Is Anyone There Who Can Help Me?

i feel like i'm hiding behind a mask.....i feel as if i have no one to talk to no one who understands how i feel. i just want this pain, this never ending pain to go away. i need someone to understand that i no longer feel myself anymore, i feel like ive lost myself behind this mask that ive been using to protect myself from people. i cant open up to people very much and the ones i have let in they either let me down, stopped being my friend or have died. acually....i feel like ive died a little inside as well.....please if you understand. respond
sadbaby103 sadbaby103
18-21, F
6 Responses Sep 22, 2012

what caused you place this mask upon you?

I do not know. all i know is that i've always felt this way.

That's sad. but also understandable.

Yes. Well, not much, but I definitely feel better, because I know somebody still cares. c:

I do miss being with them, tho. Physical contact does the trick. But im that kind of person that will mostly just bear missing them, instead of finding new friends that enjoy hugs. :/

Well, most my said friends lives miles away from me now. Currently, i feel like theres nobody i can really trust.

But, theres always the internet... It helps me a bit. We talk every once in a while...

but does talking every once in a while help with how you feel most of the time? because i feel like being able to have the comfort of someone you can trust acually be beside you to make you laugh when your sad, or just be there for comfort makes things better.....

I do understand. For years, Ive set up an acceptable personality to the society, so I could blend in and be accepted as "normal". I, however, never actually made friends this way. Luckily, i found a couple of people in the same situation. Were friends, real friends. It happened to me, and im sure that it can happen to you too. c:

i have one friend i can truly trust and he is too far away from me. and i know no one else.

I'm feeling really similar and would love to talk with you :)

what is your name?