I Don't Belong On This Planet And I'm Waiting To Go Home

For as long as I can remember, I've always felt homesick no matter where I was. I always knew home wasn't here on Earth. Even as a child I'd watch people, how they interact with each other, examine their features, their behaviors, and I've wondered why I'm so different, why I don't even feel human. I act as human-like as possible, but everything I do is very different from everyone else. When I'm in physical pain, which has to be very strong because I'm very resistant, I laugh. Emotional pain, I numb all emotions.
I always want to be alone. I'm usually in my room, reading, writing, sleeping, gaming. Or at the library, where not even my parents can bother me. I have many friends, I just usually hang out with them at school, and I tend to come up with excuses to not hang out after school, because I'd much rather feel alone. But I think it's because I'm really not alone at all - I feel like there's always someone, one of my kind, with me in my heart. However, I still have the need to find my own kind physically.
I've always had an extreme fascination with the stars. I can spend hours and hours just staring off into them, admiring their beauty. When I do this it comforts me. I don't feel so alone in this world. But I scan the stars, like I'm searching for home, but I've forgotten exactly where it's at. I often get these extreme urges to go home. Lately they've been stronger than ever. I want to go back home, where I belong.
I have always been very mature for my age, but this isn't exactly a good thing. I have trouble with making friends. I am very intelligent, and often find myself correcting my instructors and teachers, but I don't always apply myself because my mind is always off elsewhere, exploring my own interests.
I also don't get close to people easily. I'm only close to two people, and I only love four. I don't really like people too much. But I'm very loving towards nature. Now, I'm not a tree hugger or anything, but any abuse to animals or plants gets me angry and I feel even more ashamed of humans. I'm a fighter, not a lover. I love to fight - but it competition. I'm the only female in my martial arts class, as I have been for two years. I fight against older men in their twenties, thirties, and forties, and I'm in my early teens. Many people find this odd, but I have an extreme attraction to fighting, and I think there may be a purpose for that.
I feel emotions that I know many people have never felt before. I can tell exactly what someone is feeling by just looking at them - they can have a huge smile on their face, but inside I know they're unhappy. It's vice-versa for others. I can also tell nearly exactly what someone is thinking, or what they're going to say before they open their mouths, by looking at them and/or feeling the energy they're giving off.
If a UFO or strange aircraft landed before me, I'd be the one to run right to it. I've seen two strange aircraft near my home before. They both occurred at night. The first time, I followed it into a pasture, but then something told me to run away. I hesitated, but I ran away. The second time I chased it and chased it until it disappeared. I wish I would've continued to chase it though... I want to go home...
I don't feel human. I don't belong on this Earth. I don't know my purpose for being here, and I know I have one. But I want to find my purpose so I can leave as soon as possible. I want to go home. If anyone feels this way, I'm begging you to message me... I want to go home, I need to find my own kind..
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They might not have been going to your home. I believe there are many galaxies out there. My home is where Jesus is. Heaven is my home I too have never felt like I belonged here... I know i don't....But until it is my time I am going to try to love as many ppl and help as many I can help until it is time to go. Until then I remain READY to GO HOME,

then get like e. mf'n t. n phone ya zzz home

That's rude! you are too blind to see what is going on in this world, you are the nut, because you are not seeing the real world for what it is, I think you have a better purpose on earth then to post what you just wrote, and your time should be spent researching about the real world, because you are obviously in your own world. WAKE UP!!!

Feel the same for as long as I can remember. It is the same with me on sensing emotions. But one thing I know, is that we are not human or any other kind of being. These are just suits we put on the play the games and we have many many avatars. There is only one spirit and we are that! I know this but yet often feel as you do. Lonely and longing for family, for that connection. If you are here, this is your purpose, to live here an play. The connection is there, we just can't always feel it. There is only One and we can't ever be alone.

What do we do??? I have felt so alone because I want so much to be with others that are like me, though I find this site very comforting, everyone is still so distant, I wish there was a monthly event where we all could just get together and just share our experiences, I know that is not possible.

I feel the same way. I have no idea what planet I am from. But I know I am not from earth i am a Alien of some kind i can't remember. But my feeling in my bones tell me I might be A Nordic or A New Being who was created.

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I have always felt that way but later on in life I learn that God was the only one who could make me understand why I felt the way I did. I didn't understand why I could feel what other people felt or even see things that other people can't see. I learned that home is not on earth this is just temporary. Home one day will be with the lord. But for now earth is home until Jesus comes. God is amazing and powerful when you except Jesus you will find who you are and understand yourself. Being different is beautiful. I have children that are like me and I do understand what they are feeling and going through. I have so many stories and I can even write a book on the things that have happened in my life that many that are like me would understand. Trust me when I tell you God is the only way you will find yourself. Read the kings James bible.

