other autistic people I felt I was one of them - we all feel like we are from another planet. My heart goes out to you.

the life of the univers is sacrade a and beutifll we are being with amazing energie and we are and transition stop in our journey I awllawas feel I don't belong to mother earth but I have to be here sometime I don't knoe what to do feling loose in space and time like to analize humanity and what they do I feel far away from hom but I know the tim ewill arrive and I will be reunited with my familie im a child of the univers

This is the first time I have ever made the effort outside of myself to look into this. I cannot put in to words what I want to say. I cannot tell you how well I feel like I know you just by reading your story. Going to message you

I want to go home too.. But it feels like it's too far away. Still it feels good that more of my own kind exists.

you're not alone, just so you know. And thank you for writing this, it doesn't make me feel so alone.

I swear if I hadn't known this someone else I would've thought I had written this

I am only 21 i feel as tho my life is not what suppose to be i make friends to hide my true feeling thats emptiness that i cannot fill, since i was very young ive had experiences that made me realize that i am not from here i was adopted left on the streets but i feel my parents werent human i have a feeling i was set on this earth as ambassador to observe and watch. I dreams of things that come true i ve seen my mother before she was my mother i ve seen how universe was created no mistake we are not alone. 3 years ago i was visited i cannot remember everything but i know they came i cried i told them i wanted to go with them. They said "its your choice we ask you humans we are not cruel nor evil we been here since the beginning. I know your one of us your soul speaks, ive been watching you i know your lost stuck if you come with us then all your worry, sadness will be gone but you must leave your family behind!" I looked at them said "I cant i cant i want to but i want to be with my family till the end if i leave they will know i am cant hurt them tho i know i will suffer". They said "Your suffering .............i will come back when the time comes do not forget"! Till this day i felt like it wasn't a dream it was soo real cuz when they left i had my screen cut in half next day. So i ve been watching seeing and observing i cant change what will happen in future i know what will happen in the future will be cruel but also beautiful. I know i am not human i wanted say in the beginning you are not alone we all connected tho we may be different origin you must not forget your being never look cover look between the lines that hold the truth ive realized that i can help people by giving them advise i cant interfere but i can observe push them right direction. Yess we have powers i can see aura, read ppl like you, i can move the air raise my energy to change aura ppl around me i can heal yes i have healing energy we also if you mediate make you remember you home ive seen my true form and seen my home. DONT FORGET YOUR HERE FOR PURPOSE MAYBE one DAY we shall me in this life or the NEXT :)

I feel the exact same way. All around me, people seem to live life normally, interact socially with absolutely no problems at all, and I feel like an alien who just doesn't belong. Everyone else seems to have figured the life thing out and I just feel like this odd outsider stuck behind a pane of glass that is looking into a world I will never truly be a part of. More and more, I am feeling this urge to return home, and I can only hope my life will be a short one so I don't have to spend too much more time here on this earth.

I seriously fell out of place, and often feel as if people look at me differently or stare at me as if I have antennae growing out of my head. Yet a person who is standing right beside me will get no looks at all. Strange. What exactly makes me stand out and want people to look at me? Also, sometimes I feel as if I am just going through the motions to appear normal like the other humans around me. Like I will feel as if I am imitating a certain human action, rather than it just coming naturally to me.

Anyways, it's a relief to meet someone like myself because it makes me feel less alone. I suppose there must be some deep purpose to those of us who feel so out of place. The heck if I know what that purpose is, but perhaps we have some sort of special mission??

Thank you so much for posting. This life can be so odd and difficult when one is so sensitive and feels completely out of place on this earth. Finding those who empathize and connect with you is incredibly difficult. Be well and I guess one day we will figure out the meaning behind all this.

This is what I feel. I found out I am autistic. Autistic folks often describe feeling like they are from another planet. When I met other autistic folks for the first time, I felt like the ugly duckling who found her swans :)

I too feel the same. You not alone.thanks for sharing.

No idea if this is still active, or not, or if anyone has already suggested this, but you should look up something called the Pleiadian Workbook, and star people, sounds like you may have been one in a past life. I get exactly how you feel, I feel like that quite often, and have had past life experiences that have made that feeling a lot stronger.

Wtf I'm searching for you !!! You took the words right out of my soul help me please this is no joke plz don't take this as one ... Follow me on instagram please ... Bombassbuds .... That's my user name ... Please DM me I need to talk to someone like me I was beginning to think I was crazy ... Here's an example besides everything you have already said .... The voice inside you yells to be woken up ... You feel ashamed and sometimes disgusted by being human but feel guilty at times for feeling hate for them but find yourself doing kind acts for them even tho you never receive one ... My voice tells me to wake up all the time screaming ...


