Is There Anyone Else Like This Or Am I Alone?

Hmm where do I start, well i'm not some over emotional guy, i'm not an outcast or anything of the sort either. I have quite a few friends. i hang out, I do regular stuff that everyone does, like hiking and beaches and stuff, and though i think my friends are great i often feel as if something is missing and what's worst is that i feel as if what im looking for isn't close by or even on this planet, there are times i feel so lost and my heart gets so heavy because i feel like i should be searching for something, its actually a kind of longing feeling actually but i just don't know where to start or what 'i'm looking for, i haven't even figured out what i want to do with my life yet. i got allot of friends but still i feel as if, no wait i know that none  of them gets me, but the thing is how do i explain something to someone when i myself don't understand. its complicated. i have always preferred to do things independently, but nothing i do ever seems to make me feel complete, or gives me any sense of fulfillment . there is always that longing feeling deep inside me that is telling me something is missing,, and its not a girl friend or anything because i have had a few and i just know its not that, its not religious either,, i am ,,i dunno im also really scared that im never gonna find what im looking for. i dont even think ts on this earth. but how do i get it,, i dont think i want to live a life in questioning, and wanting to know wats missing and never find out.  i feel so misunderstood,  I always feel like i supposed to be somewhere else and that i belong in some other place

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I have felt exactly the same way my entire life! I often feel like I almost find the truth of what I am looking for in my dreams, then I wake up and can't remember a thing. I actually just posted my story, funny enough. I have felt crazy for so long because I feel this way, but I can't shake it off and I can't solve it.

all my life ive had abilitys to do stuff but for some reason they have gotten stronger like a bad scfi movie move ob<x>jects change color of sky i stopped the rain so i wouldent get wet but there no physical render it just happens and even when i dont want it to it gets bad in a dream i had i got attacked by an human like man but he had long claws and a gaping mouth and he stabbed me in my dream i woke up in horrible pain on my thie were he was grabbing so i couldent get away kinda lizard like im not lying i am just tired of being like this with nowon else to say they are to i can tell my 2 kids have also inherited my abilites my 4 year old talks to alien in the middle of the day and she really beleves there there an when i walk were this alien is standing i get goose bums and a sick fealing like i need to move she tells me when im running into the but at first i dident beleve her

I know exactly how you feel also. Its so tiering, trying to figure out your purpose when you know it is not your current life. You know that you are meant to be doing something else but don't know what, your interests differ to that of your friends, but you hang out with them anyway, for the majority of the time doing what 'they' like because it doesnt bother you (even though you wish you had someome to speak to who wouldn't look at you like you are mental). Yeah...i feel ya...

I know how you fell I been l looking for the answer for most of my life people always look at me like something is wrong with me i spend most of the day just looking up at the sky my friends an family dont know why i do that

its almost like somthings missing....but u feel u know what it is but cant think of it......then when u try to explain urself to friends they dont understand or u cant explain what u feel because theres no words for it....ive felt this way my whole life and still i cant explain how or why i feel the way i do....but im still searching for othrs out there who feel like this as well my friends look at me like im losing it lol but i guess we will find out the answer soon real soon

I know how you feel, except the friends part, I don't have many of those, But I know the feeling that something is missing, that you're not complete, that no one can fully understand it, not even yourself understands it, that you were misplaced and not where you belong, and you keep looking for the missing part or place, but you can't ever seem to find it. :(