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I Don't Belong On This Planet And I'm Waiting To Go Home

For as long as I can remember, I've always felt homesick no matter where I was. I always knew home wasn't here on Earth. Even as a child I'd watch people, how they interact with each other, examine their features, their behaviors, and I've wondered why I'm so different, why I don't even feel human. I act as human-like as possible, but everything I do is very different from everyone else. When I'm in physical pain, which has to be very strong because I'm very resistant, I laugh. Emotional pain, I numb all emotions.
I always want to be alone. I'm usually in my room, reading, writing, sleeping, gaming. Or at the library, where not even my parents can bother me. I have many friends, I just usually hang out with them at school, and I tend to come up with excuses to not hang out after school, because I'd much rather feel alone. But I think it's because I'm really not alone at all - I feel like there's always someone, one of my kind, with me in my heart. However, I still have the need to find my own kind physically.
I've always had an extreme fascination with the stars. I can spend hours and hours just staring off into them, admiring their beauty. When I do this it comforts me. I don't feel so alone in this world. But I scan the stars, like I'm searching for home, but I've forgotten exactly where it's at. I often get these extreme urges to go home. Lately they've been stronger than ever. I want to go back home, where I belong.
I have always been very mature for my age, but this isn't exactly a good thing. I have trouble with making friends. I am very intelligent, and often find myself correcting my instructors and teachers, but I don't always apply myself because my mind is always off elsewhere, exploring my own interests.
I also don't get close to people easily. I'm only close to two people, and I only love four. I don't really like people too much. But I'm very loving towards nature. Now, I'm not a tree hugger or anything, but any abuse to animals or plants gets me angry and I feel even more ashamed of humans. I'm a fighter, not a lover. I love to fight - but it competition. I'm the only female in my martial arts class, as I have been for two years. I fight against older men in their twenties, thirties, and forties, and I'm in my early teens. Many people find this odd, but I have an extreme attraction to fighting, and I think there may be a purpose for that.
I feel emotions that I know many people have never felt before. I can tell exactly what someone is feeling by just looking at them - they can have a huge smile on their face, but inside I know they're unhappy. It's vice-versa for others. I can also tell nearly exactly what someone is thinking, or what they're going to say before they open their mouths, by looking at them and/or feeling the energy they're giving off.
If a UFO or strange aircraft landed before me, I'd be the one to run right to it. I've seen two strange aircraft near my home before. They both occurred at night. The first time, I followed it into a pasture, but then something told me to run away. I hesitated, but I ran away. The second time I chased it and chased it until it disappeared. I wish I would've continued to chase it though... I want to go home...
I don't feel human. I don't belong on this Earth. I don't know my purpose for being here, and I know I have one. But I want to find my purpose so I can leave as soon as possible. I want to go home. If anyone feels this way, I'm begging you to message me... I want to go home, I need to find my own kind..
Insanityynk Insanityynk 13-15, F 132 Responses Dec 22, 2012

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Add a response...I m desperate to go Home. I know the Source and hate being on the Prison Planet of Earth which is led by a satanic force. I am looking for like-minded people in Connecticut or New York to hang out with or join a group. Please email me at if you are real.

You are here to learn how to interact with human race and watch the begining of technocratic and bureaucratic society and how to make life stronger and not be dependent on technology but not without it. Here it begins. Touch it but dont be touched. This is just small part of huge journey....

You have truly touched my heart with this... I feel so much the way you are just only I'm a lover not a fighter. But I do too feel like I don't belong here at all. I've seen the world through different eyes my whole life like what is the purpose of this for real. I don't fit in here and I can't be like these humans are. Ive been wondering why am I here all my life. And I see people like you do. I don't know what it means myself either. I've been depressed about it all my life. I know I am 3 years late but I do hope u respond. I am a 26 year old female. I really hope you or someone responses to me so we can talk about this... Because I feel like I don't know myself either.

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I feel the same. I can't understand humans anymore and I really know that I'm not from here. I also want to go home asap...

I don't relate 100% but I don't fee like I'm supposed to be here. I'm homesic for a place that doesn't exsist. I crave it. Also I feel people's emotions deeply. Sometimes too much. I love the people in my life but something is missing. I feel comfort looking Into the sky and I know somewhere home is there.

I feel this. I can relate and respond to every word. Smile Skywatters, home is somewhere. It must exist and if not then it needs creating :)

I don't feel like I belong here. I really want to go home but I don't know where home is. I feel connected to nature and animals but not to many humans. I feel like a lot of my past isn't real, I don't know how to explain it. No one seems to understand me and I feel what other people are feeling easily. The other night my baby niece was crying and my mother was babysitting her. I could feel her sadness so strongly and it felt like she missed her own mom more than anything. When I held her hand I could feel the energy transferring from her body to mine and I was overcome with such a strong sadness I had to leave the room. I'm always hoping that someone will come to take me home but I feel alone, like I'm stuck here. I'm only fifteen, I don't know what to do. I just want to go home.

I also love the stars, I feel very drawn towards them and love just looking at them. I struggle in school because I zone out and don't focus, but my grades are still good. Everyone calls me smart but I don't find so because I get so stressed out with school work, it seems very pointless to me. I am not good at making friends and often avoid hanging out with the ones I do have because staying at home in my room alone is far more appealing. I definitely feel like I'm here for a reason, and I want to figure it out so I can go home. I've felt so lost and hopeless that I've considered just ending my life because I feel like that's my only way to escape.

I do feel the same way but I haven't experienced any such incidents. I have always felt out of place and that I have been put here by mistake or something. Its like everyone knows how to live here and I dont. I have always wondered why is it so. I always look at people on this earth as a third personas if I don't belong here. In particular situations I have felt like going back but not knowing where. I havent ever felt suicidal but that urge to leave earth is something I have felt. Since childhood stars and the outerspace have always interested me, including aliens. I have always felt that I have come here to help people and I love nature just the way you do! I don't know what this means !

Hey! I'm in a little group of wonderful people, we all feel the same way. It's scary almost, how much we all have in common. It is absolutely wonderful. We haven't come up with any answers to what this all means but we have company through it. If you're interested, or even just want to talk without ever entering the group, or whatever, you're more than welcome to message me, if you want to.