Wow. I didn't expect to find such a clear answer to the question I asked Google. I've heard many of these classes of beings, light workers, indigo children, starseeds. They resonated with me, but it didn't make as much sense as it does now.

I called in sick to work the past two days because I feel exausted, foggy headed and a bit out of sorts. Certainly not on my A game. That lead to my search, I was trying to find words to match how I felt so I asked Google why I feel foggy headed and like I don't belong here, and it brought here. Now I wonder if one of you extraordinary beings didn't draw me here, or perhaps the group consciousness.

At any rate, thank you all for sharing. I don't feel so alone, I feel that I'll be back on track after a good night's rest. I don't know any of you, yet of the comments I read I think you are the best hope this planet has.

It is time to get to work in earnest with our combined efforts friends.

Omg! I feel the exact same way I've always been someone who prefers to be alone. Yes I feel that I'm in a different world, the things that people talk about around me I am not interested in it. I usually keep quite when people talk about things other than God. My thinking is different from other people that I think I am crazy! I also find myself reading other people's mind which is soo strange!

never have I felt like I am supost to be here I always feel alone even though I am surrounded by friends and family I even have a dream to leave humanity and live on an island somewhere no one can find me to fit in with nature to serve a purpose I always feel empty inside. but unlike some I don't wont humanity to evolve to what they call intelligence I wont them to die out and vanquish from the planet and never return

I feel the same all my life it's like I never belonged, never fitted in anywhere, not even my own family do I belong. I lose everyone, friends, lovers im just too different, I get so angry worth humanity, I find myself looking at them in disgust and sadness. They roam around like ants but they do not help or acknowledged each other. Wars are pointless , do they really believe this is life, this is their purpose, to work and die
I have tried so hard to fit in, but I don't belong, this is not my home, earth is not my home and the humans are not my people

Autism - we all feel we are not of this planet...

I feel this way too when I reading it I was saying to my self me too

I have very similar feelings - that I don't quite belong here and now. That I'm missing out on something important, and should be doing something... but I don't know what, where or when. I feel more and more disassociated from the world, as if I'm waiting for something. Waiting. I can't quite explain it.

Add a response...

I feel similar to you, but I'm not even sure what home is. For me a distant place, maybe. I've recently started noticing people's energy/vibe... just a feel of what they emit. I've always wished the human race would take all that potential they have and advance forward, where sustainable living, taking care of the planet and each other becomes the norm.

I had a weird experience today. I saw the news about Jupiter and Venus' conjunction this week and I suddenly had goosebumps, my heart pounding really fast and I began crying. I felt so emotional when I thought of Jupiter.
All my life I always said that I am not from earth. And as a kid I used to look up at the sky and wonder why I was sent here.
The other day I told a friend that I think different races are from different planets.
I dunno man... it overwhelms me so much. I just know inside that I am not from here and other people will laugh if I say this out loud to anyone I know.

I once had dream that I was traveling to a jupiter on space ship just like Terra venture off power rangers lost galaxy it was weird buy it felt right at the same time.

Wow, interesting thought about you feeling as if you are literally from another planet. Makes you wonder if some of us really are from somewhere way up there, and were sent here on a special mission to do something for humankind....would make sense as to why we feel so out of place.

If you read some of the books by Edgar Cayce, he says that all our planets are places we go to 'train' for various reasons. You may also want to look into astrology and find out what the conjunction means to your own natal (birth) chart. Excellent book is "The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need".

i used to feel like this all the time too.
I never went home instead I found a love I had three children but now lately I have become focused on reading all sorts of literature to maybe somehow find a connection to my mission.
Even though I have a family I still feel lonely and still have not connected with ppl around me. I stay home all the time.
You should go out and try to make friends before you are older like me and wonder where time has gone.
We may never find out purpose here now and waiting maybe a lifetime .
You are not alone ok. My children ask the same questions about life too. They ask me when are we going home and did we always live here.
Maybe it's in our DNA code I don't know. Some ppl call us starseeds of the future.
Be kind to yourself and be happy please don't end up stranded like me.

I try to make friends, but it never seems to work out for me. Maybe I am too nice? I'm not evil or mean, I make friends easy but they always drift off.

