My Life Is Pointless

I really don't belong!! No one likes me!! My family hates me!! I haven't done a thing to them to deserve all of this hatred!! No one really cares about me!! People make fun of me and my "friends" never seem to notice me!! I am weak!! I just really want to take a gun to my head so I won't have to suffer anymore!! When I am mad it gets even worse when people tick me off!! I need help!! Life for everyone else would be better if I wasn't around!! I don't thinkg I am going to live a good life!! If I could go to college I would be much happier and things wouldn't be that bad!! I just want to go to school before it is too late and start my life!! :( :'(
laughsalot92 laughsalot92
22-25, F
Jan 7, 2013