I, too, am not from this planet. But I've accepted that I am here for a reason. When my daughter was born I knew she was different the moment I first saw her. She was my inspiration to try to make sense of being here and discover what this phenomenon is. Research star children, indigo children, and crystal children. I've found a lot of good information which will hopefully enlighten anyone experiencing a sense of not belonging here. My purpose is to help enlighten people and bring change to humanity who are self-destructing. If I come in contact with anyone I can automatically feel the energy. I chose a career path that puts humans right into my hands. I'm a hairstylist and massage therapist - with that I'm able to tap into their energy field and begin to shift it. For some who are more resistant I find it drains my energies which causes me to want to retreat and be alone. I have to say lately, especially this past week, has been a very difficult time for me. I long to go home, but I know my work here is not finished. Meditating with moldavite has helped me greatly feel connected to my home while here on this earth. Lots of love.

Woah you have such a good attitude. It is so refreshing to see :) xxxx

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I agree. I am also more aggressive than others (only female in my karate class), I am always correcting my tutors (can't believe my science teacher didn't know about the Bali Tiger!) and I have a fascination with the stars. I don't make friends easily and I prefer to be alone.
Maybe we're the same species?

Please add me on Facebook "Thinjax Depth"
Or google
I thought I was reading a documentary, about myself.
Just message me on Facebook and say, (experience project)

Let me answer some of these questions you where sent here to change the world. All of us where honestly that's why we do not feel as if we belong. It's because we don't there are people out there that loon at us as enemy's because they know we will bring change. And that thing that make you feel as if your not alone that's what's known as a spirit twin. Look into it it's very interesting. But what we are are children of the great mother earth other then these humans that surround us. We are here for the better we are here to make the shift from stupid to enlightened. Tell me will you help me male this change or will you let it die. It's time we unite it's time we fulfill our promise before things get bad and we watch our loved ones die. Please help me

I'm 31 and I've felt exactly what you're feeling to a T . Always outside the box. I tell everyone I'm a watcher. I watch things. I feel things and see them where no one else does ,but I'm a talker at first, but avoid anger...never turns out well.......I however am emotional numb and have ok people skills,but no one to talk to and no friends. 31 yrs is a long time with no real friends... Makes me not only seem odd, but feel odd. Ps. The stars,ocean and sciences of the anatomy keep me not so down. Good luck, it's a hard and lonely road we take.

You described exactly how I feel. Always wanting to be alone, watching people do things like they're from another planet, feeling and sensing that you're here for a much greater reason...Perhaps our kind will all get the chance to go back home but for now we can only wait patiently. Best of luck to you.

They call us highly sensitive people. We tend to be extremely intelligent and Sensitive to the energy of other people and the universe and that makes us different from everyone else, which then makes us feel like we are alone and disconnected from everything. Some of us even absorb the energy of others and that makes us feel tired just by being in the presence of another human being. We need time to regain our strength by being alone. You have to accept that you are human and you are nor better nor worse than everybody else. Just different. Now the thing is, we were born with so many rare gifts and habilities useful to make the world a better place and we shouldn't waste them. For example, we are the best kind of leaders known to mankind. We are great listeners. The downside of this whole thing is, we are susceptible to being depressed, disconnected from the world, day dreamers... Once i figured this out with the help of a friend, i became much more aware of what surrounds me, and i am now able to enjoy life here on earth. I simply try to focus on the moment like paying attention to the sound my keyboard produces while I'm typing or the freshness of the water that i drink... you get the idea :)

Amen to that. Once we accept we ARE here and meant to be... here to experience and live in a human form. life becomes easier and not such a battle. We 'enjoy' and take in all the ups and the downs as a lesson to learn from rather than the why me mentality we get into the why not me xx

Yea I suppose I feel quite like that. I would choose nature and animals over humanity any day. I'm 17 next month and I don't belong in this world either. Everything I do in school and college is pointless I can't see myself settle for a life like this. I'm also interested in astrology Magic star signs that kind of stuff. I also feel very disconnected and depressed I have never ever spoken to anyone how I feel it's never the right time or place but I want to. I'm bored with my life everything is so pointless no matter how hard I try. I go to bed and wake up with the same thoughts everyday. Why am I here? What's the point of this and why do I feel like I don't belong. In school I had friends but they stopped talking to me after we all left. I know most of them still talk to each other but no one is interested in me anymore. Now I'm in college and I feel I don't belong everyone has moved on in their lives and making something of it. I know I don't fit here. I know I prefer being alone and I'm better with animals and nature rather than humans I get so angry when humans are just there. I hate talking to people it makes me feel so awkward and out of place I just feel stupid all the time and trying to work out what I am supposed to do with my life

I know exactly how you feel lol I sound like a patronising liar but I honestly do.

I'm 47 and I still feel that way, and the older I get it seams that I have more info or remember form were I come from. I think that the planet I'm from we don'T have parents, we are grown in artificial uterus. Not sure if we are clone or not. Anyway it's not important. I think we are here for a reason... are we on a mission? maybe. This world is dying. Maybe we are here to send the people on this planet love and show them the right way before they self-destruction. Our mind can influence them, it's call telepathy. I'm happy that I'm not alone on this planet.

lately, I fell like I've been getting responses, as you mentioned how we were brought here, for 37 years I've been told not not to procreate, not to mix Or even love, but am still human, that side of me has two precious little boys, which I love them with all my heart, but only feeling like am keeping them for A short while,.. no men yet not inlove, but I do feel and wonder why..
that's when I get these answers .. moments where am from, then is when I hear my true place is no emotions, no pain , no body, no flesh just to wait, the time on earth is much slower. .but I feel like I've been here a hundred years remembering each cycle as a man or woman, but this time I so feel it will be the last cycle as my star people tell me to wait and only watch. , when I get this messages I take pics of my surrounding s. to the Sky and right after those messages are things on the pics , flash of bright lights crossing the skies but only the camera shows.. orbs, ufos and at night same

I am.. and right now is the one of the moments i feel this way extreme and crying it is like my soul wants to get out

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Hello i feel the same way im 15 m i always stare at the stars i always find myself alone from people even my parents i have always been able to feel peoples energy and heal people when i was about 6mnts my mom told me that there were butterflies above my crib in the winter and i have a couple of friends at school but i never hang out with them after even when invited i have never had a girlfreind every time i get close to some one i randomly feel like i shouldn't be with anyone and dont know why and since i was very little i could feel when someone was sad but looked happy and viseversa i would realy like to talk with my own kind