I always feel the same way and it makes me want to cry and I am always telling my self that I want to go home but I don't know where home is and that I want to leave this planet and go for the stars. I am very intelegent with things that involve the planets and have always wanted to go and travel them. I bring up arguments in school to explain that there is other life there and I do have friends it's just I tend to work alone and be alone. The only thing that can make me happy again is the sound of music or looking into the stars knowing that I could go home one day and find it when I am ready

I think I'm in love with you. What you explained is exactly me in every way. Maybe except the fighting part because I'm more relaxed and peaceful. But I feel exactly as you do. I've got to get in contact with you.

I constantly feel like this. Feeling like i dont fit in. I was born in the wrong era. This isnt my realm... But dont give up on life. It'll be worth it in the end! God wanted us to experience this ****. Suck it up. If our ancestors can do it.. WE CAN AS WELL. try not to think about it so much though. The day will come. ... John 18:36 Jesus said "My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now my kingdom is from another place."........ i wish we can all meet up with eachother! :'(

Some of you said I feel the same,
I always think to my self why I'm here? what I'm doing here? Why me? Or maybe I'm just board? I can make some friends But after few months or a year they leave not because they going to other places it because they having their own friends and your not invited and even I go near to them to talk with them and have some fun or in a serious moment, they walk out and seat far away from you all you is looking to them cause they avoiding you that why I don't like having close friend they always do that leaving Now I'm in 30th yr of age no job No own family But I feel I a slave with my own family, years ago they give few of salaries 300 pesos a weak so I'm happy for that, now they said no more salary even you work for them do the cooking take care their baby Harding the store washing their clothes With no salary so I feel a slave even I have free meals but the other work for the they have salary and free meals so it in fair for me, people are so rude some I hate human and I hate being human and I think to my self I'm not human I'm not from this planet

Look into autism...

I feel the same way. I'm not smarter than most, I'm not drawn to fighting but I have a telepathic power where some nights when I feel alone I speak to someone. The person always tells me to be strong and remember my purpose, yet I have no clue what my purpose is. One night when I was around twelve I layed by my window and cried to a star it felt right, it felt like my home, I asked and begged it to take me back to go back home because I didn't feel that I was home on earth I felt like I needed to go there. I got a wave of reassurance that I was going to go back one day but not yet. I told them that I missed them. They said they missed me too. I am very close to nature, I often hug trees and feel a certain vibration forming within them, I'm shocked to say that certain vibrations aren't good. I feel I can communicate well with animals they usually come to me first. My parents are open minded and take things I say seriously. Yet I can't tell them this but I feel something right about telling you. I feel that I need you somehow. Please please contact me.

I think some how lots of us in the same areas need to meet up in groups. I am going to put an add in my area news paper and see if anyone else comes along.

sounds amazing. please do.

I will do the same

You pretty much took the words right out of my mouth. I've been feeling a real pull towards the sky, I want to go home. But I don't know where "home" is. I'm 21 and live in New Zealand. It's amazing because I thought I was the only one.

Spot on my friend! I feel similar, but have come to terms with this feeling, i am 22 years old and live in the desert in the usa. I feel we are here to help this place! Our consciousness has undergone an intense trauma that is reverberating threw our Psyche.. psychedelics have helped me immensely with coming to some kind of understanding of what is and was happening to me. The struggle is real! But with the comprehension of your powers you can surpass your ever growing expectations of your Self & put into effect the world you wish to see stopping the chain of discomfort and confusion that plagues our hardened Spirits. Follow your omens and be at peace, you are where you are supposed to be, be patient fellow sentient, much love!

Well said ❤

I feel a strong connection to your words.. It's like you took them straight from my own head..


I'm really late on this train but my name is Khayla and I'm a 16 year old girl and I have always felt like I don't belong here and I have a highly spiritual purpose on this earth. Ever since i was a kid i thought there was something different about me than the other kids and even now i see myself as a totally other worldly being. I always feel like I want to go home, even when im laying comfortably in my own bed. Ive felt this way all my life but its getting stronger now and I feel like i have a purpose on earth, but i dont know what it is yet. I always write, i always draw, i always create, and im always thinking. I dont have a religion, but i have a strong connection with the universe and i feel like i am a child of the universe. My soul is a prophet and my body is a vessel and i know that i am not like everyone else. I've never spoken to anybody with this same feeling as me so I would love to share experiences with anybody who feels like this i would greatly appreciate it. :))

