I Am The Reason Wars Are Fought, I Am Why Blood Is Shed, The Cause Of Soldier's Deaths, Im Am Death Itself.

im am the shy girl in the background, the one that gets labeled a ***** because she feels uncomfortable. i am the one who everyone spills their deepest darkest secrets to, because who cares what they've done, they're still better then me. i am the friend who is always invited, no not because im liked, but because every girl looks ten times better standing next to me.

i am me, and i don't belong.

when you see a group of friends, the first thing you notice is that they all look alike, all pretty or all not so pretty, all confident and bold or all self conscience and shy, all rich or all poor, and usually even all skinny and all fat.
every group has the one person that doesn't appear as though they fit, too ugly, too shy, too poor, or too fat. and usually its just one of those things that makes them different. but im my group its all of them.
well i am in the group with the pretty, confident, bold, rich, perfectly skinny girls and their many super attractive boys. but i am the exact opposite.
i am everyone of those things that makes us different. i am unpleasing to look at, shy, extremely poor, and slightly over weight.

i am the friend everyone wants because after getting to know me, how could you ever feel bad about yourself.
wellarentyouimportant wellarentyouimportant
18-21, F
Jul 27, 2010