My kick is lucasreinc

And i always have trouble cosentrating on my school work i always see images of the cosmos in my head and other planets i wanted to tell people i know but i dont want them thinking im crazy i know im not im very smart i just seem to only use it when i want to i just want to meet others like me

Hi everyone. I decided to Google my feelings haha isn't that funny. Well I'm gglad I did because I often times feel like I don't belong here and a piece of me leaves. I'm 26 now but I've always been mature for my age. I can relate to y'all very well except for the stars.I used to sometimes stare at them but now a days there's barely any stars where I live. I know a lot of ppl but somehow I still like to be alone. My friends often times want to hang out but most of the time I blow them off. Idk it just feels as though there is no one around that's like me. I feel like I can't love to an extent that's so amazing almost perfect. But I feel there's no one that can love me back the same and I feel I would be single my whole life. I can also feel ppl energy, what they're thinking or what they're going to say. I'm just ready to go. I love my family nature and life is beautiful and im very appreciative it's just I feel very disconnected


I feel the same way. Just try to keep positive.

Were both the same species who posses the same abilities. I'm amazing you exist!

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

hi do you have just the name of the group or perhaps your name on fb the link isn't working for me.

Funny. You're the second person that's told me that. Maybe it's this website that's blocking the link, although it works when I click on it! Strange.. I've sent you a pm with my Facebook name so you can friend me and I'll add you from there.

Hi, it seems that there is a dash (-) in the link after 'facebook.' and that shouldn't be there. Perhaps trying without that would work? ^.^

What dash? I can't see a dash love.. I think you may have something in your eye lol x

O.o there was a dash, I am 10000% percent sure of it... :/ just ignore me, I'll go sit back in the corner lol

What are you like Belle? DOH! lol

The link won't work for me either, Im guessing that the group might have to send us the request in order for us to become apart of the group

Please friend me on Facebook and I will add you to the group. Sorry folks! My Facebook name is Loo Black and my profile pic is the UKIP logo. See you soon!

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Are you an Aquarius? We share the same exact pattern. It's like, nothing personal to the ones around me who care, but I feel I would be better off in a world of people like you and me.

I don't know if star sign really has any baring on this, because I am Gemini but also share these with you and the original poster and the majority of the replies. I think we ARE better off being in a world full of people like us. My e-mail address is If you you would like to contact me, then you are MORE than welcome to. I probably won't check this often.

Someone needs to message me. I have seen so many post that poeple have made describing my feelings. Describing my thoughts. Writing as if they are specifically writing for me. I could've posted 99% of these that I have read and they would have still been true. i don't know if I can post my e-mail address here but I am going to try to anyway. Please, someone, contact me ( I need to talk to someone about things. Thank you.

I've sent you a private message on here, as your email address is bouncing! Could you please rewrite it, as I sent you a long email that I really want you to read. Thank you

Hello crystal guide. I'm so sorry, I was really really tired when I wrote that. It was daft o'clock in the morning. Because of that I wrote my damn email address wrong. It is I accidentally replaced the second 'y' with a 't'... I will check my pm's now. Thank you so much. I'll reply to you ASAP. Sorry about the confusion with my emails address.

I often question myself whether there is something wrong with me, because I feel that I do not belong here. Don't get me wrong, I love my family/friends and I think that Earth is a beautiful place even though humans are destroying this planet.

But, overall, throughout my life, I have always felt that my home is somewhere 'out there'. Whenever I venture outside at night, I always look at the stars in the sky, whereas most people probably wouldn't even glance at the stars unless there was something to look at. I also feel homesick when looking at the stars.

I am also an observer. I observe things around me, which include people; and I can sense their feelings, too. But, I am a introverted individual, so I don't need to be around people, though I am not a loner type.

Sometimes I would ponder why am I here. I am sure most people do, too. I remember a day I was sitting in church at a baptism, and the priest said that God has a purpose for all his children. That statement made me felt uneasy, because does God really have a purpose for everyone? Does God really care about everyone? Does God exist?

I have never had any experiences with UFOs. But, once upon a time, I used to meditate. One night I found myself in a different world where everything was so dark, yet so bright because I was surrounded by stars that felt so close, as if I could reach out and touch them. But, I didn't try to touch them. The stars felt as if they were intelligent life-forms watching me. It was beautiful. It also felt as if time did not exist. I felt happy. I felt home. But, I felt very sad when my meditation was broken, because I wanted to stay at that place.

So overall, I am happy to know that I am not the only person in this world who can relate to your experience. :)

I have never really shared my thoughts with anyone. I have nothing to lose. :)

I feel the exact same way!! Also I've had problems with past lives that I'd like help with if anyone could help? It would be greatly appreciated!

That is so me...I just wanna leave already. All my life I wanted to develop a way to go, but know its just like...anger I feel so alone.. and for some reason I dont like other humans, its like Im better off without them.. but ive always felt like someone is watching me waiting for me to do something. Wver since Iwas little and im only 18 idk

Once I have truly managed to meditate with the guidance of a video from you tube. (Which off, I have never found again)
By the end of it, I have became one with the universe, I was a star or nothing(Can not truly describe).
It was dark, no fear, no happiness, no time, I was one.
At the end of the meditation I was asked to come back to planet earth. Suddenly I started to cry of the thought of returning on earth. I opened my eyes to find that I actually had tears rolling down on my face.

ive felt like this my entire life and I don't know why. I went to the hospital because my doctor said I had something extremely wrong with my stomach and it stumped all the doctors. They said I should be feeling very hurt, like I was dying. I didn't feel any pain. I had very serious illnesses like the swine flu and other diseases that could have killed me at that age but I only recovered in only a day or two with no pain or feeling diffrent at all. I've never felt like I belong here and I'm very intelligent as well. The stars are something I stare at evey night and the only place I feel safe or home. It's nice to see there's someone else that feels this way.

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

Ditto exactly

I have just read insanityynk's essay and I can't believe there's someone out there that's EXACTLY the same as me! I'm almost 60 and have felt this way for my whole life. It's just like the lovely little girl has just interviewed me and wrote my story. I sincerely hope we can find an answer to this aching feeling - her, even moreso than I, as I wouldn't wish this on anyone for as long as I've had to bear it. I hope we can all stay in touch and talk sometimes, as I know NO-one personally that is remotely like me or understands who, what or how I am. I can't believe I've found this website - at last people who I can relate to, after SO many years of this pain and longing..