reading these passages has really enlighten my mind I am 28 years old my name is Anthony I live in Philadelphia my whole entire life has been one big? All I do is question everything if somebody says that the tree is really a tree I still don't believe them I have to find out for my own and really believe it to really think it's true I never thought I belong here I am a fantastic lyricist I write lyrics for hip hop music and I record but I have no other interest on this planet I feel as though I don't belong and I never will belong I've worked multiple jobs tried it so many different things to make myself happy and for some reason it has never connected me with happiness or joy every day I wake up and just wonder why and I curse at God because I have anger that I can't get rid of my mother and father don't know what to do I can get a good career and have the normal robot life but I just don't want it I look to the stars in the clouds in the Sun everyday and beg and beg to the gods that they take me but I know I am here for something I just don't know what and don't know if it's complex enough for me to want to stay and to see so many people talk about the same thing just eases my heart and it will help me get through another day but tomorrow I will wake up with the same emotion not knowing why when or where I'm supposed to be I don't want to be a part of this world I know in my heart and in my mind that there's something so greater than what we are doing here but I just don't know what it is somebody help because the gods don't

the place you're looking for isn't there anymore its gone our ancestors did the same thing you're doing here on earth and destroyed it. Our world is like the deserts here. Everyday was a fighting for our lives. We chose to come here help save this world. But in are transition our memories were lost but there in our dreams. There are so many of us here but they are lost. They haven't awaken yet you have. Many of us have but the pain of what we lost blinds us from our mission. go to the nearest desert stand on the mountain and stand there let your mind go blank feel the air the sun the earth it helps to remind you why you are here it will connect you with this world. To this planets Mother she will guide you and help you on your journey. She will tell you what you need to do. Where your place here is. Know one person here can help until you open your mind and listen to this planet. Once you discover what you're here for then and only then will that longing for home stop. Because safing this planet is our reason for being here. We each have a part to do. Sometimes when that feeling of longing is to much. I return to the desert sometimes standing there for hours wishing I had stayed but for some reason I chose this. And one day we will return but not until we have done our parts. Most of you are going to think iam crazy and that's fine with me. I know what I need to do and why iam here. Do you?

last time I was in the desert I was told to Goto this site and tell you what you need to do. To enlightening you.

That makes sense to me. Being in quiet place with less distraction can be quite useful.

the place you're looking for isn't there anymore its gone our ancestors did the same thing you're doing here on earth and destroyed it. Our world is like the deserts here. Everyday was a fighting for our lives. We chose to come here help save this world. But in are transition our memories were lost but there in our dreams. There are so many of us here but they are lost. They haven't awaken yet you have. Many of us have but the pain of what we lost blinds us from our mission. go to the nearest desert stand on the mountain and stand there let your mind go blank feel the air the sun the earth it helps to remind you why you are here it will connect you with this world. To this planets Mother she will guide you and help you on your journey. She will tell you what you need to do. Where your place here is. Know one person here can help until you open your mind and listen to this planet. Once you discover what you're here for then and only then will that longing for home stop. Because safing this planet is our reason for being here. We each have a part to do. Sometimes when that feeling of longing is to much. I return to the desert sometimes standing there for hours wishing I had stayed but for some reason I chose this. And one day we will return but not until we have done our parts. Most of you are going to think iam crazy and that's fine with me. I know what I need to do and why iam here. Do you?

My name is Carol, and I am 52 years old I feel exactly the way you do, It has been getting stronger as I have been getting older, I feel I don't belong on the earth, and this is not my home although I don't know exactly where my home is, but I know it is not on earth, I want to go home, I have been doing research on youtube to read about anything that would help me understand this better, I have came to this site and discovered you feel the same way I do, please email me sometime we can share some of ours feelings and experiences with each other, I feel I need to be with my own who is like me and understands what Im going through.


I fell diferent sorry for my english :) when i fell the nature around me makes me smile and want something but dont know why... I have a fascination for stars but the world destroy me im only 16 and this generation is very.. Strange they dont care. Maybe im just kid but i fell diferent help me plz

Wow,I thought I was the only one in the world to feel this way. All my life I share the same feeling too. Around age 6-7 I began noticing I wasn't just a body and something was inside,I was just cry let me out let me out!!! At that age how could you describe that to someone?? It definitely sucks,but you are not alone hun...and neither am I. Tap into your spiritual side,you sound empathetic/psychic to me,maybe more.

Hello. it is so surreal reading your post because it feels like words of my own diary...I have felt this way all of my life and I have searched for years for answers. Or at least just a void. I want to be amongst others like myself. How can I message you?