This so true ycruz72, everyday I ask GOD to give me my purpose on earth, I feel like I am waiting for an assignment of my next move, because nothing else interest me, I feel anxious to start my work, whatever it is. I just have to be patient.

I'm a 17year old female... Well here at least. I remember my name... Somehow. And I somewhat remember what I'm doin here... I'm getting overly bored as I'm wasn't and will probably never be the type to just sit and study as I'm supposed to. I'm a combatant type, not an intellectual. I do not feel/know most feelings which seem normal to others. I remember how to fight, despite not having any previous martial arts training, and my friend says I have a different aura... Well, if anyone wants to chat, please email me @ ZepthArgonstein@gmail(dot)com

Will be lookin forward to any emails:) I'll be willin to tell more about myself, if I can answer. But probably not most of your questions as I doubt we came from the same place. But at least we're in the same situation.

Same I can tell how people are feeling and thinking

Hi I feel simular to you,, Since I was 2 years old I kept teling my family and people around me that I was not from here, and I was not from this world,, everybody laughed at me and use to think im joking,, im highly telepathic , Every time I start thinking about someone strongly they usually ring me or tex me within minutes,, '' and I normaly know what people are thinking to.. Love to talk to you Insanityynk,, To talk to someone of my kind I believe will give me answers to some Questions,, Vik

So my im a 23 year old male and ive constantly felt this way since i can remember . most of the things your saying blows my mind to find out that someone else feels this way. I always find myself staring at the sky at night and i cant say why which is weird ... I promise im being 100 % percent honest !!

Please, if you ever find the way to return home i hope you will find me and take me with you, i ave always thought that my parents were not my real ones, and that i was put on this earth for a purpose, i also have a friend that i connected with when i was in nursery, which is where toddlers go its a kind of school, anyway i met him there and i have been 'best friends' with him all my life, i am 17 now and we still see each other frequently, he has a good nature just like me, i have been searching for the knowledge that is hidden within me all my life and im so interested with extraterrestrial beings and things, at least i have found this...i feel connected and not so alone as a sit in my room by myself, i can feel energy from people, i know exactly how they are feeling, and i know when something isn't going to work.

This is strange,but i sorta feel that way 2,well except the whole being smart thing,i do average in school,but i do feel like i can look at stars for long times and then i get this overwhelming feeling of..i dont know what to even call it?i dont relate well to shy..i dont like to talk...i love animals,specially horses,i find that something is missing from my life..but idk what to believe anymore(i am christian,and i do however believe that God really does exsist and that he has got a plan for me)

I'm loud and outspoken. So is my immediate family. I try to care for what others say, buy I donnot. I listen always listen. Not nuxh k7xh stamds out these days. But more than evee stands out these days. If that makes sense .. I'm soon to wed after 30 years. Of life. Hasn't happened yet but somehow I know it will. Who is this man that evens my field. Wh
o's life am I living to even a score...? As I write I feel I know not what I speak. I feel a loss of who I once was ....

I am german yet speak in many accents. How? I know not.. juat enough that I know I am an observer.

I have always felt that way.I feel like an Observer than a Participant in everything.I'm very intelligent but have never applied it to studies or work.
Why am I here?
So no, you are not alone in feeling that way.I'm 52 yo by the way.

First time I don't feel alone or like a complete freak thank you for sharing <3

Ive been on this site, just reading for a while. Actually mostly weirded out by some of the things people post. I dont even have the energy to post anything myself ive never been one to put myself out there. and only until i typed into google i dont belong did your post show up. Im grateful to have found it. Still feel alone in a room full of people because they just dont get it but to know there are people like me is comforting none the less.

i feel and act exactly the same. moving from country to country lately i have an extremely intense of feeling of wanting to go home. but i cannot figure where is it. i like to be closed down in my room and have extremely strong sense of purpose, cant tell how people think, what do they feel, who are they. but when it comes to myself, i cannot figure who i am.

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I understand exactly where you are coming from, and I know it is hard to talk about it to people who don't understand. you are not alone.

Oh,wow I feel like I just read my own thoughts. Everything you said is so me.......<3

One percent of all human beings act primarily out of Inventor Instinct.
We are born that way.

Perhaps the reason why we don't feel like we belong, is because there are so few of us, and we rarely meet others who also act primarily out of Inventor Instinct.

We are literally surrounded by billions of people who do not think or act like we do, or see the things that we see. Everyone around us is acting primarily out of Warrior or Nurturing or Gathering or Worker Instincts. This overwhelming imbalance of Instincts makes us stick out like sore thumbs.

Of course we feel like we don't belong!

But, if we vocalize our feelings we are ridiculed by those who act out of Warrior Instinct, and shamed by those who act out of Nurturing Instinct. And none of them understand us. This just serves to reaffirm our feelings that we don't belong.