I won't write about any more of my experiences, as they have nearly all been covered exactly by almost everyone on this topic - I have even replied to some of them, with some of my own tales. The reason I write this post, is to find people like us in the UK, with the intention of creating a meeting place somewhere for us all to get together and talk. I would LOVE to meet everybody on here, but it's virtually impossible, as we all live so far apart. I have been all over the internet, trying to find a group in the UK that can meet up to discuss our feelings and beliefs and share our stories together, but to no avail. I feel it's the only way to stop feeling so alone, ‘homeless’ and out of sync with life - to know that I can sit and talk with people like myself and all of you. No-one that doesn't understand or feel the same way as us will ever be able to communicate with us as we so desperately want and need to. I’m tired of keeping this stuff to myself because no-one I know will take me seriously. I NEED to talk and share my thoughts, feelings and experiences with anyone that is the same – I’m tired of being on my own all the time and feeling like I’m an outcast that will be ostracised by declaring what I truly believe and know. Please can someone point me in the right direction on how to initiate these meetings? I’m getting to the end of my rope now – like a pressure cooker waiting to explode! Thanks for reading this and good luck to you all...

Wow - that's how I feel too. I don't feel I belong to the human species, and that's because I also feel really ashamed to belong to a species that commits such evil, who likes to dominate and control animals - I am sickened by animal abuse. Humans love violence. I feel my true home is with my animal friends and it's a place of peace, not a place with people who enjoy violence, I can relate to some of the other responses here - I don't feel close to people and i don't feel I belong. I never thought other people felt like that too but decided to google it just to see if anything came up.

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I was going to write the way I feel, but no need to now. You pretty much hit the nail on the head. I recently joined a bowling league, not into karate. I have always felt not human, like I don't belong here. I don't have much memories of my childhood. I've seen my share of ufos, and can spend hours on end staring at the stars. Now I don't feel so alone in this world. I'be been married now for 20 yrs, have two excellent children. But still don't feel like I belong. Thank you for making me feel better.

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

I can't seem to find the group, it says content is currently unavailable. If you look up Kelli Klaben (Joon Pearl). Just add me as a friend.

You haven't got your Facebook set for adding friends Kelli. I've pm you on here so you can add me instead.

Hello friend, I just wanted to say that I can completely emphathise with the way you feel.

From a very young age, I've had a huge fascination with stars and planets and the feeling of wanting 'to go home'. I feel very much alien from the people around me, like somehow we are just not operating on the same frequency and I find it very hard to get close to most humans. I think most of my friends somehow get the feeling that I'm different from most of them...

So what I wanted to say is that you don't feel so hopeless my friend! There are many of our kind out there. I'm sure your soul made the conscious decision to come to Earth for a higher purpose and it is up to you to discover it before you can truly go back home :)

Until then, don't feel discouraged! Always remember that you come from a higher place and thay you are certain to return home one day :)

Love and light always,

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

I have felt the exact same way my intire life.

Wow. I never realise that others could feel like me. Like you. I feel better now

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I have felt the same way since I was a child. I was always the quiet one, observing people around me and how they react to things being told them, their facial expressions and their body language. Most of all, I'm always able to feel their energy and I am very sensitive to changes in the area I'm in and the people around me.

I also love to be alone and I love to sleep. Ever since I was a child, sleeping allowed me to escape and I'd find myself some where else. I have had past family members visit me and people I never met before, visit me in my sleep to pass messages to the people they cared for.

I was told that my purpose here on earth is to be a warrior of some sort. I am still unclear what I have to do, but I know it involves helping people.

I have felt that I am a visitor here for quite some time... in fact, I have come to terms with accepting this as the truth.

I also have a strong love for all animals and can't stand hearing of any animal abuse. I also have a hard time understanding why people hurt one another and I become overwhelmed when watching the News and hearing of all the pain that people inflict on each other.

So Insanityynk, You are NOT alone . There are many of us alike.

I am 16 and i feel the same, exactly 90 percent we are same.

i feel the same way. I hate humanity. The id system is slavery.We are treated like cattle. I say the hell with humanity.

I am in my early 50s and have felt like this most my life. I am now developing illnesses that doctors are stumped on. This is accompanied by depression and a feeling of what is this all about. My depression is based on the feeling that I don't belong and need to move on; I observe others and find them shallow and asleep; I ong to meet others my age like me.

I didn't realise just how many of us are out there. This day has become my revelation day, by reading such similar (if not the same) stories. Like you, cj, I have illnesses that leave the medics frowning. I had a VERY high tumour marker level around seven years ago and was told that they were watching to see when it became necessary for me to have treatment. Over the next six months, these marker levels gradually reduced back to normal and the doctors told me that that was impossible - no-one has ever been know to 'recover' from such a high level without intensive treatment. What do they think I did? I am 60 in six months time and yet I still have the 'same' hair as when I was a child - sleek, glossy and auburn. Not a single sign of a grey hair, thinning or any other sign of it ageing. I have several small bones in my body that are not present in others. A different shape torso, facial bones and extremely low blood pressure and temperature levels that are 'normal' for me. I once had such a low blood pressure when I was ill a few years ago, that I was hospitalised and my relatives told that my organs should be shutting down at those levels and yet, I only felt slightly 'under the weather' and recovered in a couple of days. I'm sorry, I've gone on a bit, haven't I? I have so many similar stories to tell, but won't bore you all now. I'm just so excited to find I'm not the only one. Thank you for helping to make my day! PS I'm English, so my spelling will probably look a little odd to what you're used to..

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

We are everywhere, as earth is running past it's germination, the seed has just sprouted. Earth is growing and radiating gamma and ether energies.
Some reasons say that we are here to help the human race pass through the transformation of 3rd dimensional relativity. Into 5th dimensional relativity.
The awakening.
Some star seeds or extra dimensional beings, according to scientists, remember more of where they have come from and why.
There is a human soul and non-Han soul.
Earth is a baby, it has only lived for 'nearly four seconds' in relativity, in comparison to the next mega, star system.

I'm a 38 yr old male with pretty much many of the same feelings you have.Ever since I can remember I always felt I was a visitor on this planet and I'm actually from out there in the dark stary sky.
I come from great parents , have plenty of friends.Ive always has ease making friends and work colleagues,but prefer being alone outside of work.Its hard to explain and frankly Ive stopped searching for answers to that question.