I thought I was the only one. Now everything seems clearer to know there's someone else like me that I'm not alone. You literally described me 90% and I'm a guy. How can I reach you? I would love to have a conversation with you.
Hope to hear back from you some day in the nearest future.

As a child I felt exactly the same way, you're not alone, and soon it will become all clear, don't be afraid of the truth, you've suffered long enough, as I also have, but now I am better, here's a link all of you need to watch, because the whole world is about to wake up to a reality they've blocked out of their brains for milleniums. Were all gona be ok. Watch "Mexican Government Admits Aliens are Real" on youtube..

I feel the same too. My parents abandoned me and my grandmother is the only one who raised me. I have friends, different kinds of friends. Gamers, smart nerds, party animals, gangsters on streets etc etc. But I usually hang out with the gamers group. We used to stay in each of our houses and bring our desktop or laptop then we all play together. But then everything changed last year when I moved in her in UK. I feel so different. Everyone has their own world where I cant fit in. I transferred to a new school and I failed to make friends. That time I learned not to trust anyone and only rely on myself. Everyday I do the same thing over and over. Sleep, school, go home, play game for hours to escape this world and repeat. I met few people which is my own kind *Asians and sometimes they invite me to play basketball outside. Sometimes I go with them but usually I make reasons not to cuz I just want to be alone. And the worst part is. I got kicked out from school haha. According to them I didnt have friends in school and thats not a good thing to them because as what they said their school is very sociable and students must have their group of friends and some ****. After all, I just learned that its better to go with the flow rather than trying so hard in things that only makes you look stupid. Also I feel numb and have no emotions left. And the last thing I learned is acceptance. I learned to accept what I am and I dont care about this world anymore. I have my own world. A world where I am stronger, where I can do a lot of things that you cant do in this world and a world where I can see my real friends. Not just friends but also people who I can relate to and have common interests. Reality sucks. I wish I was born inside a game

I feel the same way. Everything you have told me I feel this same. Please text me 209-613-9838

I can't believe my own eyes... Never thought I'd stumble across thoughts in other people that similar to mine. I don't feel like I'm literally alien, but I feel so disconnected and different exactly like I've read in many of your comments. I'm 24, and have been overly fascinated in astronomy, physics, stars, aliens etc. since I was 5. I used to "steal" my dad's science magazines to look at them, but I don't know why a little kid would even find that interesting... I still do though. I look up at the sky, often, wondering. Wondering why the hell I don't fit in. Why I was born here, if I was born too early in time and have to live my entire life until I die and reach something else, a higher dimension, I have no idea. I've been speculating so many theories but never come to an answer. I've studied physics for a short while, to know more about the structure of the world. And I'm still thinking of going back to physics since I read any astronomy article I can get my hand on. Sometimes I have dreams that make me wonder too. I feel weird even admitting it in this forum, but I've never thought to look for other people like me, before now.

I too feel very emotionally connected to people, like I can read them and, well, I work as a sales person, and strangely often customers just start talking about their personal problems too me and unloading, though I never asked... It's weird.
I'm observing us as a species and I'm frustrated that we're not further ahead. Everything is about money, religion, politics, while there are whole worlds out there just waiting for us.

This makes me sad... I tend to game, smoke weed, drink and dance just to unload all these emotions that I have, while still somewhat functioning and continuing my normal life with the people I care about - I just know there's more... Don't know what, but it's out there. Sigh. Thank you all though, for making me feel less alone.

It seems as though we have very similar personalities. I have felt "alienated" from this world since I was 5. I would observe and analyze everyone's behaviors in real time and at first it was fun but now I'm 25 and it has become a burden. I also perceive others' emotions before they are aware of it. I can read deep into people's souls by looking in their eyes. I also am fascinated with fighting and martial arts. I wish to go home. This is not home. You are definitely not alone. :)

yiu can call me ace youre not alone our creators are always with us there always watching. our creators and they speak to us Listen to your heart and your intuition. Youre not alone feel free to add me on face book justin pennington or @penningtonj3@gmail

You have touched many of my thoughts and i wondered why ... so many things that should be so simple just doesn't fit. i know its because i am not from here .. i never felt like i fit

I don't understand it either. I am going through the same thing and can't find the answers.

