I Have Never Belonged

 Wherever I've gone, whatever I've done, I've never fit in, never belonged.

The unspoken, but accepted truth (by all those present) was that I simply belonged somewhere else.

I've still haven't found that somewhere else.



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5 Responses May 23, 2008

I share the same sentiments. I guess that's why this was created... to make a place for us people who didn't feel like we belong anywhere, belong somewhere.

It's fun and all to be with them, but whenever they drift into a unfamiliar topics, or what I like to think 'unfamiliar grounds', I am once again filled with the loneliness of my situation. Misplaced.

I feel like, there's a place out there for me, just waiting for me to find it..and sometimes I feel held back by this unwelcoming place.

I have not either. Better alone in my own place then out there where I do n<br />
ot belong. Shame that I actually have to go out and function in the world everyday. Work. It's the difference between "I made a mistake" and "I am the mistake."

Yeah....sometimes...I feel like I belong...but I still feel like I don't? Idk...

Yes, and then when I'm alone I feel guilty and selfish that I'm not doing something for someone else.<br />
<br />
I guess I want to retract what I said -- that I never belong. It used to be true. Now I found somewhere I belong. When I'm with my oldest daughter, I feel I belong.

I think we all feel like that at times - at least I know that I do...I only ever truely feel like I belong when I am alone...