I also have a huge affinity for machines of any kind.I can fix or modify them with extreme ease,and understand there inner workings with limited research.I also look in awe at pictures/drawings/movies of large space ships.Almost as if I've been on many and miss the feeling?!? I know I can't explain it?

Long story short I feel sad for humanity and they way it's going in society? Almost disgusted on how we treat people animals and nature! If this is a test we are failing, I hope I get to go home soon

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

Look up the writings and theories of Dolores Cannon, everyone. You all seem to fit her description of the Indigo children, the second wave of volunteers, pure souls, who came to Earth to help humanity ascend into the 5th dimension.

I've been having a tough year, and I'm really happy to read your post as I feel the same on so many levels. All my life I've struggled with trying to fit in with humans, yes, I always thought of myself as disconnected from the human species and couldn't understand why, I thought I was crazy. I always wondered when I would get to leave here and return home.

I've also struggled with thoughts of killing myself, or begging for release. They are always random, they are never in reaction to something bad happening, and I've also never been depressed. I tried saving my little cousin in a pool once, he had swum to the deep end and kept thrashing about. I swam over and he started climbing on me. It was a while before people took notice, and as I lay floating there in the bottom of the pool, body numb, I actually felt relief because I would be released from this body and this life. I was a young kid too, maybe ten. That moment in my life is the most peaceful I've ever felt. But someone saved me. This past year I've had very intense dreams that are all connected to each other. The first, I was viewing the entire universe. A faceless voice showed me earth, then zoomed to another planet, where he said "this is where you're from." I woke up and dismissed it, just thought it was cool. Then I had a second dream where I was on a mission on this planet, and I had limited time to save something or someone. I eventually made it to an alien looking creature birthing babies, in a warped tree. I had one last dream, a couple weeks ago, where I had found a mirror, and realized it was a portal into another dimension. I had a mission on the other dimension. Right before I put my arm through, I'm pretty sure I started lucid dreaming and knew that if I went through, my body would be an empty shell and I would remain in a coma here on Earth, and that there might be no coming back. I started going through, and woke myself up before I went through entirely. I'm also a painting major in college, who can't seem to stop painting shiny floors or walls, anything that looks like a portal. I feel like I've been searching for a way to get back to wherever I'm from. I have been at unease and shaken ever since, which lead me to research Dolores Cannon. Hope this helps, and nice to meet you. Cai

Wow!! This is amazing that you have taken these feelings and asked about them instead of keep them inside. I can say I really agree with you. I am I tuned to the world around me but I don't really feel the say way that most humans do. I have found myself questioning my existence since the age of 4 and I'm stuck Becuase I don't know what to do. I am glad I came across this forum. I was showered with this immense amount or sorrow and sadness Becuase of all the bad things that happen to animals and the environment around me. Also I just feel like I don't belone and that this life or the life I'm living is a fasod. As I am now 18 and having these feeling more than ever I honestly don't know what to do and would like some support


I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

I am completely dumbfounded! I am 40 yrs old and everything you have stated here is exactly how I have felt my entire life! WOW!!!! I have told people over and over throughout my life that I am ashamed to be a human, I have no idea what I am doing here surrounded by all these people that I cannot relate to in ANY way, I think differently, feel differently, I am not motivated by the same things....I feel a closeness to nature that I have NEVER felt for another human being. I love, no, I need to be alone, it is when I truely happy. I can feel vibes coming off of people around me, which are usually in direct opposition to what they are saying and it is very frustrating to feel everything so deeply. I have always believed that I do belong here, this is my home, but everyone else are from somewhere else, they seem like fake imposters to me....I have been looking for my "kind" since I can remember, even my earliest memories as a baby, I knew I was different and things here just seemed wrong to me. I feel the most lonely when I am with others and I feel calm and comforted when I am alone. I am not sure what to think about reading this and finding out there are others like me, it's what I've wanted my whole life, and now I am just dumbfounded and don't know where to go from here. I guess I had just accepted that I was different, and was not gonna find someone like me, and now wham!

Omg , i cant actually believe this , I was searching on the internet ' how to know if I'm from another planet ' and I came across this , you're exactly like me , it's like I was the one writing this , I have a really huge fascination for forests and stars , every time I feel stressed I just lay down and stare for hours thinking about getting out of here , I'm a nature person , im always the one protecting the animals and insects everyone wants to kill , I find humans so weird , I can't relate to them , only a few that are kinda like me , but still , I'm always the one giving them advice about what they should and shouldn't do , it's almost like I can predict the future , because it always turns out that what I think that would happen , actually happens. I don't need to study to have good grades , it almost comes out naturally . I spend most of my time analyzing people , I can tell exactly how they feel just by looking at them , and , I can tell how they feel towards me just by looking at them as well , I always felt like I was an outsider . I don't know . I can tell how someone's personality is without really knowing that person . Maybe I'm just weird . And I'm only also a teenage girl

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

I know how you feel. And although I may not be exactly like you on some cases, we both urge to go back to our real homes. Sometimes, especially on some rainy days, I just have this overwhelming feeling of wanting to go back home. It once got to the point where I broke down crying in the middle of class at school one day (I'm a rather emotional person). I feel so helpless though, knowing that the chances of getting back are very slim.

OMG I cant believe I have actually come across this. I recently posted my own experience similar to this. I have suffered 35 years alone with this feeling and recently began to think, what if there are people like me outthere and just seen this. Wow!!!!

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

I know how you feel. And I have a best friend that is the same way. We are bound to this world for reasons we haven't found yet.only the gods know why.

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

we can all wright tons of messages about how we actually feel. But when i was reading your post i was feeling some kind of connection. If i could do a wish, i'd wish we could meet. I wanna know if we are the same as i think we are. Just think about how it would be to meet the people who feel exactly the same as you do. the connection there between everyone would be so strong. I cant even imagine.

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

I have the same feeling! Wow everyday I;m wondering if someone out there in space will ever find me or take me home ? I have no idea what I'm supposed to do on this planet or how I ended up here. I always have some futuristic vision of Human life and yes it's human but in the future.

I too have no friends, well just few ones but they don't talk to me much, mostly of my friends are old people around their 60's already.