This is quite interesting honestly.... i've lately been having these same urges that i don't know exactly how to explain. I feel as if i can't bond with others in a certain way. yes i have plenty of friends and appreciate every single one of them. I've just had this feeling that i don't belong here. As if this isn't where im suppose to be. I have these strange vibes in which i can't explain how they feel. they're not bad or good. In fact i don't even know how to respond to them but i sit there and let it take its course. There are about 5 people i love and would do anything for. As for what you said about the UFO i've also felt the same way. I even believe i'd give up everything i have on this planet just so i can see what else is out there, possibly a way home.

i to am the same! What can we do?

Get together with ppl who share the same feelings and unite your wisdom and power

I seriously wish I could have a real life conversation with you and many of the posters. I feel so alone and forgotten. Forgotten by someone and left here on earth. I can remember as early as 10 saying out loud but to my self "I want to go home". Right now more them ever I feel sort of an urgency to return, like it my time to go.

I think it was be nice to have an online group for people like us. We're not crazy, just homesick for where our true home which is not Earth.

This is crazy I feel the same way like I have dreams and visions and all types of things going on.its hard for MW to get sick
I fight a lot but its because I love so hard I love nature I think about it everyday of my life I feel different from everyone..I feel trapped and I try to get ppl to listen to me but they are like puppets..

I feel very similar, but with key differences that make it seemingly as difficult to live this lifetime on this planet.. I do handle pain differently than others, I'm capable of withstanding most trauma, but I find myself indulging in emotions as oppose to numbing myself. I'm a lover with a fighters determination, I fight for love. I feel very human at times, but that only further demonstrates contrast when the majority of the time I feel so very different or even much more than this life expression named by another being.. I too long to find my home, I do not believe this is it. I look in the mirror and weep frequently. The realization that I don't belong here is rather unnerving.. I would prefer to be rid of these emotions that suffocate me, this emotions that don't feel as if this originated within in me, but instead..thrust upon me.

Starseeds, starseeds, and more starseeds.

All I have to say is, you're not from here but you're supposed to be here because "God" is helping everyone on Earth. All the ignorance and hate - sorrow and pain that you see here.

I too have felt this, but it's been recently that I've figured out my purpose on this Earth (Also known as Gaia (ring a bell?). )

This planet was once a library and a testing facility to teach extradimensional beings to practice evolution and creation (which is what we'll be doing as well but we're not ready yet, obviously).

Some of us are walk-ins, light workers, star seeds, etc.
Some of us literally got ripped from our homes and placed here because we have the skills and abilities to fix this planet.

Some of us are higher dimensional beings getting pushed back to help
And some of us are actually implanted here because it's our graduation test. If we can accomplish this test (helping each other, being good and acting out in the name of light and love) then we move onto a higher dimensional level of thinking.

I feel like this is all I can tell you, there's this notion in me that's letting me know that I blabbed too much lol alot of this is supposed to be self-realized but an extra push never hurts, right?

Well hopefully with this information - your spirit can be put to a calm vibration.

Same with everyone who's related to you on this level.

I love you, starsister. Don't forget it. You'll find out your purpose on here just as I have :) If you ever need someone to talk to, advice, questions, etc, feel free to email me or something.

"I come in the name of light, truth and love"

Maybe we should come together and try to help eachother meet our reasons of being here I feel like that's what we should do!

How can we make this happen? I would love it.

How can I find you? Do you have contact information? I would like to further discuss some of the things you mentioned in this post but I'd rather do it without the audience...

I know this feeling very well, and until now I thought I was the only one. I feel like everything around me is of no significance and that this is just a holding place or even a test. Im still young and ive moved 26 times in m life. Not a single place that I have been has helped me feel anymore at home than the next. Ive gotten to the point where I would rather be asleep and dreaming than awake because in my dreams I feel more than when im awake. More like I belong. When im awake and trying to talk to anyone I just feel like everything I say and do is just completely different and odd compared to everyone else. Ive been told many times I just have extreme anxiety or depression, but it seems to be much more than that.