Acting primarily out of Inventor Instinct does not mean that we invent things.

It means that we see the biggest picture of all eight of the instincts.

And the big picture sucks.
And we are acutely aware of it every day of our lives.

Most of the advancements we have made, as a species, have come from people who act primarily out of Inventor Instinct. Being able to see the bigger picture allows us to dream and imagine, which often turns into new inventions. It is the one Instinct that fosters creativity.

We could do well in school but we see no point. We are brighter and quicker than those around us, but we are bored and uninspired by our teachers. We see unfairness all around us, and ignorance and waste. If we have any encouragement or support from those around us, we can invent amazing things. If we feel no support, but only ridicule, rejection and scorn, then we just give up. We may come to realize that nothing we do matters because when we die it's over, and we are just marking time here. Many of us contemplate suicide because to live like this grows more and more intolerable every day.

If you have ever felt like this,
if you feel like this all the time, just remember:
- You are not clinically depressed
- You are not from another planet
- You are not defective
- You are not alone

You are one of the one percent of human beings that acts primarily out of Inventor Instinct.
You are normal.

You are the reason I joined this. I have never read something like this that hasn't come from my own private writing. I think I'm remembering my purpose here.

I have been feeling this way so long. I laughed particularly hard when you said you laugh at pain ME TOO. I choose to be alone to get my energy back. Being around people after a while drains my energy and i end up harming them when I am sent to help them. Ive seen it happen and i swore never to do so again. Family complains that I am always locked away but its necessary to bring light instead of anxiety. I wish they would stop coming in my dreams though, it makes me sad and extra home sick, I can spend ages just checking the sky day or night. Sometimes I want to go home other times I get the feeling i volunteered to come and teach so I have to honour that obligation, they will come for me when I have done my duty or am too tired to continue.

I am the exact same. I am constantly told its "aspergers" but I know I'm different.

I hate when they try to put a name on something. you posted this awhile back, do you still feel different.

You are not alone and I think that happens to be the one thing that we are forgetting. Although we might be scattered upon this rock to teach these savages to be conscious beings, to be non reactive, to be civilized, to respect the gifts that they have been given; we are not alone.

Your post is exactly how I feel. I have nothing in common with anyone that I have ever met. The only two people with whom I share any type of connection is with two of my cousins. According to my mother and his mother, with one of them, I share a very special connection.

Ever since we were children everyone has always confused him for me and me for him. Keep in mind, that to both of us we do not look alike. Looking back at childhood pictures, we look nothing alike. Yet, as a child, I would walk down the streets of the town where he lived and people would think that I was him. When together, people would think that we were twins. There is a reason for that. We have the same radiant energy.

It has to do with a UFO encounter that both his mother and my mother had when they were in their 20's. It happened on my grandparents farm. According to them, that's when we were both created. Both married men, but we are not their sons. It is a long story.

My entire life I have had UFO experiences. At our last home I had an encounter that my partner does not remember but his aunt does. In fact, two days after I told him his aunt told him about the same experience with the same craft and the same beings. She is also very special.

I too am a fighter but I am exhausted. I want to go home so bad because I know that this is not home. I have always known that this is not home. I am now contacted almost every week while in bed. I am awoken by a very bright white light shining above my head. Last time I heard a man's voice talking to me and asking me questions; he was trying to console me because they are aware that I am ready to go home. This started in November of 2013.

The things that I see on a daily basis should not be seen by anyone or anything. There is so much negativity here and the humans - the 100% humans - channel so much of it. They thrive on it. They refuse to learn. I feel so bad for the planet and the animals that suffer at the hands of these savages.

Hi there! Don't lose hope you are not alone. You will alway feel homesick but try to remember that you are not here but random chance. This planet is very challenging and it is hard to find our place in it (not that we want to). Try to remember your mission, you are here for a reason. All the answers are within you. Like I said this the earth is very challenging because all the negativity but like you said you are a fighter.
Love you my celestial sibling!

i feel the same way!!!!! I am so happy i am not the only one that thinks like that :)

I liked this :)

omg! I love you.. lol I can not agree more, I relate to this so much.. it just blows me away. You're not alone<3

I am speechless, i mean somehow i managed to know project i am assigned.We all are here on mission. I am assisting humans here and i am on my mission with all love and support of universe.
But i don't know how i reached here and saw your message.You made me remind of my homies i don't know where they are.They must be waiting for their soldier son to return home. You are not alone i am with you and so our whole team.We are together.Lets finish it and get back home.
My love and hugs to you.

If you ever find a way to go home, take me. It doesn't matter how much it costs, or who I will leave behind, I just want to go out to the stars, to where my heart belongs.