I thought I was the only one with this same feeling but I googled it and found lots more, it's great to see I'm not alone on this boring planet.
Maybe we all are some lost soul in space ? I don't know... I just know that I can't fit on this planet or simply don't belong here. Not Compatible with humans living here.

I've been wondering if God is real or not because on my previous life I remember there was nothing like "God" so I don't believe much on that stuff. And I've been trying Astral Project (out of body experience) to see if I could go to space and communicate with someone from my team or same specie as me but as far I know I have no idea where they're or how to go there :'(

I always felt like an abandoned soul from another planet on this Earth.

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

This is so bizarre .. I never thought that there was anyone out there like me . I'm also drawn to fighting , and I excel in school with a 4.5 gpa .. Yeah I have friends & stuff , but I don't have anyone to relate to is . No matter where I go I always have this feeling of extreme longing to go home . Problem is I don't know where that is , or how to get there .. 😔

I am so pleased to find others out there who feel like this. For a long time I have this recurring thought "I want to go home". I feel it wherever I am, even when I'm already in my own house. I can never work out what I mean by "home", I just know that I'm never there and I so badly want to be. I feel lost. I don't have many friends, I've always struggled with relationships. I generally just don't like people, I feel different to everyone. I always have this feeling like something is just "wrong" here but I can't put my finger on it. I always feel like I'm crazy for feeling this way, so I don't speak about it to people. I'm just pleased to see I'm not the only one.

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

It is because you are a spiritual being that needs to be one with yourself again. You will soon be surrounded by others like you. Its is the way the universe works . But staying home and daydreaming isnt going to help brethren .

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You are not an alien from outer space. There are several possibilities leading to such thoughts/feelings:
1. You are very observant of this existence.
2. The animal traits of human species have not adapted well in the civilized environment they created, therefore, there is a lot of the illogical behaviors manifested by them.
3. You are a loner type.
4. The phenomenon of reincarnation, difficult to prove albeit there are some evidence, may play a role.
5. The phenomenon of parapsychology or paranormal, again difficult prove albeit some evidence, may also play some role. You may look into these fields, but you need to find the right source. Dr. Claude Swanson's book "Synchronized Universe" could be a start.

With the greatest of respect, you are on the wrong page - in more than one sense of the word. You don't 'get it'. We're not saying anything like you're suggesting. We're talking of how we FEEL, not so much what we believe. That's the whole point.. WE DON'T KNOW WHAT WE ARE! That's why this page was started, to find others that feel that way too. And I'm afraid you're not one of them. If you were, you wouldn't have written the above. And by the way - who gave YOU the solid proof that you're right? I'd love to meet the guy and ask THEM a few questions! It's a feeling that you just don't understand or share..

I feel the SAME way..

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I often have a overwhelming feeling that I want to go home's feels quite saddening...x

I'm 50 years old, female I feel the same way ever since I can remember, I've had dreams that I'm in a another planet earth like with two moons. I don't hang out with people much, I don't have Many Friends either it's hard to find someone that you can talk to that can understand how your feeling , and no I'm not depress either I love life, but I don't fit in this world, I to feel when am I going to go home and no I would never try to kill myself I just wish I knew what my purpose is. So your not alone. And not all of us are blond n blue eyes, I'm Puerto Rican , black hair and dark color eyes.

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

This is also Me. It took me very long to understand myself. I even have written a book for that purpose, which it will be published soon. And even though it scares me to publish it, I still feel that I have to do it... I don't know why. Maybe it will help me find alike people... So, try to look within, what is you purpose? What do you want to do? I think that our purpose is to help this world, and the only way is by showing how they should live, not to live by their rules... We need to inspire them, not to let them drag us in their very selfish, materialistic world... Be yourself, you are not alone, you are just more awake than others. Show them who you are!

idk, i have always felt that most people were weird and strange to me, i remember that from when i was at least 4-5 my dreams largely consisted of me speaking to a young girl, of whom i could not see her face, but, while i can't deeply remember the conversations i know that they were important and deep. i don't know how long that lasted, maybe 2-3 years and then she said bye for good one night and we haven't talked since. i always felt that, while others might not consider that anything serious, being my age, she there for a reason, to guide me in some way or another back to a home i've never known on this earth. Most of the time when i try hard to remember those conversations i pull a blank, but it brings me to tears thinking she abandoned me, leaving me alone forever. while others might not feel this way, i do.

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

You just perfectly described my life. It's like I'm reading something I wrote. Honestly it's hard to want to be here, I've spent my whole life analyzing, thinking, and observing. There are very few people around me that I can identify with and most people just don't get the information that I am trying to share with them. I try to remember that they are all on a journey of remembrance as well but most are just running in circles. Time is running out for humans to evolve to a civilized level. It scares me to think about how the world is being mismanaged in every possible way right now when there is so much potential for humans to evolve beyond all of the suffering. I've tried various methods of relating information to people but there is always a form of cognitive dissonance even by coming down to levels that they understand and guiding them towards logical conclusions instead of trying to force information. Of course some people are ready for this information but they are few and far between, leaving me feeling completely alienated from the rest of society at large. I've found the only way for me to deal with the anxiety and depression this creates is to write music or create art in any of its many forms. Maybe this can help you as well. The only other thing that helps me is knowing that there are other people and organizations that understand. The work that Peter Joseph and zeitgeist are doing is integral to survival for the human race. The most important thing is that we allow socioeconomic systems and the ideas that create them to be emergent and sustainable. All the problems we face can be solved by having a scientific world view and getting to the root causality of all of these problems. It also leads to the realization that everything is connected in infinite ways which would lead to a mass awakening on many levels. We are literally a part of everything I am another you, just imagine what that information, (if understood correctly) really means. That means that self interest suddenly becomes the interest of all. Anyways I'm rambling now so I should stop lol.

If you still check this site then please, please, e-mail me at I am on a mision of sorts to gather people like us, others are on this same mission. Perhaps, we can group up into little groups and eventually combine into much bigger groups. Got to start somewhere. If we pool all of our intel, all our of analytical gatherings, all of our data, we must, must, must, be able to figure something out in relation to those... darker, deeper and more confusing questions.

i am similar but i dont feel it 24 7. had a tough time in school got bullied alot but now im 25, a songwriter with my girlfriend who is great and im really well respected for my music in my city altho i aint famous..yet!! i think theres a good chance we come from another place as our minds are so highly evolved but humans are now enslaved by money and power and most will never take the time to stop and think about the big picture.or maybe they dont have that say that we are 'deep thinkers' which is great but you cant dwell on it too will only make life harder and unfortunately there is no way off this rock and there wont be one in our lifetime.we are intuitive people and it seems there is an army of us! be proud of it but dont let it take control,just relax and you will feel at home one day when youre me it gets better!i have found music has kept me alive up to now..youre probs an artistic type (naturally different/weird) so give something creative a go and you will find like minded people!