Hi my name is max I've felt this way since I was very young wondering hoping I wasn't the only one in this position I too don't feel human actually I feel quite strongly to how you are please get in touch with me I'm the Ninja king 13

You're a starseed :)

I am glad, there is someone else who feels this way too. It is such a relief to hear your story, it makes me feel better to know there are other people who feel the same way. Every day, I live my life just wishing I could go back home. It is somewhere up there, but I can't seem to remember.. I try to find different ways of catching glimpses of my home. Because I can't return home yet, I can only watch it and think about it from afar. I look in the reflections of broken glass. in the rain puddles, in the eyes of people passing by. Those are the secret windows to the universe where I truly belong.
But I know, there are other people who have forgotten, just like me. People that I feel a strong connection to. I'm trying to make them remember, slowly, secretly. Because we don't belong here! It makes me so depressed, I hate being trapped here with no choice. We have to get back home somehow. I think the only way, must be death.

not even death , somehow we all are yes here waiting for something, I feel I lived a hundred lives, death for me it would be to start all over again. feels like a prison just doing my time, past memories of being man or woman places I've never been is so familiar and at the end goes back to a sadness ,I spend my time talking to my self all day questioning screaming on the inside for them to come and get me, to found myself looking up the skies for a sign, looking at one particular star yearning am left behind and I feel them out there just waiting as well,but they cannot come I feel their presence telling me to wait, they are so many and also many kinds of star people and my kind is so far behind the Sun, but not our Sun another galaxy and is taking thousands of years on earth time for this big ship or whatever thing I see in my dreams to get to earth, he the one who create US is there only Him has the key for them to come ,I have seen so many things in the skies even in the middle of the night to go and look up ,messages I written I was told where I come from , not by my own kind but from a different being someone from the past ,and traveled from time between the time. somehow one morning I woke up and wrote this.

I don't belong here either. People have been horrible to me since the age of 4, when I started retaining memories. Bullying, terrorized by my mother, rejected by peers, preyed upon by male and female employers in my 20's. I am now in mid life and want to go "home" where ever that may be. I can't stand most humans and wonder how they can tolerate their frivolous lives filled with BS. And yet, they seem like they love it. I am a female, and women, in particular avoid me. Yes, I am attractive, but I'm an introvert and artistic. I would put those two qualities as my defining characteristics over beauty. It just makes for a very isolated existence. Maybe we are older souls who have been in the physical world so many times, that we are tired of returning and want to solely exist on a spiritual plane of existence?

Im the same way.

Reading your story,I can say that we are very much alike in a lot of ways,I have felt out of place since I can remember,and I always new I did not belong,I also have a love for martial arts and am a black belt.I used to ask God to let a space ship come and take me away,but now that i am older I realize that I am human but I was sent here by God to do what I can to help people,since I came to this understanding I am a lot happier,for I know that when my workis done on this earth God will take me home,and I have decided to try and be happy here on earth because I am doing the work god sent me here to do.

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Add a response...I m desperate to go Home. I know the Source and hate being on the Prison Planet of Earth which is led by a satanic force. I am looking for like-minded people in Connecticut or New York to hang out with or join a group. Please email me at if you are real.

You are here to learn how to interact with human race and watch the begining of technocratic and bureaucratic society and how to make life stronger and not be dependent on technology but not without it. Here it begins. Touch it but dont be touched. This is just small part of huge journey....

You have truly touched my heart with this... I feel so much the way you are just only I'm a lover not a fighter. But I do too feel like I don't belong here at all. I've seen the world through different eyes my whole life like what is the purpose of this for real. I don't fit in here and I can't be like these humans are. Ive been wondering why am I here all my life. And I see people like you do. I don't know what it means myself either. I've been depressed about it all my life. I know I am 3 years late but I do hope u respond. I am a 26 year old female. I really hope you or someone responses to me so we can talk about this... Because I feel like I don't know myself either.

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I feel the same. I can't understand humans anymore and I really know that I'm not from here. I also want to go home asap...

I don't relate 100% but I don't fee like I'm supposed to be here. I'm homesic for a place that doesn't exsist. I crave it. Also I feel people's emotions deeply. Sometimes too much. I love the people in my life but something is missing. I feel comfort looking Into the sky and I know somewhere home is there.

I feel this. I can relate and respond to every word. Smile Skywatters, home is somewhere. It must exist and if not then it needs creating :)

Yours is the comment i relate to, the most. There are no
'healing powers' that I am aware of possessing. I am an adrenaline junkie and prefer to stay alone, although am not completely averse to people. I am really homesick and am waiting to find out my purpose for being here.

I don't feel like I belong here. I really want to go home but I don't know where home is. I feel connected to nature and animals but not to many humans. I feel like a lot of my past isn't real, I don't know how to explain it. No one seems to understand me and I feel what other people are feeling easily. The other night my baby niece was crying and my mother was babysitting her. I could feel her sadness so strongly and it felt like she missed her own mom more than anything. When I held her hand I could feel the energy transferring from her body to mine and I was overcome with such a strong sadness I had to leave the room. I'm always hoping that someone will come to take me home but I feel alone, like I'm stuck here. I'm only fifteen, I don't know what to do. I just want to go home.