This explains me this is EXACTLY how I feel for the longest time we've felt homesick send us HOME!

I've read all these statements by people that feel exactly the same as I do. I have even commented on some of them. But when I came to yours, the few words that you managed to get into one sentence, screamed out more than all the others put together..
“for the longest time we've felt homesick - send us HOME!”

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

you are a new child <3

I have dreams about my star family, they take me up to there ship, they are tall, have blond hair and blue eyes which are slightly larger than ours and there wrists are thinner.
When i wake from my dreams i miss them terribly and want to be with them. But i feel like i have chosen to be here as a human to raise the vibration and peoples awareness, so even though i miss my true home this is my home for now and this is my path.

You need to read up on starseeds. Please do. I want to go home too.

I feel the exact same way and I feel like everything has lost point, I can't even join coversations anymore I only observe and I can tell most people when they talk are setting themselves up for conflict and I want to leave and be with more people that get it. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

We are here. :) I almost cried when I read this, it's like reading my own journal. You are not alone. Don't forget this.

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

Yea...I think there are many of us who are starting to remember our origin...I for one know for a fact...

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

Oh my goodness, you are a starseed! I was just doing research on this and I came upon your story, I have your answer. Try learning about Starseed. I believe you have a connection to this.

You're right!!! I was thinking the exact same thing! I'm so glad to have read this. I almost cried reading her story.

Just find you, and you are not the only one. For years since I could remember as a child looked the starts with a feeling they left me here. And deep in me someone told me to wait. I am here to see something. Still waiting , when I was a child I could remember places clearly, strange language wich o still remember few, writings , when I started school I was giving a book talking about cuneiform writing and to my surprise all the letter I wrote , leaving them in places outdoor for "them" to find was really close, when I turn 10 I started to forget a sadness came to me because I knew, my memories were leaving me and someone was always close to me I name her NiN. She even told me her name , was her to protect me and care for me until 10. Years old. I feel so alone , I can interact with the wold, people parents always afraid someone would find my truth

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

I feel it as well. My mind never stops. Its like I'm constantly calculating the out come of everything around me. Always thinking up contraptions i could build with my busy life style i never get around to doing. I feel like the world i was brought up to live in is a lie and I'm here to do something but I dont know what it is. I'm still waiting to know. One day it will be my day.

You are not alone.

I feel like I am different than everyone around me. ever since I was a child I have been curious, looking around at social interactions between my family members their friends and their families and wondering why I could never find or be a part of that feeling, that feeling of bliss and security. I'm often alone because of this fact. I wander through my thoughts and truly find that I m forever searching 4 a place where I can be myself and not be judged but celebrated and loved for who I am. I'm 25 years old and the one person who truly loved me is gone and even he could not understand me but has protected me and loved me as his kin. I feel so trapped in this society where people are forevre mmultiplying and I just can't shake the feeling that I am here on this earth 2 Trenton whatever it is that has weakened me but I feel like I'm in the wrong place my emotions are so strong for people and its just never returned. It's more like there is an interference between me and the human race. No matter how hard I try to do good, I feel like I am a burden I am A space of energy in this world. I don't know why I am here. I don't know what my next move should be and if that move will finally make me feel whole. I feel like I will always feel alone and unprotected by anyone anymore. Where is this journey supposed to take me? Is this a fate that I have brought on myself?

strengthen not Trenton lol sorry

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

I know exactly how you are, except for the strange aircrafts and i cant tell what people are going to say, But i had these dreams sometimes, and when i woke up the next day when i went to school, the exact same thing happened as it did in the dream. Some quick facts about how i am: I'm always in my room, nearly no friends, Only 1 or 2 real friends, i feel like i cant trust anyone, I like being alone but sometimes i feel scared, i love nature, i feel like everything in this world is fake (except for nature), i looove learning about the stars and the universe and looking at them. I Cant seem to find anymore facts about me...

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

I love how there is hate, well.. I can tell you that what I just read was like reading my own thought's and if I were to have written it then it would have been word for word. lately it has been worse, I can feel it in my heart and in my mind. I have had dreams that do not make sense, everyday I am looking at the stars for hours and wondering why I feel safe, like there's someone watching me knowing I'm looking, searching, like they know I know. It doesn't make any sense.. I can assure you I have tried to live this life but this world rejects me! I am not crazy and live a normal life for my age and have fun but this is not it! everyday I am waiting for the stars, infact even during the day I look up and feel it, it's like I know there's someone out there that know's.. The stars have been changing lately and I do not know why, I look for signs in the stars, signs that this really isn't where I am from. for some reason I seem to be stupidly good at everything I do and excel quickly, but get bored of it just as fast. as soon as I have acheived what I wanted from it I move on and find myself wanting and pursuing many different carrers/hobbies. I alway's feel lost, no matter where I am or who I am with, when I lay back and listen to my own thought's I know that I am different to the people around me.. It's hard to explain but if I am crazy I would love to know why other feel the exact same way, not just a little but the exact same ******* thing! it makes no sense.. also I do detect emotion, I find anger hard to deal with and I can only deal with it by reacting the same way, I try to help others when they are down because I feel there pain and just want them to be better yet in retuen they wouldn't bother with me. I hate the fact that I can feel other's emotions and almost know exactly what they are thinking.. reading that post made me feel amazing because I realise it's not just me and I'm not crazy after all.. you are a sister or a brother, but know that I myself feel exactly the same way as you do! you wouldn't believe how alike we are! try and get intouch with me if you can #.. anyone.. we got here, we can get away from here. there has to be a way

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

Hi I feel the same way I don't know y but I know I am different I have always known this. I am meant for a great purpose I just wont to know what for I need to get up to the stars. That
I am sure of.