I also love the stars, I feel very drawn towards them and love just looking at them. I struggle in school because I zone out and don't focus, but my grades are still good. Everyone calls me smart but I don't find so because I get so stressed out with school work, it seems very pointless to me. I am not good at making friends and often avoid hanging out with the ones I do have because staying at home in my room alone is far more appealing. I definitely feel like I'm here for a reason, and I want to figure it out so I can go home. I've felt so lost and hopeless that I've considered just ending my life because I feel like that's my only way to escape.

am a 3rd Grade teacher, who is 34 and still looking for answers. I may be a bit late on this, but I think I am supposed to reply to YOUR post. Look up........heaven is not as far as we think. Hit me up. they think it is spam, put in "Rowan Escape" for the title. I WILL respond. Stay cool.......its not as bad as it looks. ..........but it is, however, you are not alone.

I do feel the same way but I haven't experienced any such incidents. I have always felt out of place and that I have been put here by mistake or something. Its like everyone knows how to live here and I dont. I have always wondered why is it so. I always look at people on this earth as a third personas if I don't belong here. In particular situations I have felt like going back but not knowing where. I havent ever felt suicidal but that urge to leave earth is something I have felt. Since childhood stars and the outerspace have always interested me, including aliens. I have always felt that I have come here to help people and I love nature just the way you do! I don't know what this means !

Hey! I'm in a little group of wonderful people, we all feel the same way. It's scary almost, how much we all have in common. It is absolutely wonderful. We haven't come up with any answers to what this all means but we have company through it. If you're interested, or even just want to talk without ever entering the group, or whatever, you're more than welcome to message me, if you want to.

I, too, am not from this planet. But I've accepted that I am here for a reason. When my daughter was born I knew she was different the moment I first saw her. She was my inspiration to try to make sense of being here and discover what this phenomenon is. Research star children, indigo children, and crystal children. I've found a lot of good information which will hopefully enlighten anyone experiencing a sense of not belonging here. My purpose is to help enlighten people and bring change to humanity who are self-destructing. If I come in contact with anyone I can automatically feel the energy. I chose a career path that puts humans right into my hands. I'm a hairstylist and massage therapist - with that I'm able to tap into their energy field and begin to shift it. For some who are more resistant I find it drains my energies which causes me to want to retreat and be alone. I have to say lately, especially this past week, has been a very difficult time for me. I long to go home, but I know my work here is not finished. Meditating with moldavite has helped me greatly feel connected to my home while here on this earth. Lots of love.

Woah you have such a good attitude. It is so refreshing to see :) xxxx

Thank you. Any light I can shine brings me joy! :)

Moldavite. I have seen it advertised for sale and doubted it as I am very careful who I would buy it from. Where did you get it? And you say it works for you? If it is the real stuff it can be a good protector. Would love your feedback. Thank you.

Hi ... Yes you do have to be very careful when it comes to moldavite. There are, unfortunately, a lot of fakes out there. If you see a piece that looks "wet" and shiney its a replica. I prefer to go in person when I'm purchasing any crystals rather than over the Internet for one reason... I have to feel their energy. Moldavite resonates a very high energy so that is another way you can tell if it's real. Moldavite has eased my "earthly worries" (such as financial worry and fear of the unknown). It eases homesickness. It has also helped me realize my purpose here. But I must warn you working with this stone can cause you to space-out so it's recommended that you ground yourself. Therefore when I meditate with it I always have smokey Quartz with me.
I hope this helps you. If you have any other questions just let me know. :)

Also, I'm not sure how much you know about moldavite so I'd like to tell you why it helps in this particular situation of feeling like you don't belong here. Moldavite is a form of tektite - a meteor collided with earth and formed this powerful and rare stone. Therefore it has properties of earth and properties outside of this earth from the universe. Looking at it through the light and just holding it is mesmerizing. And it will allow you to feel connected to the universe while you are here.

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I agree. I am also more aggressive than others (only female in my karate class), I am always correcting my tutors (can't believe my science teacher didn't know about the Bali Tiger!) and I have a fascination with the stars. I don't make friends easily and I prefer to be alone.
Maybe we're the same species?

Please add me on Facebook "Thinjax Depth"
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I thought I was reading a documentary, about myself.
Just message me on Facebook and say, (experience project)