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

They might not have been going to your home. I believe there are many galaxies out there. My home is where Jesus is. Heaven is my home I too have never felt like I belonged here... I know i don't....But until it is my time I am going to try to love as many ppl and help as many I can help until it is time to go. Until then I remain READY to GO HOME,

then get like e. mf'n t. n phone ya zzz home

That's rude! you are too blind to see what is going on in this world, you are the nut, because you are not seeing the real world for what it is, I think you have a better purpose on earth then to post what you just wrote, and your time should be spent researching about the real world, because you are obviously in your own world. WAKE UP!!!

Don't worry about that 'person'. He ISN'T one of us, or he would 'get it'. We just all need to go 'home' - wherever that is. The rest of us DO 'get it'. Maybe we'll all meet up when the time comes. Somewhere far away from here, where everyone is the same as us. See you 'at home' x

I felt like I could cry, if that was possible for me, at your response to this thread Crytal. It scares me to think that people like us might be being pushed back under the carpet when they surface by people like davidmason7.

Chrisshone, my e-mail address is, I hope you might message one day, hopefully some day soon, I think and I believe that we can help each other. In fact, I know this, I can almost confidently say that I know we are all meant to help each other in figuring out the things that we know are inside us. I don't think we can do that without each other. We need to group and for this we need to talk, we need to make contact. I truly hope you will.

My kindest and Warmest regards,

Feel the same for as long as I can remember. It is the same with me on sensing emotions. But one thing I know, is that we are not human or any other kind of being. These are just suits we put on the play the games and we have many many avatars. There is only one spirit and we are that! I know this but yet often feel as you do. Lonely and longing for family, for that connection. If you are here, this is your purpose, to live here an play. The connection is there, we just can't always feel it. There is only One and we can't ever be alone.

What do we do??? I have felt so alone because I want so much to be with others that are like me, though I find this site very comforting, everyone is still so distant, I wish there was a monthly event where we all could just get together and just share our experiences, I know that is not possible.

why are there so many of us that feel this? I feel better knowing that I am not the only one feeling this and why is it stronger than ever lately and suddenly everyone is coming out saying they feel the same way?

People tell me, it is because I am depressed, I hate when they say that, I know it is not depression or depersonalization. I am so tired of feeling this way, and just to know others feel the same way, really doesn't help, because there are no answers and that is what I am looking for.

me too.. believe me, we all feel the same way but with no answer as to why! I have searched and searched but theres nothing that will make it any better! IO just want to know why! :(

Have you ever felt a message. Says to wait , that "We" need to watch s something to see ,

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

I have left you a personal message on here..

We all want this. It is possible. Even if we don't meet in person. It is very possible but we need to reach out more and make it possible. My e-mail address is Please, reach out. Let's kickstart the notion. You are correct, every one of us that has the need to regroup, are correct. We have got to do this. I urge you, and any others like you, and like me, to contact someone. Do everything you possibly can to make as many connections to others like us as possible. It's much easier to regroup all of us, if we are already in little groups. I really, really, hope to hear from you.

My kindest and warmest regards,

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

That would be amazing if we all could meet up somewhere just to talk about or experiences and how we feel :)

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I feel the same way. I have no idea what planet I am from. But I know I am not from earth i am a Alien of some kind i can't remember. But my feeling in my bones tell me I might be A Nordic or A New Being who was created.

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

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I have always felt that way but later on in life I learn that God was the only one who could make me understand why I felt the way I did. I didn't understand why I could feel what other people felt or even see things that other people can't see. I learned that home is not on earth this is just temporary. Home one day will be with the lord. But for now earth is home until Jesus comes. God is amazing and powerful when you except Jesus you will find who you are and understand yourself. Being different is beautiful. I have children that are like me and I do understand what they are feeling and going through. I have so many stories and I can even write a book on the things that have happened in my life that many that are like me would understand. Trust me when I tell you God is the only way you will find yourself. Read the kings James bible.

This so true ycruz72, everyday I ask GOD to give me my purpose on earth, I feel like I am waiting for an assignment of my next move, because nothing else interest me, I feel anxious to start my work, whatever it is. I just have to be patient.

Very beautiful indeed, there is no other way to put what you have said into different words, God is the only way to find yourself, I feel like we have to wait and be patient on the LORD, because he will not move when we want him to, I know first hand about this, because I am going through it now. Thank You for you encouraging words, just had to let you know I read what you said, and it did not get ignored.

I'm a 17year old female... Well here at least. I remember my name... Somehow. And I somewhat remember what I'm doin here... I'm getting overly bored as I'm wasn't and will probably never be the type to just sit and study as I'm supposed to. I'm a combatant type, not an intellectual. I do not feel/know most feelings which seem normal to others. I remember how to fight, despite not having any previous martial arts training, and my friend says I have a different aura... Well, if anyone wants to chat, please email me @ ZepthArgonstein@gmail(dot)com

Will be lookin forward to any emails:) I'll be willin to tell more about myself, if I can answer. But probably not most of your questions as I doubt we came from the same place. But at least we're in the same situation.

Same I can tell how people are feeling and thinking

Hi I feel simular to you,, Since I was 2 years old I kept teling my family and people around me that I was not from here, and I was not from this world,, everybody laughed at me and use to think im joking,, im highly telepathic , Every time I start thinking about someone strongly they usually ring me or tex me within minutes,, '' and I normaly know what people are thinking to.. Love to talk to you Insanityynk,, To talk to someone of my kind I believe will give me answers to some Questions,, Vik

Strange we all some telepathic, source, vision, ghostly I can see not afraid of dying but now am attached for the people I am leaving behind

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

So my im a 23 year old male and ive constantly felt this way since i can remember . most of the things your saying blows my mind to find out that someone else feels this way. I always find myself staring at the sky at night and i cant say why which is weird ... I promise im being 100 % percent honest !!

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone:

Please, if you ever find the way to return home i hope you will find me and take me with you, i ave always thought that my parents were not my real ones, and that i was put on this earth for a purpose, i also have a friend that i connected with when i was in nursery, which is where toddlers go its a kind of school, anyway i met him there and i have been 'best friends' with him all my life, i am 17 now and we still see each other frequently, he has a good nature just like me, i have been searching for the knowledge that is hidden within me all my life and im so interested with extraterrestrial beings and things, at least i have found this...i feel connected and not so alone as a sit in my room by myself, i can feel energy from people, i know exactly how they are feeling, and i know when something isn't going to work.

I have started this PRIVATE group just for people like us, so that no-one else but us can see it. Please join us there. It's safe and secret. You're NOT alone: